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Abigail - (Booking.com), @__Abigail__

Abigail has presented on 50+ Perl and academic conferences, in over a dozen countries on four continents. Working in the computing world since the 1980s, Abigail is currently working as a team lead for Booking.com, the worlds leading online hotel reservation company. Abigail has contributed to Open Source for more than two decades.

Shevek .
Shevek . (Nebula)

Shevek is an expert programmer with a strong interest in parallel and
distributed systems. He has worked on cutting edge research in compilers
and language design, algorithmic optimization, systems and security. He
is capable of maintaining a very straight face under questioning on
topics including “Why is our printer playing ‘happy birthday’?” or “What
is that message doing on the side of that building?” He received a
Doctorate in Computing on the Formalization of Protection Systems from
the University of Bath, England. He also holds a Masters in Pure
Mathematics and an epee.

Sam Adams
Sam Adams (City of Portland, Oregon), @MayorSamAdams

Mayor Sam Adams of Portland, Oregon was elected Mayor of Portland in May 2008. Prior to being elected Mayor, Adams served as a Commissioner on the City Council for four years earning a reputation as an advocate for sustainability, public transit, transportation planning, the arts, and gay rights.

As a City Commissioner, Adams was Commissioner in Charge of Portland’s Office of Transportation and the Bureau of Environmental Services, and council liaison to, among others, the Regional Arts & Culture Council, the Association of Portland Neighborhood Business Districts, and Worksystems, Incorporated. In his role as Mayor, Adams is the lead Council member on Economic Development, Planning and Sustainability, Education, Arts and Culture, and Transportation.

During his tenure as Mayor, Adams has launched a number of initiatives... Read More.

Brian Aker

Brian has spent his life working on the details of how to build and scale out
systems. He is currently working on a new MicroKernel designed MySQL
called Drizzle and is building the plumbing required for a new generation of
large scale computer deployment. He also spends time working on Apache
Modules, Memcached, and Gearman.

In the past, he has been involved with projects for the Army Engineer Corps, The VirtualHospital, Splunk, MySQL, Slashdot, and was a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems. He calls Seattle his home since that is where his dog Rosalynd is.

Lance Albertson
Lance Albertson (Oregon State University Open Source Lab), @ramereth

Lance Albertson is the Director for the Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSL) and has been involved with the Gentoo Linux project as a developer and package maintainer since 2003. Since joining the OSL in 2007, Lance has managed all of the hosting activities that the OSL provides for nearly 160 high-profile open source projects. He was recently promoted to Director in early 2013 after being the Lead Systems Administration and Architect since 2007.

Prior to joining the OSUOSL, Lance was a UNIX Administrator for the Enterprise Server Technologies group at Kansas State University. Lance prepared for life as a career systems administrator by grappling with natural systems first, joining his father near Hiawatha, Kansas on... Read More.

Andrei Alexandrescu

Andrei Alexandrescu is a Research Scientist at Facebook and coined the colloquial term "modern C++ ", used today to describe a collection of important C++ styles and idioms. His eponymous book on the topic, Modern C++ Design (Addison-Wesley, 2001), revolutionized C++ programming and
produced a lasting influence not only on subsequent work on C++, but also on other languages and systems. With Herb Sutter, Andrei is also the
coauthor of C++ Coding Standards (Addison-Wesley, 2004).

Through Andrei’s varied work on libraries and applications, as well as his research in
machine learning and natural language processing, he has garnered a solid reputation in both industrial and academic circles. Andrei has also been
the key designer of many important features of the D... Read More.

Subbu Allamaraju
Subbu Allamaraju (Expedia Group), @sallamar

Subbu has been working with HTTP based APIs for over four years, first at Yahoo! and now at eBay. He has designed and developed many techniques and patterns for effective use of Web protocols for producing and consuming massive volumes of data through APIs. He is also the author of O’Reilly’s “RESTful Web Services Cookbook”. As an architect and the creator of ql.io at eBay, he is responsible for improving the way HTTP is consumed by apps and pave way for near-real-time and conversational end user experiences.

Alasdair Allan
Alasdair Allan (Babilim Light Industries), @aallan

Alasdair Allan is the author of Learning iPhone Programming and iPhone Sensor Programming published by O’Reilly Media. He is a senior research fellow in Astronomy at the University of Exeter, and as part of his work there he is building a distributed peer-to-peer network of telescopes that, acting autonomously, can reactively schedule observations of time-critical events and carry out complex long term monitoring of variable objects. Notable successes include contributing to the detection of the most distant object yet discovered, a gamma-ray burster at a redshift of 8.2. Alasdair also runs a small technology consulting company writing bespoke software, building open hardware and providing training. He sporadically writes blog posts about things that interest him, and more... Read More.

Mark Allen
Mark Allen (Alert Logic), @bytemeorg

Mark Allen has over 10 years of experience as a software developer, system administrator and security architect.
He has given presentations to hundreds of peer developers at his $dayjob and at venues like OSCON, Frozen Perl workshop, YAPC::NA, Pittsburgh Perl workshop and others.

Mike Amundsen
Mike Amundsen (Amundsen.com, Inc.), @mamund

An internationally known author and lecturer, Mike Amundsen travels throughout the United States and Europe consulting and speaking on a wide range of topics including distributed network architecture, Web application development, Cloud computing, and other subjects. His recent work focuses on the role hypermedia plays in creating and maintaining applications that can successfully evolve over time. He has more than a dozen books to his credit. His last book was “Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and Node” and he is currently working on the book “Programming the Web with Cloud9.” When he is not working, Mike enjoys spending time with his family in Kentucky, USA.

Scott Andreas
Scott Andreas (Boundary, Inc), @cscotta

Engineer at Boundary, Inc. hacking distributed ESP/CEP systems in Scala, Java, and Erlang. Former engineer at Urban Airship, Inc. designing and implementing low-latency messaging systems for mobile devices.

Rik Arends
Rik Arends (Cloud9 IDE Inc), @rikarends

Rik Arends is co-founder and CTO of Cloud9 IDE, Inc (previously Ajax.org). Early to recognise the shift between compiled and dynamic languages, he worked on language transcompilers, in-browser graphics, optimized API designs, NoSQL database architecture and high performance webservice driven applications. As an early believer of the browser as the winning application runtime, Rik focussed his career on making the web a better place for developers. Rik now oversees the technical vision and development of Cloud9 IDE.

Mark Atwood
Mark Atwood (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), @fallenpegasus

Mark Atwood has been a long-time contributor to open source, and is a regular participant of OSCON. He is currently the Open Source Advocate for Red Hat OpenShift and is the Community Manager for the OpenShift Origin open source project. His technology interests include Cloud Computing, Drizzle MySQL, and NoSQL. He makes his home in Seattle USA, with an annual trip to his other home in Black Rock City.

William Au
William Au (CBS Interactive)

Bill Au, Principal Software Engineer, Platform Infrastructure, CBS Interactive

Bill is a Principal Software Engineer of the Platform Infrastructure group at CBS Interactive. He has worked at CBS Interactive for more than ten years. In additional to developing Java software, he is also responsible for supporting the JDK and application server platform across the entire company.

Prior to CBS Interactive, Bill spent fifteen years at AT&T Bell Labs as a Member of Technical Staff in a variety roles including UNIX system administrator, UNIX system programmer, database programmer, and senior software architect/engineer. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Columbia University and a MS in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Bill has been a speaker at JavaOne and... Read More.

Anand Avati (Red Hat)

Anand Avati is the lead architect of the GlusterFS project and one of
its primary authors. He is currently employed by Red Hat (since the
acquisition of Gluster Inc) as a Senior Principal Software Engineer.
Anand received his BE in Computer Science from the Sri Jayachamarajendra
College of Engineering. Anand is a frequent contributor to free and open
source software projects, including FUSE, FreeIPMI and Freetalk.

Rick Avila
Rick Avila (KITWARE Inc.)

Mr. Avila received a B.S. and an M.S. in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook specializing in 3D biomedical imaging and visualization. He has accumulated over 20 years of experience leading research and development projects in several academic and commercial settings including computing laboratories, basic science laboratories, and corporate research and development facilities. While employed at Howard Hughes Medical Institute in the early 1990’s he co-developed VolVis, an open source biomedical visualization system for confocal microscopy and medical research. He joined GE Global Research in 1994 and focused on developing visualization and analysis algorithms for clinical applications. He was a contributing author to “The Visualization Toolkit” textbook and co-developed the volume rendering architecture in VTK, a widely adopted... Read More.

Utkarsh Ayachit
Utkarsh Ayachit (Kitware, Inc.)

Mr. Ayachit is the principal developer for ParaViewWeb and is part of the team that develops ParaView. He is a Technical Lead in the Scientific Computing Group at Kitware. Previously, he helped design and develop the Intrusion Detection Toolkit (IDtk) which uses glyph-based visualization techniques to help distinguish false positives from real intrusive attempts. Mr. Ayachit’s work is primarily focused on data visualization; agent architectures and multiagent systems; information retrieval; artificial intelligence; and the design and analysis of algorithms.

Mr. Ayachit obtained his B.S. in Computer Science from the Pune Institute of Computer Technology (India) in 2002. He earned his M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) in 2004; his master’s thesis explored the use of level-of-detail in 2D... Read More.

AB was the CTO and co-founder of Gluster (Petascale Distributed Filesystem) prior to its acquisition by Red Hat. He also serves on the board of Free Software Foundation India. Prior to Gluster, AB served as CTO at California Digital Corporation (CDC), where his work led to the scaling of the commodity cluster computing to supercomputing class performance. He drove the adoption of cluster computing and GNU/Linux at enterprise data centers and helped close strategic accounts at CDC. In 2004, AB led the development of the world’s second fastest Supercomputer “Thunder”, for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He authored/contributed to free software projects such as GNU FreeIPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface), GNU Garp (Gratuitous ARP Daemon), bios-config (edit/replicate Read More.

Oscar Baechler
Oscar Baechler (Baechler Creative, LLC), @ogbog

My first job out of college thrust me into the world of Blender, which I used at the center of a mobile games pipeline as art director at Prophetic Sky. I wanted to find other Blender users in the PNW, so I created Seabug: the Seattle Blender User Group. Since then Pacific Northwest Blender scene has grown into one of the world’s best. Today I am a freelance artist working with Pearson publishing on Blender training materials. I draw every day, and I’m always delighted when people take a perusal of my sketchbook.

If you’re in the Seattle area, come say hi at the next Seabug! http://seabug.eventbrite.com

Jim Baker (Canonical), @jimbaker

I work for Canonical as a software engineer on Ubuntu Server, specifically the open source Juju project to better support cloud computing through a service orchestration model. Juju uses Python/Twisted, as well as some Go, and relies on ZooKeeper for its distributed coordination semantics.

In my free time, I’m a committer on the Jython project. For Jython 2.5, it seems like I worked on nearly all aspects, including the compiler, concurrency, Unicode, and other aspects of builtin types. I also co-authored the Definitive Guide to Jython. For 2.6+, I’m involved in a collaboration with a compiler research group at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where we’ve been looking at how to improve Jython’s performance and support gradual typing (especially to improve Java integration).

My... Read More.

Tony Bargnesi

Anthony Bargnesi is a software engineer with Selventa, a biomarker discovery company, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is the lead engineer on the open source OpenBEL platform.

Anthony has been working with Java technologies for ten years. He is an advocate and contributor to open source.

Sharren Bates (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), @sharrensharren

Sharren Bates co-leads the Gates Foundation’s work on data and content interoperability, building on the success of the widespread state adoption of the Common Core State Standards. She has worked at the intersection of education policy and technology for the past five years in federal and district roles. Most recently, she spent time at the FCC working on the education chapter of the National Broadband Plan. Previously, she led the ARIS team at the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE), where she launched an integrated data reporting and collaboration system for the city’s 90,000 teachers and 800,000 parents. Before joining the NYCDOE, Sharren spent 10 years leading product and project management teams building online solutions for companies like Verizon, Read More.

Wayne Beaton
Wayne Beaton (The Eclipse Foundation)

Wayne works for the Eclipse Foundation where he is the Director of Open Source Projects. He spends his days helping Eclipse projects and committers be successful, learning about Eclipse technology, and making sure that everybody knows just how cool it all really is. Wayne is also the editor-in-chief of Eclipse Corner; member of the Technology, Mylyn, and TPTP PMCs; a frequent Tweeter; and regular blogger. In 1982, he received the prestigious Chief Scouts Award from then-Governor General Edward Schreyer. In 1984 his team was selected to represent beautiful British Columbia in the Kinsmen Voyageur Relay. In his spare time, he writes down meaningless accomplishments from his youth in a lame attempt to impress the reader.

Chuck Bell
Chuck Bell (Oracle)

Dr. Charles A Bell is a Senior Software Engineer at Oracle. He is currently the lead developer for MySQL utilities and a member of the MySQL Backup and Replication team.

He is co-author of the book MySQL High Availability (O’Reilly Media, Inc.)

He lives in a small town in rural Virginia with his loving wife. He received his Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2005. His research interests include database systems, versioning systems, agile software development, and open source hardware.

John Bender
John Bender (Adobe Systems), @johnbender

John Bender is the co-creator of Vagrant, a jQuery Mobile contributor, and a recovering polygot. During the day he works full-time on jQuery Mobile at Adobe and otherwise spends his time hacking on open source. John shares his thoughts at http://johnbender.us and as @johnbender on Twitter.

Dan Bentley manages http://code.google.com. His passion is finding places that require the application of a little technology to have a big cultural win. His perfect project is boring and easy but impactful. He has a BA in English and an MS in Computer Science.

Tim Berglund

Tim is a full-stack generalist and passionate teacher who loves coding, presenting, and working with people. He is founder and principal software developer at the August Technology Group, a technology consulting firm focused on the JVM. He is a speaker internationally and on the No Fluff Just Stuff tour in the United States, and is co-president of the Denver Open Source User Group. He has recently been exploring non-relational data stores, continuous deployment, and how software architecture should resemble an ant colony. He lives in Littleton with the wife of his youth and their three children.

Sebastian Bergmann

Sebastian Bergmann has instrumentally contributed to tranforming PHP into a reliable platform for large-scale, critical projects. Enterprises and PHP developers around the world benefit from the tools that he has developed and the experience he shares.

Donnie Berkholz
Donnie Berkholz (Carlson Wagonlit Travel), @dberkholz

Donnie is an IT industry analyst at RedMonk as well as an open-source developer and leader of Gentoo Linux. He brings a strong quantitative and analytical background as a Ph.D.-trained scientist to bear on software development and community management.

Paul Beusterien
Paul Beusterien (Mobile Developer Solutions), @paulbeusterien

Paul Beusterien founded Mobile Developer Solutions in 2010. MDS’s initial product is an Eclipse plugin that enables easy web application programming for Android. Web app project creation and configuration with PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile and Sencha Touch takes only a few clicks.

MDS recently released AppLaud Cloud, a cloud-based Android IDE to provide Android developers a rich development experience that is more streamlined, focused and usable than the alternatives.

Before MDS, Paul led development tools for Wind River Systems and Symbian Foundation.

Paul has been active in open source tooling for many years and contributed to gcc, gdb, and Eclipse. His recent mobile and cloud work is visible on github and Eclipse development at Google Code.

Paul has spoken... Read More.

