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Sharon Levy (freelancer; member, PHP Meetups (Orange County: OCPHP and Los Angeles: LAPHP))
Location: D139/140 Level: Intermediate

Numbers may seem too innocuous to lend themselves to any task that is outside the realm of logic, let alone succumb to wizardry. But, in the world of PHP numerics and magic may intersect, especially if one is aiming for numerical precision, at times a seemingly daunting task. And, then there are the unexpected things that you may have lacked the foresight to anticipate which undermine your best efforts. Let’s inspect The PHP Way of handling numbers by focusing on three areas that can be challenging even for experienced developers, namely hexadecimals, octals and really big numbers.

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Sharon Levy

freelancer; member, PHP Meetups (Orange County: OCPHP and Los Angeles: LAPHP)

Sharon is a Zend Certified Engineer in PHP5, equally comfortable working with UNIX, Linux or Windows platforms. Her accomplishments in public speaking include dynamic, multi-media presentations at code camps and PHP meetups. She has also presented at SCALE (WIOS) and was the local speaker representing the Los Angeles area at the 2009 CodeWorks conference. The premier magazine php|architect has published several of her articles whose subjects range from email verification to web-based retrieval, to PHP’s support for closures. She presented a ZendCon unCon session on PHP’s anonymous functions in 2011 which resulted in Zend Technologies inviting her to do a webinar reprising that presentation in March 2012. Writing and public speaking activities compliment her primary focus, providing professional web development services for companies in diverse industries, from startups to the Fortune 500.


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