Nosql conference sessions

9:00am–12:30pm Monday, 07/16/2012
This hands-on session will introduce the audience to building applications with MongoDB - the open source document-oriented NoSQL database. The tutorial will take the user through building a simple location-based (like foursquare) from start to finish. Attendees will finish the session with a working application they use to check into locations around Portland from any HTML5 enabled phone!
4:10pm–4:50pm Wednesday, 07/18/2012
It is common to use multiple systems as part of the infrastructure of an application, but it’s sometimes unclear to developers when to use MongoDB alongside a relational database and what the best practices are. This presentation will introduce MongoDB, make the case for hybrid applications, and outline several real-world examples of such applications.
5:00pm–5:40pm Wednesday, 07/18/2012
Integrating a distributed database with standard test-driven development techniques can be next to impossible, especially the breadth and complexity of failure scenarios that need to be created. This Session, led by Nate McCall of DataStax, will show attendees how to make the best of the open source utilities and projects available for integrating Apache Cassandra with your testing environment.
11:50am–12:30pm Friday, 07/20/2012
In this session, Andreas Kollegger will take you on a whirlwind tour of the current NoSQL landscape. He'll give a crash course overview of the four main categories of NoSQL databases, and discuss what's currently lacking to make the enterprise adopt NoSQL, and how to solve it.


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