Emr conference sessions

5:00pm–5:40pm Wednesday, 07/18/2012
What are the advantages and disadvantages of building Health IT platforms instead of out-of-the box systems? How can people building these systems share tools and resources with others in different countries who may do very different work? This panel of participants in the OpenMRS community will share their real-world experiences from multiple continents on a variety of scales.
5:00pm–5:40pm Thursday, 07/19/2012
We have heard it before: "All or nothing." But when it comes to replacing your Enterprise EMR, it might not be the case. Commercial EMR and Open Source can coexist, decoupling pieces from under the EMR closed platform to an Open Source stack. Opening new horizons to your customization and development effort, providing more functionality to your medical staff without burdening your upgrade path.
10:40am–11:20am Thursday, 07/19/2012
Open standards and open architecture support developing countries to build systems in a more thoughtful and pragmatic way. Through this approach, and using these tools, we can follow an example of how Rwanda has begun to design and develop a national health information system, and how this will allow other countries to do the same, more quickly and more effectively then ever before


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