Mike Biglan
Mike Biglan (Twenty Ideas), @twentyideas

Mike is the Chief Technology Officer at Concentric Sky, a development shop of 50 in Eugene, OR. We have a team of eight focused on Django and have many dozen Django projects under our collective belts. We’ve launched a mix Python and Django sites for organizations such as the National Science Foundation and the IETF as well as others such as MichaelMoore.com and EugeneAGoGo.com.

Mike has an M.S. in Computer Science & Engineering from UC San Diego, a B.A. in Economics from the University of Chicago, and a background in statistics and data analysis.

Paul Biondich

I am a medical informatics researcher and pediatrician whose research interests include informatics interventions in resource constrained environments, decision support systems and controlled medical vocabularies. I am the co-founder and leader of OpenMRS, an open source medical record system platform to support underserved populations, which is currently deployed in over 40 countries throughout the world. I also oversee infomatics activities at the first implementation of OpenMRS: the Academic Model for the Prevention and Treatment of HIV (AMPATH) in Eldoret, Kenya. These projects provide a rich substrate that allows me to study these unique environments and learn the effectiveness of various health informatics interventions applied to these settings. I participate in international architectural development efforts, both through my leadership of a WHO Collaborating... Read More.

Gina Blaber
Gina Blaber (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), @ginablaber

Sr VP of Conferences, O’Reilly. Interested in big data, infrastructure and operations, open source, TensorFlow, software architecture, online learning, and related topics. Love to hear about cutting edge content and speakers in these areas, and practical ideas for reaching a more diverse audience and speaker base.

Dustin Black
Dustin Black (Red Hat)

Dustin is a Red Hat Certified Architect and a senior member of Red Hat’s Global Support Services group. He has more than a decade of experience in engineering complex systems to meet stringent business requirements. He fully believes that his biggest assets are the smart people he surrounds himself with, and he loves a good failure as an opportunity to learn. As a TAM, Dustin provides semi-dedicated support for open source technologies to some of Red Hat’s most demanding customers in the financial services and pharmaceutical industries. There’s little he loves more than a creative implemention challenge, and he geeks out on helping to turn community projects into world-class solutions.

Beverly Block (Optimal Design Software LLC)

Beverly has a degree in Applied Mathematics with option in Software Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University, which didn’t offer an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at the time. She has 15 years of programming experience, including application development in Macro on RSX-11, which was more fun than anything she’s done since. Given the shortage of opportunities to work in Macro-11, she’s happy to have Python as an alternative.

Dan Bode (PuppetLabs), @bodepd

Dan has worked in the technology industry as a consultant and software developer for almost a decade. He has spent most of the last 4 years building infrastructure automation solutions and teaching people how to use Puppet. He currently works in the Business Development at PuppetLabs where he spends his time researching technologies and figuring out how they can be integrated with Puppet to provide value.

Kurt Bollacker
Kurt Bollacker (Applied Minds)

Dr. Kurt Bollacker is a computer scientist with a research background in the areas of machine learning, digital libraries, semantic networks, and electro-cardiographic modeling. He was chief scientist of Metaweb Technologies, the creator of freebase.com, co-creator of the CiteSeer research tool, the technical director of the Internet Archive, and a biomedical research engineer at the Duke University Medical Center. He is currently pursuing research on long term digital archiving as the Digital Research Director at the Long Now Foundation and working on open source educational and collaborative tools.

Jonas Bonér
Jonas Bonér (Lightbend), @jboner

Jonas Bonér is a programmer, teacher, speaker, author and Java Champion who spends most of his time hacking on open source and lecturing and speaking at developer conferences world-wide. He is the CTO of Typesafe and has formerly worked at Terracotta, the JRockit JVM at BEA and is an active contributor to the Open Source community; most notably created the Akka Project, AspectWerkz Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) framework, committer to the Terracotta JVM clustering technology and been part of the Eclipse AspectJ team. http://jonasboner.com

Josh Bothun (Concentric Sky)

Josh has a B.S. from the University of Oregon in Computer Science. In the past year, he has worked on a variety of Android Apps, a Python-based App for the IETF, and a number of Django-centered web applications.

Jos Boumans
Jos Boumans (Krux Digital), @jiboumans

Jos is a long time Linux & Perl developer, with a keen interest in resilient and scalable services. He currently works for Krux Digital and has worked for Canonical, XS4ALL, and RIPE NCC designing and deploying large scale internet infrastructure. He’s also contributed roughly 2% of the code in the current Perl core

Joe Bowser
Joe Bowser (Adobe)

Joe is the creator of the Android implementation of PhoneGap, which has been used in products featured in Popular Science, and as part of the Sony Web SDK. He also works on various client projects developing mobile applications for many platforms using PhoneGap and other frameworks that leverage web technologies. He spends his spare time going to various security conferences, and helping run the Vancouver Hacker Space, which he co-founded, as well as contributing to other Open Source projects.

Alice Boxhall
Alice Boxhall (Google)

Alice Boxhall is a software engineer at Google, where she works on improving accessibility support in Google Chrome.

Jim Brandt
Jim Brandt (Best Practical Solutions), @cbrandtbuffalo

Jim Brandt is a software engineer at Best Practical Solutions where he works on RT and other open source software. He also serves on the board of the Perl Foundation and has dabbled in making TV Everywhere a reality. He’s co-author of “mod_perl 2 User’s Guide” from OnyxNeon Press, an editor and contributor for “The Perl Review,” and has written for Perl.com. He has presented at many conferences including OSCON, YAPC::NA, and the Gartner Open Source Summit as well as cable industry events including SCTE, the NCTC Independent Show, and TelcoTV.

VM Brasseur
VM Brasseur (Juniper Networks), @vmbrasseur

My name is VM Brasseur. I am based in San Francisco, CA. You may call me ‘VM’ or ‘V’ or ‘Veem’ or ‘Veeb’ or even ‘Vicky,’ which is the short form of my given name of ‘Victoria’ and is, in truth, the name by which most friends and co-workers know me. However I answer to all of the above. TIMTOWTDI, after all.

My introduction to Open Source was watching a college boyfriend fill countless 3.5" floppy discs with a new operating system he was downloading from Usenet over his shiny new 14.4K baud modem. “It’s, ya know, like UNIX. But, ya know, free.” Somehow this made a deep impression. I started paying attention and recognized that openness is a Good Thing™. Since then... Read More.

Michael Brewer
Michael Brewer (UGA: Franklin College OIT), @operatic

Michael Brewer is the Lead Application Developer for the Franklin College Office of Information Technology at The University of Georgia. He designs database-backed web applications used by thousands of students and faculty and serves on several college and University-wide committees on Web development, best practices, and application security. In 2005, he won an Advising Technology Innovation Award from the National Academic Advising Association for an academic advising application he created and maintains. A speaker at OSCON in 2011, he is also on the board of the United States PostgreSQL Association. He holds bachelor degrees in Mathematics and Music from The University of Georgia. A member of ASCAP, he conducts the oldest continually operating community band in the state of Georgia; he has arranged... Read More.

Jonathan Briggs
Jonathan Briggs (Eastside Preparatory School), @gotphysics

Director of Technology – Eastside Prep
Physics Teacher
TEDxEastsidePrep – Organizer

Greg Brockman

Greg Brockman was the first engineer at Stripe. He designs, builds, and maintains Stripe’s infrastructure. In his free time, he will often be found designing, building, and maintaining Stripe’s infrastructure.

Tara Tiger Brown
Tara Tiger Brown (UC Irvine), @tara

Technical Product Manager

Leading the development of a Mentoring Platform.

Created Open Source Map: Represent.LA for Tech Startups.

Planning an LA Makerspace

Forbes Contributor


Deborah Bryant

Deborah Bryant is senior director of open source and standards (OSAS) at Red Hat. The OSAS team is dedicated to ensuring that its upstream communities are wildly successful and that Red Hat is appropriately involved in the standards bodies that influence Red Hat’s products. This is done through direct participation in projects, supporting community events, providing infrastructure and other project resources, and helping to promote projects to ensure their use and attraction of future developers. Deborah’s 20-something-year background in tech spans three industries: private industry and startups, the public sector and government, and education. She’s long been an advocate of open source adoption, governance, policy, and economic development.

Deborah serves on numerous boards and councils with public trust agendas and an emphasis on... Read More.

Jonathan  Bryce
Jonathan Bryce (The Rackspace Cloud), @jbryce

Jonathan Bryce is CTO & Founder of The Rackspace Cloud. He started his career working as a web developer for the managed hosting giant, Rackspace. During his tenure at Rackspace, Bryce and co-worker Todd Morey had a vision to build a sophisticated web hosting environment where users and businesses alike could turn to design, develop and deploy their ideal web site – all without being responsible for procuring the technology, installing it or making sure it is built to be always available. This vision, along with help from Rackspace, was turned into The Rackspace Cloud. The Rackspace Cloud is the home of Cloud Sites, Cloud Files and Cloud Servers, providing enterprise-grade hosting and storage services. The Rackspace Cloud provides an easily managed interface allowing... Read More.

Tim Bunce
Tim Bunce (TigerLead), @timbunce

Tim Bunce is best known as the author and maintainer of the Perl DBI module, the standard database interface for Perl since 1994. He has contributed to the development of the Perl language and many of its core modules, and was responsible for the 5.4.x series of maintenance releases.

His other popular Perl modules include Devel::NYTProf, the most advanced Perl source code profiler, Memcached::libmemcached, the fastest Perl interface to memcached, DashProfiler, JDBC, Oracle::OCI and DBD::Oracle.

As the founder and CTO of Data-Plan Services, he provides Perl, database, performance, and scaling consultancy services to an international client base. Prior to that we was Technical Director (CTO) of IG in the UK where... Read More.

Steve  Burton
Steve Burton (AppDynamics)

Stephen Burton is Tech Evangelist at AppDynamics, and is also the alter ego of increasingly popular “App Man” character. Steve is responsible for promoting best practice application performance management (APM) for distributed applications running in cloud, virtual and physical environments. Before joining AppDynamics, Steve held senior product management positions at OpTier and Precise leading innovation and creative solutions to help customers better manage the performance of their applications. Steve has previously worked in pre-sales and also spent many years as a senior developer and application support engineer when his career began at Sapient. Steve received his BS in Computer Science from Lancaster University, UK. He enjoys speed and is a keen motorsport/formula 1 fan and hopes one day to become The Stig.

Paris Buttfield-Addison
Paris Buttfield-Addison (Secret Lab Pty. Ltd.), @parisba

Paris is co-founder of Secret Lab Pty. Ltd., leading production and design efforts in the mobile game and app development space. A frequent speaker at conferences, workshops and training sessions, Paris enjoys discussing engineering, product development, design and other facets of the mobile and game development worlds. Recent conferences include Apple Australia’s /dev/world/2011 in Melbourne (and 2008, 2009 and 2010), a keynote at CreateWorld Brisbane 2010 (and a speaker in 2009 and 2011), IxDA’s Interaction 11 in Boulder (March 2011), XMediaLab Location-Based Services in Malmo, Sweden (January 2011), a tutorial and a session at OSCON 2011 and many others.

Paris is the co-author of the books ‘iPhone and iPad Game Development For Dummies’ and ‘Unity Mobile Game Development For Dummies’. The books cover game... Read More.

Gerardo Capiel

Benetech is a nonprofit 501c(3) software company addressing large scale and global needs in literacy, human rights and the environment. Our Literacy Program enables over 190K people with print disabilities (e.g. blindness, dyslexia) have access to books and textbooks via Bookshare – the largest library of accessible e-books with over 140K titles. In our Human Rights Program, we have developed Martus, which protects over 200K witness testimonies and other evidence of human rights abuses. Our statisticians have analyzed these documents and provided expert opinions at International Criminal Tribunals and Truth Commisions in Burma, Kosovo, Colombia, Congo, Liberia, India and Sierra Leone. And in our Environment Program, over 5,000 environmentalists use our open source Miradi software to manage and measure their conservation... Read More.

Brian Capouch
Brian Capouch (Saint Joseph's College)

Brian Capouch is a longtime Open Source user, programmer, and hacker.

He teaches computer science at small Indiana college. He is also a local historian, and owns nine historic structures which he is working to restore.

Thierry Carrez
Thierry Carrez (OpenStack Foundation), @tcarrez

Thierry Carrez has been facilitating collaboration and open innovation since 2010 as the Release Manager for the Openstack project. An Ubuntu Core developer and Debian maintainer, he was previously the Technical lead for Ubuntu Server edition, and an operational manager for the Gentoo Security Team. In a previous life, he used to be an IT Manager for small and large companies. He is working home-based from a small village in the center of France, where he lives with his wife and two daughters.

David Castro
David Castro (Media Temple)

David Castro leads the team responsible for guarding the ever growing set of customer email. Over the past year, the team reengineered the backend to be more tailored to email’s unique storage and backup requirements and replaced the aging webmail interface with an updated offering. Before this role, he spearheaded the architecture and development of Media Temple’s public facing API. In his spare time he enjoys refactoring his backyard.

Jorge Castro
Jorge Castro (Canonical Ltd. / Ubuntu), @castrojo

Jorge O. Castro currently works on the Community Team as Cloud Community Liaison for Canonical Ltd, sponsors of the Ubuntu project. Jorge has been using Linux since 1998, and his current passion is juju, the new cloud deployment tool. He has spoken at the Ohio Linux Fest, SCaLE, and the Ontario Linux Fest as well as various LUGs over the years.

Piers Cawley
Piers Cawley (Loafery), @pdcawley

Piers Cawley started programming Perl in the mid nineties, but recently spent a few years working as a Ruby programmer before returning to Perl.

He’s currently trying to escape to become a bread maker.

He’s a singer, baker and photographer.

Stephen Chin

Stephen Chin is Chief Agile Methodologist at GXS and a a technical expert in client UI technologies. He is lead author of the Pro Android Flash title and coauthored Pro JavaFX Platform 2, which is the leading technical reference for JavaFX. In addition, Stephen runs the very successful Silicon Valley JavaFX User Group, which has hundreds of members and tens of thousands of online viewers. Finally, he is a Java Champion, chair of the OSCON Java conference, and an internationally recognized speaker featured at Devoxx, Jazoon, and JavaOne, where he received a Rock Star Award. Stephen can be followed on twitter @steveonjava and reached via his blog: http://steveonjava.com/

Mishi Choudhary
Mishi Choudhary (Software Freedom Law Center), @mishichoudhary

Mishi Choudhary is the Director of International programs at
Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC), New York and the
founding Executive Director of SFLC India. She has an
LLM from Columbia Law School where she was a Stone Scholar.
Prior to joining SFLC, Mishi was a litigator in different
chambers in India with areas of practice covering Corporate and Commercial Law,
Arbitration & Dispute Resolution, Information Technology Law,
Trademarks and Copyrights.She is a member of the Bar Council of Delhi,
licensed to appear before the Supreme Court of India, all the State High Courts
in India, in the State of New York, before the Southern District of... Read More.

Tom Christiansen

Tom Christiansen is a programmer, author, and lecturer who’s been
involved with Perl since its initial public release back in 1987. Tom is
the owner of the PERL.COM domain and website, and original author of much
of Perl’s online documentation. Tom is lead author of the
The Perl Cookbook and co-author of Programming Perl, Learning Perl
(2nd edition), and Learning Perl on Win32 Systems, all bestselling titles by
O’Reilly & Associates.

