Creating Environments for Innovation to Flourish

Laszlo Szalvay (CollabNet, Inc. )
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Innovation is the key driver to economic growth with a lagging macro-economic climate, brought on by the fall of Lehman Brothers, private industry and public funding needs to double down on strategic and far reaching Research and Development (R+D) projects that will drive interest by customers and rebuild lost wealth. While many organizations around the globe are cutting budgets for experimental R+D projects, the presenter will make a case that this is exactly the time to double-down efforts and more importantly provide guide-rails for exactly how to innovate behind the firewall.

By distilling the experience of successful innovators, Laszlo Szalvay, founder of Danube author of ScrumWorks and now VP of Worldwide Scrum Business at CollabNet, has identified five steps that every organization should adopt and make part of their DNA to enable a go-to-market strategy to bring new, inspiring, and fresh products to the marketplace. This workshop will challenge participants’ knowledge about what it means to foster innovation and will draw on Agile value systems, Scrum, and Open Source thinking. Szalvay makes that case that for innovation to flourish behind the corporate firewall – there are five steps needed to enable the cultivation of R+D experimentation.

The Five Steps we will explore:

* Create a Learning Organization . The presenter will explain how a chance conversation with Jeff Sutherland (co-founder of Scrum) in April 2011 changed his viewpoint on how to re-invigorate the basic DNA of organizations to be poised to create innovation products. Through storytelling the presenter will walk through three types of organizations that exist and explain where and how to end up at a learning organization.
* Recruit and Retain the Best People . The presenter makes the case using examples from thought leaders Dan Pink, Tom DeMarco and Jurgen Appelo that recruiting the best and brightest will create the correct prerequisite model to bring fresh, new ideas to market. Recruiting techniques will be discussed and practical steps provided.
* Implement a Community Architecture. The presenter will share the benefits of innersourcing in the attempts to mimic the successful nature of open source development projects. Szalvay will walk through two successful open source projects (Subversion and Wikipedia) and explain how the innersourcing mindset can trump the seemingly insurmountable advantages of huge budget and headcount.
* Create a Vision. The presenter will walk through the importance of the executive team to have a clear and concise vision so that employees do not end up driving different buses to different locations. A number of different and known vision setting games (e.g. Epic Budgeting) will be introduced and discussed.
* Use User Stories Lastly, the presenter will walk through the power of using user story. To this day many organizations struggle with requirements articulation especially as it relates to Doneness criteria.

We will workshop each of the above sections using hands-on interactive exercises and build a case for how to set up your organization to be more innovative.

Working knowledge of Scrum rules, roles and artifacts, the philosophical drivers around Open Source and a willingness to want to improve the organization where you work.

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Laszlo Szalvay

CollabNet, Inc.

Laszlo Szalvay is one of the foremost Scrum experts in the software industry. At CollabNet he oversees the company’s global Scrum business, helping organizations adopt and scale Scrum-based initiatives to drive productivity and quality improvements. He creates engagement frameworks to forge lasting Agile-process transformations at customer sites, using a personal approach to teaching and implementing Lean/Agile/Scrum processes as a means of achieving greater IT agility. He is expert at leading successful distributed Agile environments (usually with an Indian or Chinese offshore model), and addressing cultural nuances, replication issues, and capital and headcount resource requirements. Prior to CollabNet, Szalvay was co-founder and President of Danube, a leader in Scrum tools and training, before it was acquired by CollabNet. He is an active industry thought leader, having written and contributed hundreds of articles, presentations and blogs on improving software delivery through Scrum.


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