Distributed conference sessions

1:40pm–2:20pm Wednesday, 07/18/2012
This talk introduces the Akka platform. Akka is the platform for the next generation of event-driven, scalable and fault-tolerant architectures on the JVM.
10:00am–10:40am Friday, 07/20/2012
While there are many ways to design compute clusters, leveraging fast message queueing for all facets of system operation may be among the most elegant. Topics will include job collection, automatic load balancing, analytics, monitoring, and scaling. Learn real-world best practices and gotchas discovered while scaling an AMQP-based document processing backend to support over 8 million users.
11:30am–12:10pm Thursday, 07/19/2012
Modern web services are expected to be capable of providing realtime services to a large number of concurrent connections from web browsers, and web API clients. Distributed systems are common. The fine grained concurrency, message oriented programming model and transparent distribution capabilities make Erlang well suited for these types of systems. Cowboy brings Erlang's power to the web.


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