He served two terms on the USENIX Association Board of Directors, and was
president of The Perl Journal. Perl users selected Tom to receive the
first White Camel Award in 1999. In 2000, Members of the Open Source
community voted... Read More.

wesley chun
wesley chun (Google), @wescpy

WESLEY J. CHUN, MSCS, is the author of Prentice Hall’s bestseller, Core Python Programming, its video training course, “Python Fundamentals” (LiveLessons DVD), and co-author of Python Web Development with Django. In addition to being a software architect and Developer Advocate at Google, he runs CyberWeb, a consulting business specializing in Python software engineering and technical training. He has over 25 years of programming, teaching, and writing experience, including more than a decade of Python. While at Yahoo!, he helped create Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! People Search using Python. He holds degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Music from the University of California.

Brian Clapper (Circonus, Inc.), @neophenix

Senior technologist with over 10 years experience in web development and technical team leadership, focusing on high performance code. Brian’s background includes half a decade in online advertising culminating in leading 2 successful startups.

Christopher Clark
Christopher Clark (SparkFun Electronics Inc.)

I began as the sole IT professional at SparkFun Electronics when it was very small and now manage a diversified staff of fourtteen. During the past several years my responsibilities have grown from initially developing our internal ERP system to overseeing the rapid scaling of our growing business in all aspects information technology.

My degree is in mathematics and I’ve spent time as an image processor for the Cassini mission to Saturn as well as phlebotomist and camp counselor. When not hard at work I’m somewhere in the Colorado mountains, snow or shine, partaking in nature’s beauty.

Mike Cohen
Mike Cohen (Big Switch Networks), @mscohen

Mike leads open source product management for Big Switch Networks. He began his career as an early engineer on VMware’s hypervisor team and subsequently worked in product management at Google. Prior to Big Switch, Mike spent several years as an early stage investor at Redpoint Ventures, focusing on infrastructure and cloud technology. Mike holds a BSE in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Justin Colannino (Ropes & Gray LLP)

Justin’s is an associate in Ropes & Gray LLP’s Intellectual Property Group, where he focuses his legal practice on patent litigation. Prior to joining Ropes & Gray, he was Counsel at the Software Freedom Law Center, where he advised non-profit free and open source developers and projects in all areas of free and open source development.

Ben Collins-Sussman
Ben Collins-Sussman (Google, Inc.), @sussman

Ben Collins-Sussman is one of the founding developers of the Subversion version control system, and co-authored O’Reilly’s “Version Control with Subversion” book and more recently O’Reilly’s “Team Geek: a Software Developer’s Guide to Working Well with Others.”

Ben co-founded Google’s engineering office in Chicago, ported Subversion to Google’s Bigtable platform, led Google Code’s Project Hosting team, and now manages the engineering team for the Google Affiliate Network. Prior to joining Google, Ben was a senior software engineer on the version control team at CollabNet. He has been an active open source contributor for over twelve years, contributing to projects related to version control and gaming.

Ben collects hobbies which tend to explore the tension between art and science. He has given numerous talks about the... Read More.

Damian Conway
Damian Conway (Thoughtstream)

Damian Conway is an internationally renowned speaker, author, and trainer, and a prominent contributor to the Perl community. Currently he runs Thoughtstream, an international IT training company that provides programmer training from beginner to masterclass level throughout Europe, North America, and Australasia. Most of his spare time over the past decade has been spent working with Larry Wall on the design and explication of the Perl 6 programming language. He has a PhD in Computer Science and was until recently an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University, Australia.

David Copeland

Dave Copeland is a veteran software developer with over 15 years of professional development experience, starting on UNIX and C, moving into Java, and now using Java, Scala, and Ruby on a daily basis for LivingSocial. He’s the author of “Building Awesome Command-Line Applications with Ruby”, and insists on clean, maintainable code that gets the job done.

Mark Cornick
Mark Cornick (TeamSnap)

Mark Cornick is the Development and Operations Engineer at TeamSnap. He once took a class to learn to drive a Zamboni.

Veteran firmware engineer has been working in consumer embedded systems for almost 15 years and specializes in products involving sensors. She has worked on network equipment, video set top boxes, biometric readers, as well as several human interface devices ranging from air mice to multi-touch devices to human gesture musical instruments. Her on-going projects include human gesture recognition to generate music in real-time and electronics wearables.

Ward Cunningham
Ward Cunningham (Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc.), @WardCunningham

Ward Cunningham has worked for and consulted to daring startups and huge corporations. He has served as CTO, Director, Fellow, Principle Engineer and Inventor. He is best known for creating wiki. He leads an open-source project rebuilding wiki to solve more complex sharing situations addressing some of societies toughest problems. Ward founded movements in object-oriented, agile software, extreme programming and pattern languages. Ward lives in Portland, Oregon and works for New Relic, Inc.

Shane Curcuru
Shane Curcuru (The Apache Software Foundation), @shanecurcuru

Briefly, Shane is: a father and husband, a friend, a geek, a Member of the ASF, a baker, an ex-Loti and current IBM’er, a BMW driver, a punny guy, a gamer, and lifelong resident within the 495 belt. Oh, and we have cats.

Shane volunteers and serves on the Board of Directors of the Apache Software Foundation, where he has also been appointed VP of Brand Management, setting policy for trademarks and branding across all Apache projects.

During the day, Shane works at IBM as an Application Architect, consulting with HR teams on improving business processes with intelligent automation.

Dr. Bryce Curtis is a member of the Software Group Technology Center working on emerging technologies. He is currently leading IBM’s involvement in the Apache Cordova open source project. Over his 27 years at IBM, Bryces has worked on numerous technologies including mobile, collaborative and video conferencing, widgets and mashups, telephony, speech recognition and text-to-speech, virtual reality and 3D audio. Bryce holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Digital Signal Processing from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Michael Dale

Michael is the lead front end architect for Kaltura Open Source Video Platform. In 2006 Michael Dale co-founded metavid.org an open video community archive of US house and senate floor proceedings. Later he worked on video for Wikipedia. With Kaltura he has worked on HTML5 video for Wikipedia the Internet Archive and dozens of major web properties that make use of Kaltura’s platform. His work includes work on scalable video delivery across numerous browsers and devices, subtitling, advertising, analytics and video editing in HTML5.

Winston Damarillo
Winston Damarillo (Morphlabs)

Winston Damarillo is a proven serial entrepreneur with a track record of building successful technology start-ups, including Gluecode (sold to IBM), LogicBlaze (sold to Iona) and Webtide (sold to Intalio). Prior to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Winston was a venture capital professional at Intel, having led the majority of his investments to a successful IPO. As one of the prestigious World Economic Forum Young Global Leader (YGL) honorees for 2010, Winston is working with other leaders to understand global challenges and trends to create a brighter future through the Open Cloud Initiative. Winston holds a B.S. in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering from the De La Salle University.

Andrew Davis (Kaltura, Inc.), @papyromancer

open media hacker

Scott Davis
Scott Davis (ThoughtWorks), @scottdavis99

Scott Davis is the founder of ThirstyHead.com, a training and consulting company that that specializes in leading-edge technology solutions like HTML 5, mobile development, SmartTV development, NoSQL, Groovy, and Grails.

Scott has been writing about web development for over 10 years. His books include Getting Started with Grails, Groovy Recipes, GIS for Web Developers, The Google Maps API: Adding Where to Your Web Applications, and JBoss at Work. Scott is also the author of two popular article series at IBM developerWorks — Mastering Grails and Practically Groovy.

Selena Deckelmann

Selena Deckelmann is founder and COO of Prime Radiant.

She’s a major contributor to PostgreSQL. She’s created three successful conference series about PostgreSQL, open source development and culture. She speaks internationally about free software, developer communities and trolling. Her interests include opening up government data with the City of Portland, urban chickens and finding ways to make databases run faster.

You can find her on twitter at @selenamarie.

She founded Postgres Open, a conference dedicated to the business of PostgreSQL and disruption of the database industry. She founded and co-chaired Open Source Bridge, a developer conference for open source citizens. She founded the PostgreSQL Conference, a successful series of east coast/west coast conferences in the US for PostgreSQL. She’s helped... Read More.

Erin Dees
Erin Dees (Tektronix)

Ian Dees saw his first Timex Sinclair 1000 over 20 years ago, and was instantly hooked. Since then, he’s debugged embedded assembly code using an oscilloscope, written desktop apps in C++, and joyfully employed scripting languages to make testing less painful. Ian currently writes GUI code for test instruments as a Software Engineer at Tektronix.

Ian is author of the Pragmatic titles Scripted GUI Testing With Ruby and Using JRuby.

George DeMet
George DeMet (Palantir.net, Inc.)

George DeMet is the founder and CEO of Chicago-based Web development firm Palantir.net, a member of the Drupal Association advisory board, and the co-chair of DrupalCon Chicago 2011. With more than over 17 years of experience in Web design and development, he’s overseen the development a full range of custom interactive Web sites, and Internet-enabled software for corporate, educational, cultural, and non-profit clients.

Faan DeSwardt
Faan DeSwardt (Symantec)

With over 20 years experience in designing, implementing and operating Fortune 100 datacenters, Faan have deep knowledge and experience with leading technologies and solutions, that are today woven into the new breed of converged datacenter, where agility, availability and security are expected, only now at a pace that is challenging the traditional datacenter teams in every way. Having recently deployed a secure enterprise cloud on the latest converged technologies, the need for a programmable network that can dynamically and frequently be reconfigured in a predictable, secure and zero downtime manner became an absolute must. This is driving his intense pursuit of SDN and research with Big Switch Networks on a solution that will revolutionize how networks are designed, built and operated.

Chris DiBona
Chris DiBona (Google, Inc.), @cdibona

Chris DiBona is the Director of Open Source for Mountain View, Ca based Google, Inc. His job includes managing open source related compliance and outreach programs for the company. More information about Google’s open source program can be found at http://code.google.com/opensource.

Before joining Google, Mr. DiBona was an editor/author for the hugely popular online website slashdot.org and he is an internationally known advocate of open source software and related methodologies. He co-edited the award winning essay compilations “Open Sources” and “Open Sources 2.0” for O’Reilly and writes for a great number of publications. He was briefly the Linux guy on TechTV, starred in Floss Weekly and speaks on a variety of open source issues internationally.

Werner Dietl
Werner Dietl (University of Waterloo)

Werner Dietl is a post-doctoral research associate at the University
of Washington, where he is a member of the programming languages and
software engineering groups and collaborates with the architecture
group. His research goal is to help software engineers produce
high-quality software by enabling them to better understand and
structure their software. Previously, he was a research and teaching
assistant at the Chair of Programming Methodology, ETH Zurich.
More information is available at his homepage.

Alan Dipert
Alan Dipert (Relevance, Inc.), @alandipert

Alan Dipert is an active contributor to Clojure, and helps organize the annual Clojure-Conj. As a part of the Clojure/core team, he works with and consults on Clojure for clients large and small.

Emily Dobervich (TeamSnap)

Emily Dobervich programs things at TeamSnap. She also writes music sometimes.

Nathan Dotz
Nathan Dotz (Detroit Labs), @nathandotz

I’m a software engineer at Backyard Brains, and strive to make the world a freer, smarter, and more enriching place. In addition, I work in open communities, run a hackerspace in Ann Arbor, MI and help out our local software craftsmanship and user groups!

Clinton N. Dreisbach
Clinton N. Dreisbach (Relevance, Inc.), @crnixon

Clinton R. Nixon is a developer at Relevance, the home of Clojure/core. He has been computing for 25 years and loves Perl, Clojure, public speaking, and learning new things.

John Duncan
John Duncan (Oracle Corp.)

J.D. Duncan is a developer on the MySQL Cluster team at Oracle Corp. He has been using MySQL since the late 1990’s and joined MySQL AB in 2004. He lives near San Francisco.

George Dunlap
George Dunlap (Citrix Systems, UK)

George Dunlap is a senior engineer on the open source Xen team at Citrix in Cambridge, England. He began working with the Xen project while a graduate student at the University of Michigan and has done work in many areas of Xen, including performance analysis, scheduling, and memory management. George is a committer and maintainer for the scheduling and mm subsystems in Xen and also serves on the Xen security response team. He writes technical articles regularly for the Xenproject.org blog, including one describing in detail the Intel SYSRET vulnerability, and has had articles published on Linux.com. George holds a PhD from the University of Michigan.

David Eaves
David Eaves (Eaves Consulting), @daeaves

David Eaves is an expert in negotiation, open innovation and public policy. As a consultant David advises several governments on open government and open data. He drafted the City of Vancouver’s Open Motion which helped both launch the world’s second municipal Open Data portal (after Washington DC) and rewrite procurement rules to enable the adoption of Open Source software. David has also served as the Director of the Code for America Institute and authored After the Collapse: The Future of Open Government and the Civil Service, a chapter in the O’Reilly book “Open Government”.

An expert in collaboration David also advises companies, non-profits and open source communities on managing critical relationships. Working with Mozilla he uses data and negotiation theory to them better understand their... Read More.

Peter Eckersley
Peter Eckersley (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Peter Eckersley is Technology Projects Director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He works on a wide range of issues, including copyright and DRM; privacy; censorship and freedom of speech; network neutrality, software patents, and other threats technical innovation.

Gil Elbaz
Gil Elbaz (Factual), @gilelbaz

Gil Elbaz is an accomplished entrepreneur and pioneer of natural language technology. In 1998, Gil co-founded Applied Semantics Inc. (ASI) which developed contextual advertising products including ASI’s AdSense. In 2003, Google acquired ASI and Gil stayed on as the director of engineering for the Santa Monica office and continued to work on AdSense and other products. Prior to founding ASI, Gil worked in engineering roles at IBM, Sybase and SGI.

In 2007, Gil left Google to explore new ideas and passions and went on to found a new company, Factual, an open data platform. Factual launched its public beta in October 2009 and has set out to develop an open data platform and community in an effort to maximize data... Read More.

Jonathan Ellis (DataStax, Inc), @spyced

Jonathan is CTO and co-founder at DataStax. Prior to DataStax, Jonathan worked extensively with Apache Cassandra while employed at Rackspace. Prior to Rackspace, Jonathan built a multi-petabyte, scalable storage system based on Reed-Solomon encoding for backup provider Mozy. In addition to his work with DataStax, Jonathan is project chair of Apache Cassandra.

Mohamed Elmallah
Mohamed Elmallah (Children's Hospital of Los Angeles), @melmallah

• Mohamed Elmallah is the Manager of Enterprise Applications and Architecture at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. He has BSc in Computer Science and MSc in Software Engineering. Mohamed is PMP and has 20 years of Software Development experience. He is passionate about Agile methodologies and Open Source. He is the author of Web Development with Oracle Portal book (Prentice Hall). Twitter @melmallah

Drew Engelson

Drew Engelson is the Chief Technologist in Celerity’s Web and Mobile Solutions Practice where he leverages his expertise in open source, could computing, and digital media to craft killer technology solutions for a variety of organizations, including National Geographic and The Washington Times.

Prior to joining Celerity, Drew served as the Chief Architect at PBS and was responsible for the internet architecture and applications that support the award-winning PBS.org and PBSKids.org web and mobile platforms, as well as the 1500+ series, episode, and web-only sites that reside under those domains. This meant re-envisioning how PBS web applications are designed, developed and hosted with public and private could computing in mind.

