Mobile Consumer Experience: designing for fast response time

David Elfi (Intel Corporation)
Location: Portland 251 Level: Intermediate
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Tizen Common Store is an application store which was initially designed as a hybrid application compound by native code in charge of all the interactions with the system and a HTML5 UI provisioned from the cloud. Biggest challenge have been how to get a good response time to the consumer across GEOs considering that the UI is served from the Cloud and the target is a mobile device. There is a set of considerations to have in mind at the moment of creating a solution which can fulfill the need, from caching to scalability at the front end layer.
It is key for next generation of mobile applications to be aware of how to show progress fast to consumers even in connection constrained situations.
This talk will introduce key learning facts gathered from that process which can help other developers in the designing of fast applications intended for consumers. It will include:

  • Mobile consumer expectations
  • Challenges in mobile applications
  • How the performance rules (from “High Performance Web Sites”) are more productive if they are applied at design phase
Photo of David Elfi

David Elfi

Intel Corporation

David is a senior software engineer at Intel since 2008, focusing on Software Services.
David has been working for AppUp since its conception and currently is assigned to technical lead a mobile application called Tizen Common Store.
His area of expertise is mainly on the performance side currently putting focus on front end developments.
Before Intel, David has several years as Linux developer over technologies such as C++, Java, Perl, PHP.


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