Rust: a modern systems language

Dave Herman (Mozilla)
Location: Portland 255 Level: Novice
Average rating: ****.
(4.43, 7 ratings)

Anyone who has written a program in C++ will be familiar with all of the errors that can occur. Dangling pointers, data races, and array overflows are notorious for causing crashes and security vulnerabilities in even the most innocent looking code. As stewards of Firefox, Mozilla has seen more than its share of such problems, and we are looking for a better way. Rust is a new programming language that aims to provide important safety guarantees without sacrificing precise control over the machine.

In this talk, Dave Herman gives an overview of the competing constraints on Rust’s design. Then, through a series of examples, he demonstrates how Rust can be used to produce high-level, clean code that is also safe and efficient.

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Dave Herman


Dave Herman is a programming language propeller-head at Mozilla Research. He works on JavaScript, Rust, and a number of research projects in web technology.


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