Michael Ernst
Michael Ernst (University of Washington)

Michael D. Ernst is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science and
Engineering department at the University of Washington. He has been honored
as a ``Java Rock Star’’ for a crowd-pleasing JavaOne presentation.
He is the
specification lead for the Type Annotations language extension (``JSR
308’’) that will be part of Java 8 - the first non-Sun-employee to
be the specification lead for a Java language change. This JSR was awarded
``most innovative JSR’’ by Sun. Ernst’s
research aims to make software more reliable, more secure, and easier
(and more fun!) to produce. His primary technical interests are in
software engineering and related areas, including programming
languages, type theory, security, program analysis,... Read More.

Audrey Eschright
Audrey Eschright (Recompiler Media)

Programmer at Elevated Code working with Ruby, Rails, and occasionally iPhone development.
Writer of essays, recipes, horror comics, and knitting patterns.
Photographer working with digital and film cameras, including Polaroid, Holga, and pinholes.
Community organizer of unconferences like WhereCampPDX, and co-founder of Open Source Bridge.
Core team member of the infamous Calagator.
Agitator for a variety of grassroots local tech.

Evan Eustace (CoreSpring)

Evan Eustace is CTO and Co-Founder at CoreSpring. An Irish transplant to the us since 1995, he’s been building software products here for 17 years, the last 11 of them in education.

Ben Evans
Ben Evans (jClarity), @kittylyst

Ben Evans is cofounder of jClarity, a startup that makes performance tools for development and ops teams. Previously, Ben was chief architect for listed derivatives at Deutsche Bank, performance tested the Google IPO, worked on the initial UK trials of 3G networks with BT, built award-winning websites for some of Hollywood’s biggest hits of the ‘90s, developed some of the UK’s very first true ecommerce websites, and provided technology to help some of the UK’s most vulnerable people. Before joining the tech industry, Ben was a researcher in theoretical physics, working on theories that are now being tested at the LHC. Ben helps to run the London Java Community and represents the user community as a voting member on Java’s governing body, the... Read More.

Bob Evans (Google)

Bob Evans’ goal is to build computational tools that augment human
intelligence. Primarily, he has focused on building tools for other engineers
over the last 18 years; tools for intelligently managing computer
network systems, aiding software construction, and analyzing
correctness of programs as they evolve.

His current focus is on creating tools for everyone to foster better living through
personal science and behavioral and social science research. At Google,
he has created PACO, the personal analytics companion tool, now opensource,
that enables individuals and researchers to easily and rapidly create, deploy
and iterate on mobile phone experiments without programming.

Jason Evans
Jason Evans (Facebook)

Jason Evans is a systems software engineer, with a focus on programming languages and memory management. He is currently a member of the HipHop Virtual Machine team at Facebook, where he also continues to develop the jemalloc memory allocator.

Augie Fackler

Augie is the maintainer of HgSubversion and a contributor to Adium, Mercurial, and Python.

Keith Fahlgren
Keith Fahlgren (Safari Books Online), @abdelazer

Keith Fahlgren is the Director of Engineering at Safari Books Online. Previously, he worked at Threepress Consulting, O’Reilly Media, and was the co-developer of Ibis Reader, an HTML5-based ebook reader.

Llewellyn Falco

Llewellyn learned to jump horses in the 7th grade while living in France. Back in states, while studying drafting in high school, he started fire eating, sleight of hand magic, and once rode a unicycle 6 miles. After learning to juggle torches, he joined a acrobatics group in college where he specialized on the trampoline and walking a slack rope. He can calculate the cube root of any perfect cube under 1,000,000 in his head, as well as pick a standard lock. He can rollerblade down a flight of stairs, backwards. Later, he has learned to play the doumbek (a type of drum), to accompaniment a belly dancing
girlfriend. Llewellyn studied Tai Chi for 2 years, can throw a knife at 20 feet, and... Read More.

Kevin Falcone is an architect and developer at Best Practical Solutions, LLC, producer of open source tools including RT: Request Tracker. At Best Practical,
Kevin works on a number of projects including RT, Hiveminder, and the
Jifty framework.

Paul Fenwick
Paul Fenwick (Perl Training Australia), @pjf

Paul Fenwick is the managing director of Perl Training Australia, and has been teaching computer science for over a decade. He is an internationally acclaimed presenter at conferences and user-groups worldwide, where he is well-known for his humour and off-beat topics.

In his spare time, Paul’s interests include security, mycology, cycling, coffee, scuba diving, and lexically scoped user pragmata.

*Photograph by Joshua Button.

Juan Fernández

Juan Fernández joined Liferay as a Core engineer in its engineering center of Madrid after being a Liferay consultant and an active member of the community.

He has experience in Liferay development, customization and adapting Liferay to the needs of very demanding customers.

His mission in Liferay is to contribute to making it an even better platform that satisfies the requirements of any user, from small to large organizations.

Juan works for customers around the globe helping them succeed in their projects and learn from their experiences to bring the best ideas back to the product.

Juan holds a master’s degree in Software Engineering from the University of Seville, Spain

Anna Filina
Anna Filina (FooLab), @afilina

Anna is a long-time Web developer and is currently a vice-president at FooLab. When programming, she uses mainly PHP and Javascript. She likes elegant code and robust frameworks. Performance, usability and timely shipping are her favorite meals. When she’s not bossing developers around, Anna organizes social and educational events for PHP Quebec as well as the ConFoo conference.

Brian Fitzpatrick

Brian started Google’s Chicago engineering office in 2005 and led several of Google’s global engineering efforts, including the Data Liberation Front, and Transparency Engineering. He also served as internal advisor for Google’s open data efforts, having previously led the Google Code and Google Affiliate Network teams. Prior to joining Google, Brian worked as an engineer at CollabNet, Apple, and a local Chicago development shop.

Brian first started contributing to open source software in 1998 and was a core Subversion developer from 2000 to 2005 as well as the lead developer of the cvs2svn utility. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and former VP of Public Relations for the ASF. Brian has written numerous articles and given dozens of presentations,... Read More.

Karl Fogel
Karl Fogel (Open Tech Strategies, LLC), @kfogel

Karl Fogel is an open source software developer, author, and consultant. In 2005 he wrote “Producing Open Source Software: How to Run a Successful Free Software Project” (O’Reilly Media, online at producingoss.com), based partly on his experiences in the Subversion project. He has worked at CollabNet, Google, Canonical, O’Reilly Media, and Code for America / Civic Commons, all as an open source specialist. He is now a partner at Open Tech Strategies, LLC, where he helps organizations launch and engage with open source projects. He is also an Open Internet Tools Project Fellow at the New America Foundation, a member of the board of directors of the Open Source Initative, and a... Read More.

Bill Fox J.D., M.A.
Bill Fox J.D., M.A. (LexisNexis)

Bill Fox, JD, MA, is Senior Director of Healthcare at LexisNexis Risk Solutions. Prior to LexisNexis, Mr. Fox was Vice President of Program Integrity at MAXIMUS Federal. He was a Partner at the law firm of Post and Schell, and was Deputy Chief of Economic and Cyber Crime at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office and a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia. Mr. Fox is a Senior Fellow at the Jefferson School of Population Health, on the Strategic Planning Comittee of the NHCAA, and leads HIMSS Enterprise Fruad Control taskforce. He is a frequent speaker on topics of healthcare fraud, compliance and quality. He has also served as a tactical strength and conditioning consultant to the U.S. Navy SEALs.

LexisNexis Risk Healthcare... Read More.

Steve Francia
Steve Francia (10gen)

Steve Francia leads the developer experience of MongoDB at 10gen. This includes drivers, web, technical writing, integration and evangelism. Steve brings to this role his experience as VP of engineering at OpenSky where he build the worlds first e-commerce site powered by MongoDB and one of the first PHP sites backed by MongoDB. Steve has been an engineer, entrepreneur and executive since 1995 when he was responsible for one of the first ecommerce sites while working for American Telecom.

Steve loves building things, teaching and speaking. He has been involved in open source for over 15 years and prefers to code in Vim. He is the author and contributing author of two O’Reilly books on databases (and development). He has spoken at dozens of... Read More.

Frank Frankovsky
Frank Frankovsky (Facebook)

Frank Frankovsky is vice president of hardware design and supply chain at Facebook. In that role, he is responsible for the company’s hardware engineering and validation; technical program management; capacity engineering and analysis; and supply chain operations teams. He is also one of the key drivers of the Open Compute Project, an initiative dedicated to reshaping the infrastructure hardware industry to be more open, more innovative, and more efficient. Prior to joining Facebook, Frank spent 14 years with Dell, where he was an integral part of building Dell’s PowerEdge server business and co-founded Dell’s Data Center Solutions business. Prior to Dell, he launched the industry’s first rack-mounted x86 servers for Compaq. Frank holds a BA in Marketing from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches,... Read More.

Hamish Fraser
Hamish Fraser (Partners In Health)

Dr. Fraser is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Associate Physician at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He trained in general Medicine, Cardiology and knowledge based systems in the UK and completed a fellowship in Clinical Decision Making and Cardiology at MIT and the New England Medical Center. As the Director of Informatics and Telemedicine at Partners In Health he leads the development of web-based medical record systems and data analysis tools to support the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis and HIV in Peru, Haiti, Rwanda, Lesotho, Malawi and the Philippines. The first system developed, the PIH-EMR, has supported the management and monitoring of over 12,000 patients receiving treatment for MDR-TB in Peru. Dr. Fraser has also... Read More.

Gail Frederick

Gail Rahn Frederick manages product planning for Intel’s Open Source Technology Center, the heart of Linux at Intel and part of Intel’s Software and Services Group. Prior to Intel, Gail was a developer and software architect for mobile startups in the Seattle tech community. As an evangelist for standards-based mobile Web development, she is the author of one book, Beginning Smartphone Web Development, and numerous presentations and articles on the topic. Gail blogs about mobility and HTML5 at Learn the Mobile Web. In her spare time, she is a busy mom of twin toddlers.

Dave Freeman
Dave Freeman (Hewlett Packard)

Dave Freeman is in the running for elder statesman of Developer Relations. Few on the team can match his length of time alive, let alone claim to have seen, nay, heard of, the ancient computer systems he has been exposed to in his career. Dave has been “in computers” and networking since 1982 when he first hooked up his VIC-20 to Compuserve at the blistering pace of 300bps. An expert troubleshooter, he has a broad knowledge pool from which to draw. Prior to becoming a Developer Relations SWAT Engineer, he worked for IBM as a technical enablement specialist, Tivoli as a level 2 technical support specialist, Dell as an Optiplex system test engineer, and various IT consulting gigs sprinkled between them. An... Read More.

Gary Frost (AMD)

Gary Frost is a Software Engineer and Principal Member of the Technical Staff at AMD, Austin, TX.
He has been part of the Java Labs team for 5 years and has been working on various JVM performance analysis,
optimizations and tools. Recently Gary’s focus has been on enabling Java access to GPU/APU devices. Gary has
previously delivered technical presentations at both JavaOne and Eclipsecon.

Marko Gargenta
Marko Gargenta (PlusPlus), @markog

Marko Gargenta founded Marakana in 2001 to help underprivileged youth, minorities, and inner-city kids learn web technologies and get ahead in life. So Marakana emerged with goal of helping people get better at what they do professionally, focused on open source software training.

Marko is creator of Marakana Android Training series series. He has taught Android to over 1,000 developers at companies such as Cisco, Motorola, Qualcomm, DoD and many others. Marko is a co-founder of San Francisco Android Users Group and regularly teaches Android Bootcamp at Marakana.

Marko is author of Learning Android book published by O’Reilly Media. This book is based on Android Bootcamp and incorporates best learning practices for new developers to start creating applications... Read More.

Mitch Garnaat

Mitch Garnaat is a Senior Engineer at Amazon Web Services. Previously, as a Principal Engineer at Xerox PARC he was the co-inventor and lead developer of DocuShare, a web-based document management product from Xerox. He is the creator of boto, an open source Python library for Amazon Web Services and is the author of “Python & AWS Cookbook”, published by O’Reilly.

David Geary
David Geary (Clarity Training, Inc.), @davidgeary

David Geary is the author of Core HTML5 Canvas, the definitive guide to HTML5 Canvas, to be published by Prentice-Hall in April, 2012. David is also the co-founder of the wildly successful HTML5 Denver Users Group.

A prominent author, speaker, and consultant, David has written eight Java books, four of which are best-sellers in their respective categories, including one of the best-selling technical book series of all time: Graphic Java. David has also written numerous articles for several online publications such as JavaWorld and IBM Developerworks. David’s three-article series on Developerworks covering JSF alone has had nearly 1/2 million views — and 275 five-star reviews.

David is also a prolific, passionate, and entertaining public speaker. He has spoken at literally hundreds of conferecences... Read More.

Trisha Gee
Trisha Gee (JetBrains), @trisha_gee

Trisha is a developer at LMAX, the London Multi Asset eXchange. She’s been working in financial markets for the last 5 years or so, but a fear of boredom and healthy amount of job-hopping before then has given her a wide breadth of experience, in a range of industries, over the 10+ years she’s been a professional developer. Currently trying to get her head around low-latency, high performance coding whilst also keeping her fingers in the other pies LMAX has to offer, such as continuous delivery and agile. Trisha is heavily involved in the London Java Community and the Graduate Development Community, she
believes we shouldn’t all have to make the same mistakes again and again.

Katie Gengler (The Boeing Company), @katiegengler

Katie has been doing web development for 5 years and is active in the open source community. Her passion is for front-end JavaScript development but she also has a soft spot for Ruby.

Andrew Gerrand is an Software Engineer at Google where he is one of the core contributors to the Go Programming Language. He spends most of his time trying to make it easier for programmers to learn and use Go. As well as working on the Go core, he manages the Go community and has given presentations and tutorials on Go in many countries across four continents.

Rich Gibson
Rich Gibson (Gigapan.org), @RichGibson

Rich Gibson works on the Gigapan and Explorable Microscopy Projects for
Carnegie Melon University and NASA’s Intelligent Robotics Group, and
independently creating high resolution portraits of people and developing
new ways to archive physical spaces with explorable images.

He is a bricoleur hacker, artist, programmer, author, and builder.

He helped create the Neogeography movement, coauthoring Mapping Hacks
and Google Maps Hacks. The process of working with and exploring how we interact
and explore space lead him to the more generalized world of providing both context,
and detail with explorable images.

For the past four years he has been obsessed with creating new ways to capture and use
high resolution images of everything, including the Chaos Communications Camp in... Read More.

Meghan Gill

Meghan Gill leads the community marketing efforts at 10gen. 10gen began the open source MongoDB project, and provides commercial support, training, and consulting for Mongo. MongoDB is a high performance, non-relational, document-oriented database. At 10gen, Meghan organizes developer events to educate and grow the MongoDB community, including conferences, user groups, contests, training, webcasts, and more.

David Golden
David Golden (Bunchmail), @xdg

David Golden is Founder and CEO of Bunchmail, a startup developing an email gatekeeper to help overwhelmed multi-taskers spend less time on email. David is a member of the core development team for Perl 5 and helps maintain several parts of the CPAN toolchain.

