Agile and IT Operations: How to Coexist and Not Get Lost

Marcin Mazurek (Allegro Group)
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Traditional Internet / e-commerce based companies like Allegro when successful face all challenges of fast and unpredictable growth and are trying to deal with using different tools and methodologies managing it’s IT.

The beginning is simple while You are a small IT with just a group of geek fascinated with technologies and results that You achieve. When You start growing Your natural born leaders start to look for methodologies like ITIL that are to help organise IT Operations, make it more efficient, providing fast, reliable and foreseeable services. This somehow goes in pair with waterfall project organised code development organisation which Allegro in fact was.

When You are stuck with it, many organisations start, especially in devel areas, get closer to Agile methodologies, and we just jumped in that deep water while IT Operations stood a bit shocked with what happened and after a first shock we had to follow with Agile, with Kanban, and still trying to be IT Operations not being blended in Scrum teams, still being able to provide some data about how and for whom (what products) we actually work.

The session is to show some challenges we have faced and how did we solved them in getting different development teams with supporting them ops teams to cooperate.

Photo of Marcin Mazurek

Marcin Mazurek

Allegro Group

Since 2010 as a director of Infrastructure and IT Operations department, responsible for maintenance and development of infrastructure of Allegro Group services in Poland and Europe.

In Allegro Group since 2005, he was building core infrastructure in data center, it and telco infrastructure for offices and IT support department for internal customers.

He graduated from University of Economics in Poznan, National Institue of Telecommunications in Warsaw and Executive MBA studies at University of Economics in Poznan in cooperation with Georgia State University in Atlanta.


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