Translated Strings and Foreign Language Support in JavaScript Web Apps

Ken Tabor (Sabre)
JavaScript & HTML5
Location: Portland 252 Level: Intermediate
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Most apps of a significant viral popularity, or even modest ones providing value in the enterprise, need to implement foreign languages. Why? Supporting the largest possible audience in today’s connected world lets programmers create an opportunity for expanding the business.

JavaScript is a core technology of the Internet but lacks built-in support for foreign language translations. String tables are presented as a way to support foreign languages in JavaScript apps. This presentation will show their implementation and obvious benefit.

String tables are important for abstracting text string resources away from the programming logic. Decoupling that connection is crucial when crafting a web app that knows how to speak many languages.

This is one of those gritty thankless tasks that many of us are stuck implementing. We will review best-practices on an implementation that are in production.

Learning Objectives

  • Architectural tenets for crafting an application supporting foreign language
  • Detailed ways for supporting string tables in a JavaScript-based, single-page, web app
  • Demos derived from a practical app written in Backbone/jQuery/Underscore displaying realistic service-response data (avail on GitHub)
  • Benefits and limitations for using RequireJS and how its i18n plugin helps
  • Template consideration using Underscore and Handlebars as reference
  • Impacts of PhoneGap wrapping for native apps
  • Discuss debugging techniques
  • Justifications and value add to the business team
  • How enterprises expect this and start-ups benefit

Ken Tabor


Ken is a veteran software engineer with years of experience developing consumer-driven products on cutting-edge technologies.

Currently serving as a member of Sabre’s “Mobility Development” team building travel-related apps such as “TripCase.”

Emphasis on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, mobile, games, and cupcakes.

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Ken Tabor
07/15/2013 1:08am PDT

Looking forward to the event. Can’t wait to see all of you and share some awesome information!


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