Jeff Gothelf

Jeff Gothelf has spent a 14 year career as an interaction designer, Agile practitioner, user experience team leader and blogger. He is one of the leading voices on the topic of Agile UX and Lean UX. In addition, Jeff is the author of the upcoming O’Reilly book (2012), Lean UX: Getting Out of the Deliverables Business. He is a highly sought-after international speaker having presented at EuroIA, SXSW, IA Summit, Interaction (IxDA), London IA, the Agile conference and Startup Lessons Learned. Jeff has led cross-functional product design teams at TheLadders, Publicis Modem, WebTrends, Fidelity, AOL while maintaining a strong advisory and mentorship presence in the startup communities of New York City and Silicon Valley.

John Goulah
John Goulah (Etsy)

John Goulah has been working in New York City over the last several years for a number of web sites in both technical and management roles, as well as the co-founder of several startups. Having spent much of his youth touring in rock bands and hacking from the road, he is no stranger to crowds, be it a smoke filled room or presenting to the company board. He strives for non mundane tasks and has automated himself out of his last few endeavors, which has landed him in his current role as an Engineer at Etsy, the leading marketplace for handmade goods.

Chris Granger

I grew up as part of the nintendo generation, having learned the parts of a computer at the age of two and later learning numbers and colors from a Sesame Street game on the NES. I started programming at the age of ten and took my first paid development gig at 17. Since then I’ve built dozens of websites, written libraries used by thousands, taught developers around the world, and helped envision the future of development at Microsoft. These days, I’m reshaping the way we code at Kodowa.

Christopher Green (Envy Labs)

Chris is a Senior Developer at Envy Labs.

Joe Gregorio

Joe Gregorio is a software engineer working on APIs at Google. He is a member of the AtomPub Workgroup, editor of the Atom Publishing Protocol, co-author of the URI Templates spec, and has a deep interest in web technologies, writing “The RESTFul Web” column for the online O’Reilly publication XML.com, writing the first desktop aggregator written in C#, and publishing various Python modules to help in putting together RESTful web services such as mimeparse, httplib2, and the google-api-python-client. He’s interested in REST, web services, Python, APIs, URI Templates, Atom Publishing Protocol, Big Data, or any linear combination of such.

Greg Grossmeier
Greg Grossmeier (Creative Commons), @g_gerg

Greg focuses on how Open Education projects can better create, disseminate, and reuse educational materials. He recently moved to San Francisco from Michigan where he worked at the University of Michigan Library as Copyright Specialist and with the Open.Michigan initiative on OER related outreach and policy. After hours, Greg spends time with the Ubuntu community and other Free/Libre Open Source projects. Greg graduated from the U-M School of Information with an MSI specializing in Information Policy and Library and Information Services. He’ll always miss the thunderstorms and blizzards of the Midwest.

Dave Gruber
Dave Gruber (Black Duck Software)

Dave Gruber is Black Duck Software’s Director of Developer Marketing. He has an extensive background in software development, with over 30 years’ experience in enterprise application development, IT management, product management and product marketing. Gruber was an early pioneer of web infrastructure and development technologies working at companies like Allaire, Macromedia and Adobe. At Black Duck, Gruber drives developer go-to-market strategies and programs, with a focus on helping developers gain greater visibility and insights into the world of open source software leading to faster development.

Andy Gup
Andy Gup (Esri), @agup

Andy Gup is a Tech Lead at Esri where he focuses on web and mobile geo-spatial APIs. He is an active contributor to a number of open source projects in the geo community.

His background includes working with a wide variety of cutting edge technologies from small websites and mobile apps to high-performance Fortune 500 enterprise systems.

Arun Gupta

Arun Gupta is a Java evangelist working at Oracle. He works to create and foster the community around Java EE and GlassFish. He has extensive world wide speaking experience on myriad of topics and loves to engage with the community, customers, partners, and JUGs everywhere to spread the goodness of Java. He is a prolific blogger at http://blogs.oracle.com/arungupta with over 1200 blog entries and frequent visitors from all around the world with a cumulative page visits > 1million.

Florian Haas
Florian Haas (hastexo)

Florian is a Linux high availability specialist, experienced technical consultant, seasoned training instructor, and technical writer.

Florian is the author of the Linux-HA User’s guide and a number of Technical Guides on high availability, and the former principal author of the DRBD User’s Guide. He has spoken about High Availability at the OpenStack Design Summit and Conference.

Jason Hall
Jason Hall (Bluehost)

Jason Hall has been a Senior Developer at Bluehost for over 4 years. Originally from Washington state, he spent most of his life in the Seattle area before relocating to Utah in 1998. His previous experience includes serving as Manager of Development at IDIGlobal, as Engineer at NetMark Pro, and as Sr. Billing Operations Engineer at United Online. A graduate of Rick’s College and the University of Phoenix, Jason is the President and founder of Lug-Nut Technologies. He is also an outdoor enthusiast and part of a professional paintball team. Jason and his beautiful wife consider their three wonderful children to be their greatest accomplishment.

Harold Hannon
Harold Hannon (SoftLayer)

Harold Hannon has been working in the field of software development as both an Architect and Developer for over 15 years, with a focus on workflow, integration and distributed systems. He is currently a Sr. Software Architect at SoftLayer Technologies working within their Product Innovation team. Harold has a passion for leveraging open source solutions to bring real value to the Enterprise space, and has implemented open source solutions with many companies across the globe. Harold is also active in mobile application development, with multiple published applications.

Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman works for Microsoft as Principal Community Architect for Web Platform and Tools, aiming to spread the good word about developing software, most often on the Microsoft stack. Before this he was the Chief Architect at Corillian Corporation, now a part of Checkfree, for 6+ years and before that he was a Principal Consultant at STEP Technology for nearly 7 years. He was also involved in a few things Microsoft-related like the MVP and RD programs and will speak about computers (and other passions) whenever someone will listen to him. He’s written in a few books, most recently with Bill Evjen and Devin Rader on Professional ASP.NET. He blogs at http://www.hanselman.com for the last 8 years and podcasts weekly at... Read More.

Hadi Hariri
Hadi Hariri (JetBrains)

Hadi Hariri leads the Developer Advocacy team at JetBrains. His passions include software architecture and web development. He has authored a couple of books and is a frequent contributor to developer publications. Hadi has been speaking at industry events for for nearly 15 years. He is the developer and creator of many things OSS, and he spends as much time as he can writing code. He is also an ASP.NET MVP and ASP.NET Insider. Hadi is based in Spain, where he lives with his wife and three sons.

Randi Harper

Randi Harper is a Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services, which may be the most commented-on job title she’s ever had. In her free time, she contributes to the FreeBSD Project as an advocate and src committer, and she’s been known to sometimes co-host the TWiT.tv podcast FLOSS Weekly.

Mitchell Hashimoto

Mitchell is the creator of Vagrant and is an operations engineer for Kiip. He is passionate about all things ops and open source, and enjoys spending hours of his free time each day contributing to the community. In addition to simply contributing to open source, Mitchell enjoys speaking at conferences and user groups about Vagrant.

Previously, Mitchell was a web developer for Citrusbyte and an evangelist for Zend Technologies.

Mitchell can be found on GitHub and Twitter as @mitchellh.

Leslie Hawthorn

Leslie Hawthorn is director of developer relations at Red Hat. An internationally known developer relations strategist and community management expert, Leslie has spent the past decade creating, cultivating, and enabling open source communities. She’s best known for creating the world’s first initiative to involve pre-university students in open source software development, launching Google’s #2 developer blog, and receiving an O’Reilly Open Source Award in 2010. Her career has provided her with the opportunity to develop, hone, and share open source expertise spanning enterprise to NGOs, including senior roles at Google, the Open Source Initiative, the OSU Open Source Lab, and Elastic. She lives with her partner in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. You can read her thoughts on her blog. If you cheer during movies... Read More.

Gunnar  Hellekson
Gunnar Hellekson (Red Hat)

Gunnar Hellekson
Chief Technology Strategist, Red Hat Government

Gunnar Hellekson is the Chief Technology Strategist for Red Hat’s US Public Sector group, where he works with systems integrators and government agencies to encourage the use of open source software in government. He is co-chair of Open Source for America and one of Federal Computer Week’s Fed 100 for 2010. He is also an active member of the Military Open Source working group, on the SIIA Software Division Board, and sits on the Board of Advisors for CivicCommons. He is especially interested in cross-domain security, edge innovation, and interagency collaboration through the open source model.

Prior to joining Red Hat, he worked as a developer, systems administrator, and IT director for a number of... Read More.

Ori Herrnstadt
Ori Herrnstadt (FoundationDB)

Ori Herrnstadt is the founder and CTO at Akiban. He has been involved in developing large operational database systems since his days in the Israeli Army. After experiencing common problems of large-scale operational systems in military, healthcare, enterprise ERP, CRM systems and modern web applications, he developed the Orthogonal Architecture. In 2009, he founded Akiban Technologies to accelerate the development of the technology.

Danny Hillis
Danny Hillis (Applied Minds, LLC)

Danny Hillis is Co-Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Applied Minds, LLC, a research and development company that invents, designs, creates and prototypes high technology products and services for a broad range of applications including transportation, education, architecture, distance collaboration, advanced visualization, electronics and software.

Previously, Danny was Vice President, Research and Development at Walt Disney Imagineering, and a Disney Fellow. Before that, he co-founded Thinking Machines Corp., which was the leading innovator in massive parallel supercomputers and RAID disk arrays. In addition to conceiving and designing the company’s major products, Danny worked closely with his customers in applying parallel computers to problems in astrophysics, aircraft design, financial analysis, genetics, computer graphics, medical imaging, image understanding, neurobiology, materials science, cryptography and subatomic physics.... Read More.

Daniel Hinojosa
Daniel Hinojosa (Evolutionnext.com), @dhinojosa

Daniel Hinojosa has been a self-employed developer, teacher and speaker for private business, education, and government since 1999. He also currently teaches programming at the University of New Mexico Continuing Education. His business is revolved around the Java ecosystem, encompassing multiple languages and frameworks. Daniel is a Pomodoro Technique practitioner and is co-founder of the Albuquerque Java User’s Group in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Rob Hirschfeld

With a background in Mechanical and Systems Engineering, Rob Hirschfeld, principal cloud solution architect at Dell, specializes in large scale, integrated, and innovative cloud systems. Lately, he’s been leading Dell’s OpenStack and Crowbar projects.

As a senior architect, Rob helps Dell to set strategy for cloud computing, drives innovative cloud solutions to market, and works with customers on their cloud implementations.

Rob is a graduate of Louisiana State University and Duke University, and, in addition to cloud technologies, Rob is also widely regarded for his passion and expertise on the Agile process.

You can find Rob’s thoughts on cloud innovation at his blog www.RobHirschfeld.com or on "Twitter ":http://twitter.com/#zehicle.

Jeff Hobbs
Jeff Hobbs (ActiveState)

Jeff Hobbs is ActiveState’s CTO and VP of Engineering. He oversees development of all ActiveState products—from language distributions to development tools and our cloud solutions, including the strategy of integrating our products for an end-to-end desktop to cloud experience.

Though he’s responsible for leading and fostering our talented development team, Jeff is a coder at heart! He is passionate about technologies that just work, making the lives of developers easier. His current obsession is making Stackato the best private PaaS platform for developers: using any language, any infrastructure, and leveraging open source – so that applications just deploy and scale in any cloud. Jeff is a contributing author for Perl and Python extensions, and has been a member of the Tcl Core Team for... Read More.

Stephan Hochdörfer

Stephan Hochdörfer is co-founder and department manager of Research Labs at bitExpert AG in Mannheim, Germany. His primary focus is web development with PHP and generative programming techniques.

Bastian Hofmann

Bastian is a Software Engineer at ResearchGate, the leading social network for scientists, working there on everything API related. Before that he was responsible for the integration of OpenSocial, OAuth, OpenID and other open standards into the largest german based social networks, studiVZ, schülerVZ and meinVZ. He is also a frequent speaker on international web technology conferences, always trying to promote open standards and protocols. This, together with his activity in the OpenSocial foundation and as a committer and PMC member for the Apache Shindig project makes him a strong advocate for the vision of an truly open and distributed social web.

Chris Hoge
Chris Hoge (Puppet Labs)

Research software developer at the University of Oregon, working on high performance computing, brain imaging, and bringing cloud computing to the research community at UO.

Loïc Hoguin
Loïc Hoguin (Nine Nines), @lhoguin

Main author of the Cowboy project, an Erlang HTTP and Websocket server. Leading the open source Erlang company Nine Nines.

John Hunt (IBM)

John Hunt is a widely-known industry leader in structured content design and reuse architectures. He has deep expertise and experience in the application of XML-based technologies to the authoring and delivery of technical content, user assistance, training, and K-12 education.

John is a core member of IBM workgroup responsible for developing the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA), an XML standard for modular, reusable content, and for bringing it to public adoption by
the OASIS standards organization.

As a member of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee, John led the work to develop the design and specification for the DITA 1.2 Learning and Training content specialization.

Tyler Hunt
Tyler Hunt (Envy Labs), @tylerhunt

Tyler is a veteran web developer with a penchant for the Ruby language and frameworks including Ruby on Rails and Merb. He enjoys creating practical, intuitive interfaces with semantic markup, well-crafted JavaScript, and pretty colors. When he’s not coding, you’ll find him in the kitchen cooking up new recipes and mixing classic cocktails.

Kirsten Hunter


Luis Ibanez
Luis Ibanez (KITWARE Inc.), @luisibanez

Luis Ibáñez is Technical Leader at Kitware and Science Director at OSEHRA. Luis joined Kitware, Inc. in February 2002 where his is one of the main developers of the Medical Imaging Library ITK coordinating its maintenance with other developers and the user community; he is also one of the main developers of the Image Guided Surgery Toolkit IGSTK and participated in crafting the operational principles of the Insight Journal. Luis Ibáñez is a strong supporter of Open Access, and the verification of reproducibility in scientific publications and is a regular speaker in ITK training courses, and in events disseminating the principles of Open Source. He has been teaching for three years a course on Open... Read More.

Steve Ichinaga
Steve Ichinaga (Hyve Solutions, a division of SYNNEX Corporation)

Steve Ichinaga is the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Hyve Solutions, a division of SYNNEX Corporation, and a leader in purpose-built data center servers. Hyve Solutions works closely with enterprise and hyper-scale data center customers to create cost effective and efficient solutions tailored to customer workloads and physical environments. Hyve Solutions was a founding member of the Open Compute Project (OCP), as well as the first authorized OCP solutions provider. Ichinaga has been a strong advocate for OCP, ensuring that Hyve Solutions provides the community with access to early samples and production OCP units, educational seminars, factory tours and integration support.

Mr. Ichinaga is also the Senior Vice President and General Manager for SYNNEX Corporation’s System Integration... Read More.

John Igoe
John Igoe (Dell)

John Igoe has over 25 years of experience in the high technology industry. He has been Dell’s executive sponsor of the OpenStack initiative since it was originally formed in 2010 and has been deeply involved in Dell’s strategy around OpenStack by leading the team that released Dell’s OpenStack Solution and developed the Crowbar technology released to the open source community.

