Sneaking Scala Through the Back Door

Dianne Marsh (Netflix)
Java & JVM
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Is your organization committed to the power of the Java platform but stuck in the Java language? Do you spend your time wishing you could use Scala at work, but don’t see how you can get it approved?

There are good reasons to push for it! Scala is a popular language with Java developers because of its expressiveness and lack of boilerplate code. It allows you to focus on the problem rather than the ceremony required by Java. Yet, businesses are often reluctant to move to Scala, citing concerns about availability of developers and risks of working in a new language.

Learn strategies for bringing Scala into your organization, including using it in non-production code, integrating Scala into a Java application, and easing your fellow programmers into functional programming. See how to use Scala for new development while maintaining your investment in existing Java code. Hear stories of how other organizations have done this and succeeded. You’ll leave knowing how you can move to Scala without risking your job or the success of your projects.

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Dianne Marsh


Dianne Marsh, co-founder of SRT Solutions, has deeply rooted expertise in software programming and technology, including manufacturing, genomics decision support and real-time processing applications. Dianne has worked with a variety of programming languages, from C to Scala, in enterprise-level applications, and is currently enjoying Scala very much.

A member of Women Presidents Organization, Dianne is also active in CodeMash and various Java user groups. She has recently created the Ann Arbor Scala Enthusiasts group. She is a maintainer of the Scala Koans project.

Dianne earned her Master of Science degree in computer science from Michigan Technological University. Atomic Scala by Bruce Eckel and Dianne Marsh will be published in April 2013.


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