I Wish I Knew How to Quit You: 10 Secrets to Sustainable Open Source Communities

Elizabeth Leddy (East of Eaton)
Location: E144 Level: Novice
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There is a lot of great talk about the art and science of community management and getting things done in open source, but surprisingly little about the emotional aspect and impact on participants lives. No matter how good or bad a piece of software is, in the end, a community is only as strong and long lasting as the people within it. Plone knows its people are its strength and the community has become structured around keeping them happy to keep things shipping. This talk will cover 10 major points:

  • Making plans to be around long term and building leadership pipelines
  • Diverging from plans where needed, realigning, and dealing with the aftermath
  • Thinking globally, acting locally: embracing a global culture and the real meaning of diversity
  • Communication 101 and translating “transparency”
  • How and why to teach open source culture before code
  • Growing hyper-local communities through the hackerspace movement
  • Grooming new contributors and the benefits of dojo style learning
  • When and where transparency fails in open culture
  • The benefits of a foundation in code protection and community management
  • “Be awesome, expect awesome” and the effect of contagious attitudes

This talk will be an extended version of a talk from Pycon Canada 2012 (slides and video).

Elizabeth Leddy

East of Eaton

Elizabeth is an independent Plone consultant working out of Berkley, CA. She has done python web application development and deployment in a variety of frameworks for over 9 years in industries such as upper education, intelligence research and development, healthcare IT, and knowledge management. She is deeply involved in the Plone community as a member of the Board of Directors of the Plone Foundation, the Plone 4.X Framework Team and hosted the 2011 Plone Conference in San Francisco. She can also be seen locally teaching Python web development and open source participation at the Noisebridge hacker space in San Francisco.


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