John has held executive level positions in both Engineering and Service organizations in companies such as Banyan Systems, Wellfleet Communications, Bay Networks and Nortel. He served as a VP of Engineering developing complex routing solutions and as a VP of Global Technical Services. As VP of Services at Bay Networks John was responsible for the implementation of their Remote Management Service offering. Architecting the core... Read More.

Michael Italia
Michael Italia (The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia), @mitalia

Michael manages the Applications Research team in The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Center for Biomedical Informatics. His primary role is to lead, support, and advise projects with a need for integrated clinical, genomic, and imaging data to enable translational research.

Michael has over 10 years of experience building and managing complex biomedical data repositories. Prior to his work at CHOP, Michael spent 8 years designing and building several genomic data integration projects for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

Michael has had a dual interest in biology and computer science since first discovering the field of Bioinformatics as an undergrad studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at The Pennsylvania State University. He also holds master’s degree in Biotechnology/Bioinformatics from The University of Pennsylvania.

... Read More.
Jim Jagielski

Jim has been an open source developer since before it was even called that. He is likely best known as a developer, co-founder and President of the Apache Software Foundation. He also serves on the board of OSI and the Outercurve Foundation. He works at Red Hat under the office of the CTO.

Jay Janssen
Jay Janssen (Percona, Inc.)
Jay has recently joined Percona as a MySQL consultant. He previously worked at Yahoo! for 7 years as an expert in MySQL and High Availability technologies on a team that helps develop and enforce best practices for Business continuity and HA across Yahoo.
John Jawed
John Jawed (X.Commerce)

John Jawed is an open source contributor for PostgreSQL, PHP, and Gentoo Linux. John maintains the standard OAuth library for PHP, llds (Low Level Data Structure for Linux), libxrds, and magento’s Social Commerce extension.

John was involved in the rollout out of OpenID/OAuth at Yahoo!, and is the author behind the standard OAuth implementation for PHP. Currently John focuses on Linux Kernel research, authz/authn, product catalogs, and Social Commerce at X.Commerce.

Eduardo Jezierski
Eduardo Jezierski (InSTEDD)

Eduardo is the CTO of InSTEDD – working to create a world where
communities everywhere design and use technology to continuously
improve their health, safety and development. InSTEDD does it with
agile design in the field, local Innovation Labs, and an open-source
platform of mobile and cloud technologies that have improved lives
around the world, from Haiti to villages in South East Asia.

Nate Jones
Nate Jones (Media Temple)

Nate Jones has been building software for over a decade and currently leads the team responsible for improving the tools and processes we use to develop and release software at Media Temple. When he’s not building or improving systems and tools, he can usually be found dissecting new technologies or sharpening his code-fu.

Paul Jones
Paul Jones (http://paul-m-jones.com/)

Paul is an internationally recognized PHP expert who has worked as everything from junior developer to VP of Engineering in all kinds of organizations (corporate, military, non-profit, educational, medical, and others). Paul’s latest open-source project is the Aura project for PHP 5.4. Among his other accomplishments, Paul is the lead developer of the Solar framework, the creator of the Savant template system, has authored a series of authoritative benchmarks on dynamic framework performance, and was a founding contributor to the Zend Framework (the DB, DB_Table, and View components). In a previous career, Paul was an intelligence operations specialist for the US Air Force, and enjoys punching 7.62mm holes at 400 meters.

Kris Jordan
Kris Jordan (New Media Campaigns), @KrisJordan

Kris is founder and CTO of New Media Campaigns, a development consulting firm based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle. He leads the technical direction of the company. He is the architect of GetHiFi.com, the company’s SaaS CMS, built on an open source stack, and is trusted by customers including Bandwidth.com, The Rhodes Scholarship Foundation, Gannett, Saranac Beer, EpiPen, CloudSwitch, Country Crock, Fleet Feet Sports, UNC Chapel Hill, and hundreds of other businesses, non-profits, and universities.

Kris has developed at all tiers of the web development stack, but currently prefers back end architecture and RESTful HTTP API design with node.js. He recently contributed to the WebKit project to fix a bug in its Accept header preventing RESTful APIs from being able... Read More.

Jacob Kaplan-Moss
Jacob Kaplan-Moss (Revolution Systems, LLC)

Jacob Kaplan-Moss is one of the lead developers and co-creator of Django. Jacob’s an experienced software developer with a focus on web application architecture. He’s a consultant with Revolution Systems, where he helps companies deploy and scale websites using Python and Django. Jacob previously worked for the Lawrence Journal-World, a locally-owned newspaper in Lawrence, Kansas, where he helped develop and eventually open source Django.

Erik Kastner
Erik Kastner (Kickstarter)

Erik Kastner has given presentations large and small, from the international Rails conference to informal company brown-bag. He strives to find the laziest way to get things done – even if it ends up being a lot more work. Automation, exploration and the simple joy of building underpin just about everything he does. Other than a strange, dream-filled few years in San Francisco, Erik has lived in New Jersey his whole life. He works at Etsy in Brooklyn hand-crafting code, crafts and tools.

Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly (New Relic), @amateurhuman

Chris is the Developer/Evangelist at New Relic, makers of application performance monitoring tools. Prior to New Relic, Chris lead an engineering and operations team in building an ecommerce platform for the publishing industry. He is an avid Rubyist and is the Open Source Evangelist at SD Ruby.

Mary Jane Kelly
Mary Jane Kelly (Casaba Security), @mjmojo

Mary Jane (or mj) is a computer security consultant with Casaba Security and the founder of the Seattle chapter of Girls In Tech.

Chris C. Kemp
Chris C. Kemp (Nebula)

Chris C. Kemp is the co-founder and CEO of Nebula, developers of a turnkey enterprise private cloud computing system. Prior to Nebula, Kemp was the Chief Technology Officer for IT at NASA, where he co-founded OpenStack, and was responsible for pioneering work in cloud computing, open source and open government. Kemp has also served on the White House Cloud Computing Executive Steering Committee, and was the chair of the Cloud Standards Working Group. Previously, Kemp served as the CIO of NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley where he forged partnerships with Google and Microsoft and helped create Google Moon, Google Mars, Microsoft World Wide Telescope and was responsible for NASA’s Nebula Cloud Computing Project. He is an acknowledged technology leader... Read More.

Benjamin Kerensa

Benjamin Kerensa is an internationally recognized open source evangelist, community manager, author and speaker with experience in systems administration, project management and open source development that spans a decade.

Craig Kerstiens
Craig Kerstiens (Heroku)

I’m an engineer and product guy at Heroku. I’m part engineer, working on business tools and analytics in my daytime hours and building web apps in my night time hours. I’m part product guy, helping steer product teams at Heroku and making sure our engineers are enabled to be productive and users receiving value. I love efficiency, efficient engineering, efficient processes, and efficient collaboration.

Brian King
Brian King (Briks Software)

A long-time Mozillian, Brian has many roles. These include Add-ons Reviewer, Evangelism, ReMo Council member, and WebFWD Scout.

Brian is a software consultant and head of Briks Software.

Rochelle King

Rochelle King is VP of User Experience and Product Services at Netflix. Rochelle originally joined Netflix in 2009 as Creative Director. Currently, Rochelle manages the Design, Enhanced Content, Content Marketing and Localization teams at Netflix. Collectively, these groups are responsible for the UI, layout, meta-data (editorial and visual assets) and presentation of the Netflix service internationally across all platforms.

Steve Klabnik

Steve is a Ruby Hero, software craftsman, and an aspiring digital humanities scholar. He spends most of his time contributing to Open Source projects, and maintains both Hackety Hack and Shoes. He also teaches and helps develop curriculum for Jumpstart Lab.

David Kobia
David Kobia (Ushahidi Inc), @dkobia

David is a co-founder and technology lead at Ushahidi and brings more than 10 years of product development experience and a multidisciplinary background to his work, with a focus on social and emerging technologies. He works in a variety of roles, from designer and coder to strategist. After pursuing a BS in Computer Science at the University of Alabama, he has been a professional software developer and has worked with almost every web technology in use today. In 2010, he was a recipient of MIT Technology Review’s TR35 award (35 top innovators under 35) and the Humanitarian of the Year award.

Christie Koehler

Christie is an experienced software engineer and community organizer. She works for Mozilla as a Web Product Engineer and is very active in her local tech community. Christie is co-chair of the annual Open Source Bridge conference, a co-founder and secratary of the Stumptown Syndicate, a technology education non-profit, and runs both Code N Splode and Women Who Hack, user groups for women in technology.

Christie lives in Portland, Oregon with her wife, four cats and a dog. Her non-tech activities include Hatha Yoga, cycling, hiking, folding origami and cooking yummy vegan food.

Sherri Koehler
Sherri Koehler (Samatha Yoga / Open Source Bridge / Ignite Portland), @PDXyogini

Sherri Montgomery is a systems analyst for Mentor Graphics. As a member of the Business Intelligence team she makes huge data sets meaningful, cultivates order, grows projects, engages users, facilitates teams, and spends a great deal of time immersed in a sea of metadata, surfing the semantic layer.

In her spare time Sherri helps put on Ignite Portland and manages conference logistics for Open Source Bridge. She also meditates, makes awesome vegan food, creates art for trade, teaches Hatha Yoga and hikes. Sherri can often be found teaching yoga to geeks at conferences she participates in.

Andreas Kollegger
Andreas Kollegger (Neo Technology)

Andreas Kollegger is a leading speaker and writer on graph databases and Neo4j and the bridge between community and developer efforts. He works actively in the community, speaking around the world and promoting the larger Neo4j ecosystem of projects. Author of Fair Trade Software, Andreas plays a valuable role for progressive happenings within Neo4j.

Mahadev Konar (Hortonworks)

Mahadev is a core contributor and PMC member of Apache Hadoop and ZooKeeper. Prior to co-founding Hortonworks, Mahadev spent more than five years at Yahoo! working on Hadoop technologies. He holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from SUNY Stony Brook and IIT Bombay (India) respectively.

Jason Kridner
Jason Kridner (Texas Instruments), @jadon

Jason Kridner is the chief software architect for the Sitara ARM microprocessor business at Texas Instruments (TI) and the director of community development. Jason is the former chief technologist for TI’s portable audio and video business and began in DSP applications as a hardware developer, working on board, FPGA, and ASIC designs. Using his software experience prior to TI, Jason transitioned to lead software development of low-power media software, audio processing, file systems, USB drivers, digital rights management, and video codecs. As one of the founders of the BeagleBoard.org project, Jason is seeking to make web appliances something that electronics hobbyists can put together on their own and customize however they desire. Jason has presented at CES, ELC,... Read More.

Bassam is a 3D animator/filmmaker whose 2006 short, Elephants Dream, was the first ‘open movie’. It established the viability of libre tools in a production environment and set precedent by offering its source data under a permissive license for learning, remixing and re-use. His character, ManCandy, began as an easily animatable test bed for rigging experiments. Multiple iterations have been released to the public, and Bassam demonstrates him in the animated tutorial video + short, The ManCandy FAQ. Under the sign of the urchin, Bassam is continuing to pursue a model of production that invests in commonwealth. He teaches, writes and lectures around the world on open production and free software technique. Raised in Damascus, Bassam trained in the United States as an electrical... Read More.

Olivier Lacan
Olivier Lacan (Pluralsight)

Olivier was born and raised in Paris, France where spent many of his nights moonlighting as a web designer before flying over to Orlando, Florida on a whim and working to become a web developer hybrid. After specializing in web application development with Rails, and becoming obsessed with experience design details, he now spends all of his waking and some of his sleeping hours developing courses and screencasts for Code School with the Envy Labs team and looking for every imaginable way to improve the service.

Lynn Langit

Lynn is linguist who has been working with data for 10 years. She’s published 3 books on SQL Server Business Intelligence and has most recently worked with the SQL Azure team at Microsoft.

In Oct 2011, Lynn left Microsoft to work as a voice in the Big Data frontier. She plans to analyze and write about the state of data in the cloud in her new blog www.lynnlangit.com, to teach and to build big data solutions.

Asheesh Laroia
Asheesh Laroia (Sandstorm Development Group), @asheeshlaroia

Asheesh loves growing camaraderie among geeks. He chaired the Johns Hopkins Association for Computing Machinery and taught Python classes at Noisebridge, San Francisco’s hackerspace. He realizes that most of the work that makes projects successful is hidden underneath the surface.

He has volunteered his technical skills for the UN in Uganda, the EFF, and Students for Free Culture, and is a Developer in Debian. Until recently, he engineered software and scalability at Creative Commons in San Francisco; today, he works at OpenHatch as its project lead.

First Last
First Last (IBM)

Carlos Andreu is a Software Engineer at IBM in Austin, TX. He currently works with a mobile framework called IBM Worklight that aims to provide developers a simple way to write multi-platform hybrid mobile applications. Carlos holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico.

Jonathan LeBlanc
Jonathan LeBlanc (PayPal / Braintree), @jcleblanc

Jonathan LeBlanc is a principal technology evangelist, Emmy award winning software engineer, and author of the O’Reilly book “Programming Social Applications”. Specializing in open source initiatives around the implementation of social engagement services, Jonathan works with and promotes emerging technologies to aid in the adoption and utilization of new social development techniques, such as his work on the OpenSocial foundation board. As a software engineer, Jonathan works extensively with social interaction development on the web, engaging in new methods for targeting the social footprint of users to drive the ideal of an open web.

Thomas Lee (New Relic), @tglee

Tom is an Australian-born software developer currently residing in Portland, OR, USA. He is an open-source enthusiast, a would-be compiler geek and, when the stars align, a speaker.

He has just finished a stint working on New Relic’s PHP agent to join the company’s New Initiatives team, where he is working on new & exciting products.

r0ml Lefkowitz
r0ml Lefkowitz (Retired), @r0ml

Robert (a/k/a r0ml) Lefkowitz is a computer professional and amateur philosopher. He has worked in IT organizations to facilitate access to information, and create highly resilient applications. His interests include semasiology and medieval history. He also juggles clubs.

Joonas Lehtinen

Joonas Lehtinen, PhD, is one of the core developers of Vaadin, a Java-based framework for building business-oriented Rich Internet Applications. Joonas has been developing applications for the web since 1995 with a strong focus on Ajax and Java. He is the founder and CEO of the company behind the Vaadin framework.

Rasmus Lerdorf

Rasmus Lerdorf is known for having gotten the PHP project off the ground in 1995 and has contributed to a number of other Open Source projects over the years. He was an infrastructure architect at Yahoo! for 7 years, but is currently unaffiliated. He was born in Greenland, grew up in Denmark and Canada and has a Systems Design engineering degree from the University of Waterloo. Twitter @rasmus

Brian LeRoux
Brian LeRoux (Adobe Systems), @brianleroux

Former lead of development at Nitobi Software and current hacker of PhoneGap at Adobe. Chair of Native Web Apps Community Group at the W3C. Incubating at Apache. Hacking mobile JavaScript since it wasn’t cool to do so.

Jason Levitt
Jason Levitt (Ars Technica)

Interests include digital publishing, web services, APIs, developer frameworks, anything simple and powerful, and anything simple and elegant.

A Journalist, book author, web developer, and entrepreneur, Levitt is a seasoned generalist. He currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Philip Lindsay
Philip Lindsay (rancidbacon.com), @RancidBacon

Philip Lindsay (also known as follower from rancidbacon.com ) creates tools to encapsulate the knowledge he gains from exploring and understanding technology in order to help others do their jobs more effectively. He translates technology.

