Git conference sessions

12:00pm–12:30pm Tuesday, 07/17/2012
SparkFun Electronics is a startup that utilized an early and heavy reliance on open source technology to grow rapidly with no outside investment. Now open source permeates the culture from software to operations to open hardware products, but sticking to open source while mitigating risk and pressing innovation has not been without its challenges.
9:00am–12:30pm Monday, 07/16/2012
Presentation: Get Better at Git Presentation [PDF]
Matthew McCullough, trainer for, and Tim Berglund, co-presenter of the O'Reilly Git Master Class videos and Mastering Advanced Git videos, will guide you through the fundamentals and a few intermediate elements of Git in three hours of lecture, discussion, and hands-on exercises.
11:30am–12:10pm Thursday, 07/19/2012
Learn how to think like a Git using nothing more than children's toys! If you’re using git, but are uncomfortable with it and don’t really get it, this is for you. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small Parts. Not For Children Under 4 Years.
2:30pm–3:10pm Wednesday, 07/18/2012
Presentation: external link
For many Perl programmers, using git is a bit of a black box. This talk hopes to bring some clarity around the rather unintuitive interface of the git distributed version control system. The talk is geared for git beginners, primarily, although some of the content may be interesting to people who are comfortable with the basic git workflow of "add, commit, push."
10:00am–10:40am Friday, 07/20/2012
In this talk we’ll talk about the years events in open source at Google, including a breakdown of the Google code-in project and an update on the Summer of Code. Also, we'll talk about how we dealt with hosting Android and Gerrit after the hack.


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