Giving LWP::UserAgent Its Well Deserved Golden Watch

Mark Allen (Alert Logic)
Location: E145 Level: Novice
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For most Perl programmers, LWP::UserAgent is among the first thoughts when implementing an HTTP client, but should it be? And if not, what other choices are available among the bewildering array of HTTP clients on CPAN? This talk will cut through the clutter and focus on four alternatives: HTTP::Tiny, Mojo::UserAgent, LWP::Curl, and Furl.

Each of these libraries will be compared and contrasted to LWP::UserAgent as well among each other. Performance benchmarks, feature sets and general programming ease will be characterized.

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Mark Allen

Alert Logic

Mark Allen has over 10 years of experience as a software developer, system administrator and security architect.
He has given presentations to hundreds of peer developers at his $dayjob and at venues like OSCON, Frozen Perl workshop, YAPC::NA, Pittsburgh Perl workshop and others.


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