Arduino conference sessions

2:30pm–3:10pm Wednesday, 07/18/2012
The Android Open Accessory Protocol makes it possible for you to create custom Arduino-based accessories for your Android phone or tablet. Attend this session to learn how to get started, the hardware & software required and how the Handbag for Android project makes development easier.
1:40pm–2:20pm Wednesday, 07/18/2012
This session aims to give you the tools to import the real world into the programming scope of your trusty $30 microcontroller, by covering the technology fundamentals and integration essentials of a wide variety of sensors and actuators, as well as providing a few alternative power schemes and even mobility options to increase the variety of your design arsenal.
1:30pm–5:00pm Tuesday, 07/17/2012
This tutorial will walk you through connecting an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to an Arduino or other external hardware using an RS-232 adaptor. This is hardware hacking for iOS developers. You'll learn how to build iOS applications that talk to the real world, talk to sensors that talk back, and make iOS part of the Internet of Things.
9:00am–12:30pm Tuesday, 07/17/2012
Have you always wanted to create hardware devices to interact with the real world? Heard about the Arduino electronics prototyping platform but not sure how to get started? When you attend this workshop you will: set up an Arduino board & software; learn how the Arduino fits into the field of physical computing; and make your Arduino respond to button presses and blink lights. Hardware is fun!
4:10pm–4:50pm Wednesday, 07/18/2012
Long have people dreamed of finding psychokinetic powers. From ancient mythology to the Uncanny X-Men, mental superpowers have been the stuff of legend. Now, with an Arduino and an EEG sensor headset, the amazing power of telekinesis can be yours!
2:30pm–3:10pm Wednesday, 07/18/2012
Building sensor networks, while challenging, can be a data rich endeavor. But what do you do with all of the data you collect? How do you store and make sense of the results? Where do you store the information? This session explores the options available and demonstrates how to store the data in a database system for easy retrieval.
4:10pm–4:50pm Thursday, 07/19/2012
Presentation: Ubuntu Home Hacks Presentation [PDF]
Inspired by a friend's X10-wired house in the 1990's, this talk is a modern take on the "smart home", searching for a more organic connection to our digital selves.


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