Mobile HTML5: Real Life HTML5 Use Cases for Mobile

Tomomi Imura (PubNub)
Location: D139/140 Level: Intermediate
Average rating: ****.
(4.14, 7 ratings)
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Showcasing the capabilities of the Web platform and more specifically of the subset of features that mobile platforms can take advantage of, by using an open source mobile app called Coremob Camera, using HTML5 to explain the real-life use cases of HTML5 in mobile. The technology behind the app is purely in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The HTML5 APIs covered in this talk includes HTML Media Capture, FileReader API, Canvas, IndexedDB, and XHR2/CORS.

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Tomomi Imura


Tomomi (@girlie_mac) is an open web advocate, front-end engineer with mobile focus, and has been in mobile-space since before it was cool. She has been developing mobile web, platform UI/UX and frameworks at Yahoo! Mobile, webOS team at Palm then Hewlett-Packard, before joining the current company, Nokia, to work with W3C and evangelize HTML5. She also writes a technical blog at and curates HTTP status cats at


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