Start Contributing to Perl, It's Easy!

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This year I made my first contributions to modules on CPAN and to the Perl core. It was pretty easy and painless. This session offers a high level tour of the CPAN and Perl core contribution process as well as a short tutorial for potential contributors on how to get started with patching CPAN modules and making Perl core contributions.

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Augustina Ragwitz


I am a pirate* Perl Hacker and Linux enthusiast. I have a plethora of computer industry experience in roles that include Software Engineering, Web Development, IT Support, System Administration, Release Engineering, and Technical Communications. I’m a co-organizer for the New York Perl Mongers meetup (NY.PM). I also contribute to various CPAN modules and Perl core contributor.

/* this refers to a popular badge modification I made one OSCON where I altered the “Desperate Perl Hacker” ribbon to read “Pirate Perl Hacker”

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Augustina Ragwitz
07/31/2013 1:37am PDT

Hi Marc! I have the pre-Presentation Aikido version of my slides which have a lot more data on them than the ones I actually used at OSCON.

I am also working on a blog post which I hope to have complete within the next few weeks at

Picture of Marc Towersap
Marc Towersap
07/30/2013 6:49am PDT

do you have the slidedeck we can reference and use if we want to contribute to perl?


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