In addition to teaching introductory Arduino workshops Philip has contributed USB and networking code to the Arduino eco-system.

When not exploring technology for the fun of it, Philip creates documentation, code libraries and example projects for SparkFun Electronics and other clients.

Tim O’Reilly once called Philip a “troublemaker” for his early Google Maps reverse engineering efforts.

Philip has a particular interest in the areas where design, art, craft and technology intersect.

Follow my project logs at Labradoc.

Boris Livshutz
Boris Livshutz (Appdynamics)

Boris leads the Server Data Team at AppDynamics, where he works with customers to monitor and manage mission critical applications in the cloud — many of which are deployed in public clouds with well over 5,000 Java Virtual Machines (JVMs).

Josh Long
Josh Long (Pivotal), @starbuxman

Josh Long is the Spring developer advocate, an editor on the Java queue for InfoQ.com, and the lead author on several books, including Apress’ Spring Recipes, 2nd Edition. Josh has spoken at many different industry conferences internationally including TheServerSide Java Symposium, SpringOne, OSCON, JavaZone, Devoxx, Java2Days and many others. When he’s not hacking on code for SpringSource, he can be found at the local Java User Group or at the local coffee shop. Josh likes solutions that push the boundaries of the technologies that enable them. His interests include scalability, BPM, grid processing, mobile computing and so-called “smart” systems. He blogs at blog.springsource.org or joshlong.com.

Federico Lucifredi

Federico Lucifredi is the maintainer of the man suite, the primary documentation-delivery tool under Linux, a graduate of Boston College and Harvard University, and the Ubuntu Advantage Product Manager at Canonical. As a software engineer-turned-manager at the Novell corporation, Federico was part of the SUSE Linux team for five years, overseeing the update stack of a 150 million dollar maintenance business. Previously, Federico has been a CIO and a network software architect at technology and embedded Linux startups, and he has spent two years teaching in Boston University’s graduate and undergraduate programs, while simultaneously consulting for MIT. He is a frequent speaker at user group and conference events, notably the Linux Foundation’s LinuxCon, LinuxWorld, the O’Reilly Open Source Convention, and the IMPlanet... Read More.

Kevin Lynagh
Kevin Lynagh (Keming Labs)

Kevin visualizes data and makes statistical interfaces on the web.
Before Clojure, he wrote machine learning and analytics tools in R and Scala.
In 2010 he wrote a thesis on protein structure, for which Reed College inexplicably awarded him a physics degree.
Kevin lives in Portland, Oregon, and spends as much time rock climbing as he does in the REPL.

Simon MacDonald

Simon MacDonald is an Advisory Software Engineer in IBM’s Emerging Internet Technologies Group. Simon has over fifteen years of development experience and has worked on a variety of projects including object oriented databases, police communication systems, speech recognition and unified messaging. His current focus is contributing to the open source PhoneGap project to enable developers to create cross platform mobile applications using Web technologies. Simon’s been building web applications since the days they were written using shell scripts and he still has nightmares about those dark days.

Thiago Macieira
Thiago Macieira (Intel)

Thiago is an experienced C++ developer, having spent the better part of the last 10 years developing Qt-based software and Qt itself for the past 5. His last major project, in 2011, was the creation of the Qt Project, an open source project around the Qt codebase. He works for Intel’s Open Source Technology Center (OTC) from Oslo, Norway, where he splits his time between his activities as the maintainer for Qt’s QtCore and QtDBus libraries and his attempts at improving his StarCraft 2 skills.

Rachael Madsen (Optimal Design Software LLC)

Rachael has been using her mathematics degree in software development for more than 35 years. Her experience ranges from compiler design to terminal and computer emulation software, from database design and administration to medical diagnostic software, from nationwide order management and inventory control to workflow management for a web-based business. In the process, Rachael has helped many people understand the advantages of using mathematics in their software designs.

Burke Mamlin
Burke Mamlin (OpenMRS)

Dr. Burke Mamlin is an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Informatics at the Indiana University School of Medicine and Investigator at Regenstrief Institute. His primary career focus is in the development of electronic medical record (EMR) systems, especially clinical provider order entry (CPOE) systems, with a focus on resource poor settings and making those around him successful. Dr. Mamlin is Co-Founder and Chief Software architect for OpenMRS, which collaboratively develops a freely available, medical record system platform presently utilized in over forty countries throughout the world. He helped develop one of the nation’s first CPOE systems and is a technical lead for a new CPOE system being used by Wishard Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. Dr. Mamlin has been designing and... Read More.

Nathaniel Manista

Nathaniel’s contributions to open source include enhancements to the static analysis tool Pylint.

A graduate of Carnegie-Mellon University, Nathaniel has worked as a software engineer since 2004.

Jon Manning
Jon Manning (Secret Lab), @desplesda

Jon is the co-founder of Secret Lab, the world’s least not-evil mobile development studio. Jon heads up the development team at Secret Lab, develops mobile applications for Meebo, and is a PhD student at the University of Tasmania in Australia.

Matt Marenghi
Matt Marenghi (Netflix)

Matt Marenghi is VP of UI Engineering at Netflix. Matt joined Netflix in 2009 to focus on engineering and innovating the Netflix user experience for TV-based devices and gaming consoles. Currently, Matt manages the teams responsible for implementing the Netflix experience across the website and the hundreds of TV and mobile devices where Netflix is available. Prior to Netflix, Matt spent over a decade in various technical leadership positions at Comcast and Microsoft with a focus on interactive TV.

Steven Maresca
Steven Maresca (Zentific LLC)

Steve Maresca is a passionate technologist, specializing in virtualization and information security. Founder of Zentific LLC, he works to enhance virtualization technology and foster its successful use in businesses everywhere. Zentific builds flexible tools to manage virtual machines and reduce complexity in systems security. Steve possesses deep knowledge of hypervisor internals, deployment methodologies, and the software APIs related to their use. In addition, he works to enhance virtual machine introspection on the libVMI project and is active in the security research community. Eager to share this information, he speaks often to those also interested in the field, and he volunteers much of his time in Freenode’s ##xen IRC channel, working closely with the Xen user base. In his other pursuits, he has worked... Read More.

Joshua Marinacci

Ask me about HTML Canvas, GUI toolkits, and visual design. Or ask me to rant about Java stuff.

Josh Marinacci is a blogger and co-author of Swing Hacks for O’Reilly. He is currently a Developer Advocate for the webOS at HP.
He previously worked on JavaFX, Swing, NetBeans, and client lead for the Java Store at Sun Microsystems.

Josh lives in Eugene, Oregon and is passionate about open source technology & great user interfaces. He uses a Palm Pre 2, HP TouchPad, and Nikon D50 SLR to spread understanding of great design in software.

Pat Marion
Pat Marion (Kitware, Inc.)

Pat joined Kitware as a student intern in 2007 where he contributed to the ParaView project. He received his B.S. in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2008 and moved to North Carolina to join Kitware’s Chapel Hill office as a research engineer. Pat is the lead developer of Kitware’s mobile development efforts.

Stuart Marks
Stuart Marks (Oracle)

Stuart Marks is a Principal Member of Technical Staff in the Java Platform Group at Oracle. He is currently working on enhancing the core libraries of the JDK. He has previously worked on JavaFX and Java ME at Sun Microsystems. He has over twenty years of software platform product development experience in the areas of
window systems, interactive graphics, and mobile and embedded systems. Stuart holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Follow @stuartmarks
on Twitter or read Stuart’s blog at stuartmarks.wordpress.com

Dianne Marsh
Dianne Marsh (Netflix), @dmarsh

Dianne Marsh, co-founder of SRT Solutions, has deeply rooted expertise in software programming and technology, including manufacturing, genomics decision support and real-time processing applications. Dianne works with Unix, Windows, Java, C#, and C++ in enterprise-level applications, and has deep experience with a variety of graphical user interface libraries. A member of Women Presidents Organization, Dianne is also active in CodeMash and various Java user groups. She earned her Master of Science degree in computer science from Michigan Technological University.

Alex Martelli
Alex Martelli (Google)

Alex Martelli wrote “Python in a Nutshell” and co-edited
“Python Cookbook”. He’s a PSF member, and won the 2002 Activators’ Choice Award and the 2006 Frank Willison Award for contributions to the Python community. He works as Senior Staff Engineer for Google. You can read some PDFs and
watch some videos of his past presentations.

Justin Martenstein (Revolution Analytics)

Justin Martenstein is the Linux Build Engineer for Revolution Analytics, the leading commercial supporter of the R language. He is responsible for building and maintaining all releases for the Linux platform, including the RHadoop libraries, Revo R, and Revo ScaleR.

Justin has been involved in a number of tech and startup events around Seattle. He heloped to found Seattle Mind Camp, Saturday House and the Six Hour Startup. He currently is one of the primary organizers behind Ignite Seattle. From time to time, you can find him down at Metrix Create:Space.

Nathan Marz

Nathan Marz is the lead engineer on Twitter’s Publisher Analytics team. He was previously the lead engineer at BackType before being acquired by Twitter in July of 2011.

Nathan is the author of numerous open-source projects relied upon by companies all around the world. These include Storm, Cascalog, and ElephantDB.

Nathan is also the author of an upcoming book from Manning Publications called “Big Data: principles and best practices of scalable realtime data systems”.

He has spoken about his work at conferences such as the Hadoop Summit, Strange Loop, Gluecon, Clojure/conj, and POSSCON. He writes a blog at nathanmarz.com.

Chris McAvoy
Chris McAvoy (Mozilla Foundation), @chmcavoy

Product lead for Mozilla Open Badges, former VP of Technology at Threadless, founder of Chicago Python Users Group.

Nathan McCall
Nathan McCall (Apache Cassandra), @zznate

Nate McCall has over 12 years of server side systems and software development experience primarily with Java. He currently works on enterprise integration of Apache Cassandra for DataStax and is also the lead developer and release manager of the Hector client for Apache Cassandra.

Tony McCormick
Tony McCormick (Medical Information Integration, LLC), @tonymi2

Currently on the Board of Directors for the OpenEMR FOSS project, Project manager for the OpenEMR CCHIT/Meaningful certification in 2011.

I have been involved in HealthCare IT since 1988 where he was part of a team that had started one of the first Preferred Provider Organizations in Texas. Later he developed applications for the HMO market, Independent Practitioners Medical Records and Billing systems and large clinical systems. In Oregon he was a lead analyst on the Oregon Medical Electronic Network which was run by the Oregon Medical Association. He founded MI2 with the desire to help reduce the high cost of medical services by providing efficient, easy to use software based on the Free Open Source Software model.

Speaker at OSCON... Read More.

Susan McCourt

Susan McCourt is a UI developer on Orion, working in open source on Eclipse and Orion for the past decade. She has worked with Eclipse since the very beginning, writing the bulk of the original Platform Plug-in Programmer’s Guide, and continuing as an Eclipse UI and Runtime committer. She has been involved in the design and development of the Orion project since its inception, working to integrate developer workflows in the cloud. In the past, she’s built UI’s on Windows/C, Smalltalk, Java, and JavaScript, always gravitating toward reasonable API design and trying to achieve pragmatic, simplified user workflows. She lives in Hood River, Oregon on a small produce
farm, where she enjoys growing and cooking food, playing drums in bands, and enjoying... Read More.

Matthew McCullough

Matthew McCullough is an energetic 13 year veteran of enterprise software development, open source education, and co-founder of Ambient Ideas, LLC, a Denver consultancy. Matthew currently is a member of the JCP, reviewer for technology publishers including O’Reilly, speaker on the No Fluff Just Stuff tour, author of the DZone Maven RefCard, and President of the Denver Open Source Users Group.

His experience includes successful JEE, SOA, and Web Service implementations for real estate, finance and telecommunications firms in addition to publishing several open source libraries. Matthew jumps at opportunities to mentor and educate teams on how to leverage open source. His current topics of R&D are Cloud Computing, Maven, iPhone, Distributed Version Control (Git), and Debugging Tools.

Matthew resides in... Read More.

Andy McKay (Mozilla)

Andy is a Senior Web Developer at Mozilla. As a Canadian he tweets and blogs about curling, skiing, politics, maple syrup, bears and all things from the great white north.

Joshua McKenty

Joshua McKenty was the founding Technical Architect of NASA’s Nebula cloud computing platform, and a driving force behind its release to the OpenStack project. Joshua has two decades experience in software engineering, architecture and engineering management. Most recently, Joshua co-founded Piston Cloud Computing, Inc., where he currently serves as CEO.

Kane McLean
Kane McLean (Open Source for America)

Kane McLean is part of the Strategy & Communications Group at BRTRC Technology Research Corporation and currently works supporting the Under Secretary of the Army at the United States Army Office of Business Transformation.

An Open Source advocate, evangelist and strategist, Kane works to find the right solutions to clients’ challenges—more often than not Open Source solutions provide the best-fit and prove to be the most flexible long-term solutions. In addition to creating the strong solution strategies, Kane is works to tout the business case for Open Source adoption.

Prior to joining BRTRC, Kane led a company that helped corporations and organizations develop their online presence, enhance their strategic communication and improve their collaboration capabilities by adopting open source web-based technologies. Kane is... Read More.

Justin McWilliams

Justin is a developer in Corporate Engineering based in Google NYC. He has been building enterprise App Engine applications for the past 3 years, previously filling a desktop support role since he joined Google in 2006.

G. Blake Meike
G. Blake Meike (Open Mobile World Wide), @callmeike

I am an engineer with more than 30 years of experience, much of it with Java. I’ve built systems as large as Amazon’s massively scalable AutoScaling service and as small as a pre-Android OSS/Linux based Java-like platform for cell-phones. I’m also co-author of the fantastic new O’Reilly book, “Programming Android”

Dan Menard
Dan Menard (Netflix), @dan_menard

Hi! My name is Dan, and I build beautiful, high-performance user interfaces at Netflix.

I’m originally from Ottawa, Canada, now living in California. When I’m not building HTML5 applications, you can often find me reading or writing about programming and best practices online.

I have a highly irrational fear of sharks, and I adore maple syrup. To learn more about me, and maybe how to write better code, check out my talk on Effective Code Review!

John Mertic
John Mertic (Linux Foundation), @jmertic

John Mertic serves as the Community Manager for SugarCRM, having several years of experience with PHP web applications and open source communities. A frequent conference speaker and an avid writer, he has been published in php|architect, IBM Developerworks, and in the Apple Developer Connection, and is the author of the book ‘The Definitive Guide to SugarCRM: Better Business Applications’ and the book ‘Building on SugarCRM: Creating Applications the Easy Way’. He has also contributed to many open source projects, most notably the PHP project where is the creator and maintainer of the PHP Windows Installer.

David Mertz
David Mertz (IBM developerWorks)

David Mertz is a developer, writer, and long-time columnist, writing about programming and open source topics for IBM developerWorks and other publications. For developerWorks, he wrote the columns “Charming Python” and “XML Matters.” He is a previous OSCon speaker; a previous speaker at PyCon; a member of the Python Software Foundation and of its Board of Directors, and Chair of the PSF Trademarks Committee. He is previous board member and CTO of the Open Voting Consortium.

