Orchestration and Configuration Management with Ansible

Michael DeHaan (AnsibleWorks)
Location: E146 Level: Intermediate
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Ansible is a newcomer in the open source automation space.

Major features of ansible are that it has a minimal learning curve, requires no server side software, and also requires no software to run on remote machines. Machines can be managed simply over SSH, using the Python stacks that are already included in every major Linux distribution by default.

This presentation will introduce users to Ansible and some of it’s users. It will show how to orchestrate complex multi-tier deployment processes and configurations in a very straightforward, simple way.

It will also detail how to use Ansible for ad-hoc task execution, and the various ways ansible can be extended by adding new user modules and plugins. We’ll also talk about how Ansible can be used easily with cloud deployments, using SSH key injection features such as cloud-init, and talk about other advanced features and integrations.

Finally, we’ll show off where the project is going in the next year and how interested users can get involved with the project. Ansible is really a management tool for all sizes of users, whether you’re small or your large, and this is a great way to learn more about it.

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Michael DeHaan


I’m the creator of open source projects Cobbler and CTO at AnsibleWorks.

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Picture of Jon Guidry
Jon Guidry
07/25/2013 4:24am PDT

Hi there! Do you know if the slides have been uploaded? Thanks!


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