Acmeism - Hacking in all Languages at Once

Ingy döt Net (Oui Street LLC)
Programming, Tools and Techniques
Location: Portland 255 Level: Intermediate
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Acmeism is the idea that the creators of good ideas take them past the formidable boundaries of their mother tongue. In programming this means that a great idea published as a Ruby Gem will (with perhaps a dash or two of added abstraction) serve the Node and Python communities equally well.

Ingy (who helped create YAML, the serialization format for all languages) has published packages in most of the “O’Reilly Languages” and is working on a toolchain so that he can Hack Once, Push Everywhere (HOPE). This talk is about those tools and some of the first-fruit packages.

These Acmeist tools and packages will be covered:

  • UniScript – CoffeeScript-esque syntax that compiles to many langs
  • Pegex – The easiest way to create/parse new languages/DSLs
  • TestML – Define a test suite that runs in every language
  • StarDoc – Acmeist documentation framework
  • Package – Automated Acmeist packaging and contribution
  • JSONY – A relaxed JSON that was created using Acmeist tools
Photo of Ingy döt Net

Ingy döt Net

Oui Street LLC

Ingy döt Net is a prolific Perl and Python module author. He’s also one of the inventors of the YAML data format. He strongly supports Acmeism (, the belief that truly great ideas span across the (programming) language borders that divide our communities.


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