Finding cacheable areas in your Web Site using Python and Selenium

David Elfi (Intel Corporation)
Python, Tools and Techniques
Location: D136 Level: Intermediate
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Web application screens are based on HTML5, CSS and JS served from the cloud to the consumer’s device. Most of these screens are dynamically generated by the server (FrontEnd + Backend) and adapted by Ajax calls in the client. In that environment, it is not hard to think that using cache outside of our server farm can help us in improving our response time (if you think it is, take a look at “Cache is King!” –

Most of the web applications mix personal user information with general data into a single packet sent to the device (HTML page). That packet can be decomposed or designed in such a way of reusing most of the data for multiples devices and/or users.
This talk will show how to use an open source application (Selenium), along with a methodology called Web Scraping, to help you identifying pieces of your screens which can be cached. Also, some tips for refactoring your application to split the data sets are going to be included.

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David Elfi

Intel Corporation

David is a senior software engineer at Intel since 2008, focusing on Software Services.
David has been working for AppUp since its conception and currently is assigned to technical lead a mobile application called Tizen Common Store.
His area of expertise is mainly on the performance side currently putting focus on front end developments.
Before Intel, David has several years as Linux developer over technologies such as C++, Java, Perl, PHP.

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David Elfi
07/24/2013 6:26am PDT

Thanks to all the attendees for the interest shown. Code presented is at


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