Adventures in Node.js

Faisal Abid (
JavaScript & HTML5
Location: Portland 252 Level: Novice
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Almost everyone has heard about Node.js, but lots of people dismiss it as being just “Javascript”.

In this talk, you’ll learn about what Node.js is, why its important you understand it and learn why it’s the most powerful web technology in recent years.

We will start off Node.js basics, and in by the time we are done you’ll be ready to write your first realtime Node.js app!

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Faisal Abid

Faisal Abid is a Google Developer Expert, entrepreneur, and engineer. A programming language enthusiast, Faisal loves solving software engineering challenges across the stack. Currently, you can find him working on mobile applications in Flutter, building decentralized apps on Ethereum, tinkering with TensorFlow, and writing backends in Dart or Node.js.


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