Docker And The Future of Linux Containers

Solomon Hykes (dotCloud)
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Since its launch in March, the Docker project has received over 250 contributions from 95 people, stirring hype and controversy in the open-source community in the process. But what the hell does a “container engine” do, and why is everyone so excited?

In this presentation, Solomon Hykes will explain the philosophy and history behind Docker, show examples of the amazing projects built by the Docker ecosystem, and paint a picture of how Docker can change the way we think about software distribution and deployment.

Docker is an open-source application container engine. It gives developers a way to package their app and all its dependencies into a portable container which can be deployed on any modern Linux machine, virtualized or not. Containers are completely sandboxed and do not interfere with each other (think “iPhone apps for the server”), have virtually no performance overhead, and can easily be moved across machines and datacenters. Best of all, they don’t depend on any language, framework or packaging system.

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Solomon Hykes


Solomon Hykes is the founder of dotCloud, the first polyglot Platform-as-a-Service. A Forbes 30 under 30, he is a recognized thought leader in the fields of infrastructure automation, software architecture and application development practices, and a champion of service-driven development, a game-changing trend that is transforming the way software is created and consumed. Solomon has presented to both technical and non-technical audiences at conference including GigaOM Structure (Judge’s choice & People’s choice), Cloudbeat, Cloud Expo, JSConf, Realtimeconf, cloudcamp, Archcamp, Up Conference 2012, Cloud Mafia and DeveloperWeek. Solomon has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the European Institute of Technology in Paris.

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