Project Cheesy Fingers: OpenCompute Hardware Hacking

Andrew Cencini (Bennington College), Steven White (Nebula)
Open Hardware
Location: D135 Level: Intermediate
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In this talk, we discuss our work during the OpenCompute Hardware Hackathon, where our team designed the winning entry, codenamed “Cheesy Fingers”, which has become a part of the OpenCompute open hardware project. Cheesy Fingers is a small hardware device that uses a hyper-local mesh network to enable low-cost and low-power monitoring and debugging of OpenCompute servers, including those that are already deployed and in service. Cheesy Fingers plugs into the OpenCompute debug port and can gather sensor, location, and debug information from an OpenCompute motherboard. Our talk covers the ideas, people, tools and process that went into this hack, as well as the unique challenges and constraints posed by a hardware hackathon for the data center environment.

Andrew Cencini

Bennington College

Andrew Cencini is a member of the faculty at Bennington College, where he teaches Computer Science. Prior to entering academia, Cencini was a member of the development teams for Bing, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Exchange, and has also designed and implemented software and hardware for Rackable Systems (SGI), ZT Systems, and currently also is a member of the hardware team at Nebula.

Steven White


Steven White is Principal Hardware Engineer for Nebula. He has more than a decade of experience designing and innovating in the data center hardware space.


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