Steve Meyers
Steve Meyers (Utah Open Source Foundation), @stevecoug

Steve Meyers has worked as a PHP and MySQL scalability expert for the last 13 years at such companies as Omniture (now part of Adobe), Spark Networks, and CrimeReports. He now runs one of the largest online independent communities of college sports fans.

Steve Midgley
Steve Midgley (US Department of Education), @stevemidgley

Steve Midgley is the Deputy Director of Education Technology at the US Department of Education. His principal areas of focus are data transparency, digital interoperability and online learning. Prior to arriving at Education, he was the Director of Education at the FCC, where he headed the team which developed the Education chapter of the National Broadband Plan. Prior to government service he was the principal of Mixrun, a CTO consultancy for a number of for-profit and education sector organizations. Mixrun’s clients included California Department of Education’s project called Brokers of Expertise, which uses on-line and real world systems to share and build the expertise of educators. Steve also served as a Program Manager for the Stupski Foundation for six years, designing and implementing... Read More.

Cheryl Miller
Cheryl Miller (greenlight for girls Foundation), @green4girls

Cheryl D. Miller, Founder of Zen Digital Europe and European Director of Greenlightforgirls.org, has twenty years of international experience in the technology and ICT sector. She has worked around the world for blue-chip companies in Strategic Communications, Organizational Change Management and IT Management.

Cheryl possesses a Degree in International Relations, Law and Organizations from the Georgetown School of Foreign Service, and an International MBA from The Moore School at South Carolina, the top-ranked International Business program in the US.

Besides her native English, Cheryl speaks, reads and writes Japanese, Dutch, French, Italian and Russian, to varying degrees.

In 2008, Cheryl founded Zen Digital Europe, a sustainability consultancy addressing gender and environmental issues, and promoting ICT and digital media to achieve the objectives... Read More.

Jeremie Miller

Passionate about open communication platforms and distributed protocols, Jeremie loves building systems that put people at the center of the web and data at the edge of the network. He founded Jabber/XMPP, and has most recently been immersed in JSON and TeleHash. He’s a proud big city commuter from Iowa.

Justin Miller

Justin Miller is a developer at Washington, DC-based Development Seed working on the MapBox open source mapping stack. He created the SQLite-based MBTiles open map tile format, contributed the leading offline map implementation for iOS, wrote the Simple KML parser, contributes to the Mac version of the TileMill map-making studio, and does it all in the open at https://github.com/incanus. He lives and works here in Portland.

Wade Minter
Wade Minter (Custom Communications), @minter

H. Wade Minter is the chief technology officer at Custom Communications in Raleigh, NC. Previously, he was part of the founding team and CTO at TeamSnap and the engineering lead at WeaveUp and Adwerx. He is also the public address announcer for the National Hockey League’s Carolina Hurricanes and the ring announcer for GOUGE Professional Wrestling. He leads a weird life.

Lorna Mitchell

Lorna is an independent PHP consultant based in Leeds, UK. She leads the joind.in open source project, which provides a platform for real-time, public feedback at community events. She is an experienced event organiser and speaker herself, having hosted the Dutch PHP Conference and co-founded the PHP North West conference and user group. She has spoken at technical events across Europe and beyond, predominantly on technical topics around PHP and APIs, but also on topics around business, projects and open source. She regularly delivers technical training sessions and is also active as a mentor with PHPWomen.org. Author of the book PHP Master from Sitepoint, Lorna loves to write and is regularly published at a number of outlets including netmagazine and... Read More.

Bruce Momjian
Bruce Momjian (EnterpriseDB)

Bruce Momjian is a co-founder of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, and has worked on PostgreSQL since 1996. He is the author of PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts, published by Addison-Wesley. Bruce is employed by EnterpriseDB. Previously, he was employed by SRA Japan and Great Bridge LLC, both PostgreSQL support companies. He has spoken at many international open-source conferences. Prior to his involvement with PostgreSQL, Bruce worked as a consultant, developing custom database applications for some of the world’s largest law firms. As an academic, Bruce was a high school computer science teacher for five years, holds a Masters in Education, and is currently an adjunct professor at Drexel University.

John Mone
John Mone (Endurance International Group)

John Mone is the EVP of Technology and Program Management for the Endurance International Group, a leading provider of online solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Previously, John formed Tributary Consulting, where he helped organizations accelerate growth through technology. As the former Global Head of Operations for EBS, the world’s largest electronic brokerage for foreign exchange, John led a three-year technology transformation that included the re-architecture of core trading platforms using open systems. Earlier in his career, John founded and served as the CTO of a transaction simulation and analysis software firm. He attended the United States Military Academy, received a B.S. from Rutgers University and holds an M.B.A. in Strategic Management from Wharton.

Diane Mueller
Diane Mueller (ActiveState), @pythondj

Diane Mueller is Director, Enterprise Product Management at ActiveState. She has been designing and implementing products and applications embedded into mission critical financial and accounting systems at F500 corporations for over 20 years. Diane has been actively involved in development efforts of XBRL Open Standard for the past 11 years. She serves on both the XBRL International Steering Committee and the Best Practices Board, chairing the software interoperability working group and the XBRL Rendering Technical Working Group, as well as an active member of the RIXML.org working group.

In addition, she is the host and editor of XBRLSpy.com and a half dozen other drupal-based sites that allow her to pontificate on her interests ranging from geocaching, her pugs, and... Read More.

Thomas Muldowney
Thomas Muldowney (Filament), @temas

As the first contributor to the Jabber project, Temas is a longtime open source advocate. When he’s not coding he spends his time as the chief cat herder for the Locker Project’s open source community. If you see him away from his keyboard, either the (entire) internet is down, or he’s trying to figure out who all the kids running around his house are.

Seong Ki Mun
Seong Ki Mun (OSEHRA)

Seong K. Mun, PhD, is President and CEO of OSEHRA, the Open Source EHR Agent.

Dr. Seong K. Mun, is also a Professor at Virginia Tech.

Previously was Professor of Radiology, and Director of the Imaging Science and Information System (ISIS) Research Center, Georgetown University Medical Center. Established in the 1980s to develop the picture archiving and teleradiology capabilities for the US Army, the ISIS Center has grown to approximately 75 faculty and staff who pursue research and development in imaging, informatics, medical robotics, and global disease surveillance. Dr. Mun’s research deals with the role of imaging and information technology in variety of healthcare settings such as diagnostic imaging, chronic illness management, home monitoring, telemedicine, disease surveillance, surgical instrumentation, and... Read More.

Arun Murthy
Arun Murthy (Cloudera )

Arun C. Murthy is the VP, Apache Hadoop at the Apache Software Foundation i.e. Chair, Apache Hadoop PMC.

Arun is also the Founder and Architect at Hortonworks, a software company that is helping to accelerate the development and adoption of Apache Hadoop and has worked full-time on Apache Hadoop since project inception, for over 6 years now. Prior to co-founding Hortonworks, Arun was responsible for all MapReduce code and configuration deployed across the 42,000+ servers at Yahoo!. In essence, he was responsible for running Apache Hadoop’s MapReduce as a service for Yahoo!. He jointly holds the world-record for sorting data using Hadoop Map-Reduce.

Follow Arun on Twitter: @acmurthy.

John Musser
John Musser (ProgrammableWeb)

John Musser is the founder of ProgrammableWeb.com, the leading online resource for open APIs. During his 20-year career in software development he has shipped six award-winning software products in three industries working with companies including Electronic Arts, Credit Suisse, MTV and Bell Labs. He has taught at Columbia University, the University of Washington, and has written for a variety of technology publications on software development, most recently as author of “Web 2.0: Principles and Best Practices” published by O’Reilly Media.

David Nalley (Apache CloudStack (incubating)), @ke4qqq

David is a recovering sysadmin with a decade of experience. He’s a committer on the Apache CloudStack (incubating) project, and a contributor to the Fedora Project where among other things he is a packager and serves on the Fedora Project Board.

Dave Neary
Dave Neary (Red Hat), @nearyd

Dave Neary is the founder of Neary Consulting, specialising in growing open communities and developing free software strategy. In this role, he has worked as the docmaster of the Maemo community, and OpenWengo community manager. He is also a runner, and a qualified athletics coach.

With a long history of participation in free software projects, including the GIMP, GNOME, OpenWengo, Maemo and MeeGo, Dave has been exploring the subject of company/community interactions for over a decade.

Peter Neubauer
Peter Neubauer (Neo Technology), @peterneubauer

Peter is co-founder of a number of popular Open Source projects such
as Neo4j, Tinkerpop, OPS4J and Qi4j. Peter loves connecting things,
writing novel prototypes and throwing together new ideas and projects
around graphs and society-scale innovation. Right now, Peter is
concentrating on turning Open Source projects into profitable
enterprises at Neo Technology, the company sponsoring the development
of Neo4j, the Graph Database. Also, Peter is a Mentor helping startups
at Startupbootcamp Copenhagen and organizing events like
http://www.thoughtmade.com and TEDx Öresund.

Matt Neuburg
Matt Neuburg (TidBITS)

Matt Neuburg is a contributing editor for TidBITS. He is the author, for O’Reilly, of Programming iOS 5, Programming iOS 4, AppleScript: The Definitive Guide, REALbasic: The Definitive Guide, and Frontier: The Definitive Guide, and of several eBooks in the popular Take Control series. He has also written several online guides, such as his introduction to rb-appscript. He has taught in developer training programs such as the AppleScript Pro Sessions. He is the author of the online help for many prominent Mac applications, such as Script Debugger, Affrus, Opal, and MacSpeech Dictate. He has written such widely used Mac freeware as MemoryStick, NotLight, and Thucydides. He has created (and uses) his own complete open source Ruby-based Web site development framework, RubyFrontier.... Read More.

Christopher Neugebauer
Christopher Neugebauer (AlphaSights | Python Software Foundation), @chrisjrn

Christopher is a semi-professional nerd, and recent first-class Honours graduate in Computer Science of the University of Tasmania. Previously an intern at Google in Sydney, he currently works in mobile and web development for Secret Lab, a boutique development studio based in Hobart, Australia for clients throughout the world. Since he likes it when developers share their experiences, he has twice organised application development miniconfs at Linux.conf.au (in 2010 and 2011).

When not coding, Christopher can be found taking long, artificially-lit walks down fake beaches, arguing the benefits of Python to anyone who won’t listen, and watching other people drinking beer.

Audrey Ng
Audrey Ng (Hewlett-Packard), @aeng2

Audrey Ng is the Program Director for Hadoop strategy and business at Hewlett-Packard where she leads business development, strategic alliances, go to market activities, and collaboration with the open source community. Prior to her current position, she served the company as Senior Program Manager for Emerging Applications Technologies where she drove HP’s big data market strategy for Hyperscale business. She has held positions in strategy and operations, marketing, and business development, with an industry breadth spanning scalable computing, high performance computing, and manufacturing. In addition, she has driven early adopter programs in Web 2.0 and B2B as well as new e-service solutions ventures for enterprise corporate accounts.

Deb Nicholson
Deb Nicholson (Software Freedom Conservancy), @baconandcoconut

Deb Nicholson works at the intersection of technology and social
justice. She has been a free speech advocate, economic justice organizer
and civil liberties defender. After working in Massachusetts politics
for fifteen years, she became involved in the free software movement.
She is the Community Outreach Director at the Open Invention Network and
the Community Manager at Media Goblin. She also serves on the board at
Open Hatch, a non-profit dedicated to providing tools and education for
potential new free software contributors. She lives in Cambridge,

Sarah Novotny

Sarah Novotny is an open source community manager at Google. Sarah’s recent technological focuses include open source, cloud and utility computing, infrastructure automation, and data (big and small; relational and nonrelational). Her calling lies in sharing her excitement about technology and coalescing a group around a consistent vision. She loves meeting people and rapidly assessing what information she needs to impart in order to draw them into the vision or story that she has to share. Sarah enjoys bridging the gap between the business world and the tech world. Her background includes leading operational IT and development teams and external-facing work in biz dev, sales engineering, customer support, and, of course, public speaking.

Bob Nystrom

Bob Nystrom is a Googler working on the Dart programming language. In past lives, he was a game developer, a UI designer, and a computer animator.

Mike O'Connor
Mike O'Connor (Commerce Guys)

Mike discovered his love for computers in high school, starting his career at the tender age of 16. At his first eCommerce job, he set out to find an alternative to the frustratingly limited software he was working with and discovered Drupal, the powerful open source CMS.
Collaborating with Ryan Szrama, the originator of the Drupal eCommerce software Ubercart, he started consulting on Drupal eCommerce sites. It soon became clear that Ubercart was not as flexible as it should be to support modern commerce. Mike, Ryan, and a small group of others joined together to create Drupal Commerce, a new eCommerce framework built on Drupal that made no assumptions and was infinitely customizable.
Commerce Guys was founded in 2008 with... Read More.

Tim O'Reilly
Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), @timoreilly

Tim has a history of convening conversations that reshape the industry. In 1998, he organized the meeting where the term “open source software” was agreed on, and helped the business world understand its importance. In 2004, with the Web 2.0 Summit, he defined how “Web 2.0” represented not only the resurgence of the web after the dot com bust, but a new model for the computer industry, based on big data, collective intelligence, and the internet as a platform. In 2009, with his “Gov 2.0 Summit,” he framed a conversation about the modernization of government technology that has shaped policy and spawned initiatives at the Federal, State, and local level, and around the world. He has now turned his attention to implications of the on-demand... Read More.

Pragati Ogal Rai
Pragati Ogal Rai (PayPal, eBay Inc.)

Pragati is the Chief Technology Evangelist for PayPal and the author of the book “Android Application Security Essentials”. She has more than 14 years of experience in technology domains like mobile operating systems, mobile security, payments, and commerce. From starting as a platform security engineer with Motorola, to leading mobile developer relations in North America, she has extensive product and business development experience. Pragati has dual masters in Computer Science and has taught and trained computer science students at universities around the world. She is a recognized speaker at international technology events.

Brian Olore
Brian Olore (The Boeing Company), @olore

Brian is an agile practitioner and open source advocate. He has been doing web development for over 10 years using Ruby on Rails and J2EE.

He has spoken at various conferences including Lotusphere and Websphere Portal Technical Exchange.

Erik Onnen (Urban Airship)

Erik is the Director of Architecture and Delivery at Urban Airship, the leading provider of hosted services for mobile application developers. At Urban Airship he leads the delivery of the company’s platform offerings designed to scale to 100s of millions of devices while providing unmatched throughput.

Jeffrey Osier-Mixon
Jeffrey Osier-Mixon (Intel Corporation), @jefro_net

Jeff Osier-Mixon is the community manager for the Yocto Project, working at Intel. Jeff has been involved with open source since 1992, and with Linux since 1999. He speaks at open source conferences several times each year, including OSCON, and maintains a calendar of open source conferences .

David Pacheco
David Pacheco (Joyent)

David Pacheco is the lead engineer of Joyent’s Introspection Team, which develops Cloud Analytics and other tools for observing software in the cloud. Previously a member of the Fishworks team at Sun Microsystems, David worked on several areas of the Sun Storage 7000 series of appliances including remote replication, fault management, and flash device support.

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki is a Portland-based iPhone and PHP developer interested in solving practical problems with technology. In his free time, he enjoys geolocation, linguistics, and building home automation systems and IRC bots with a sense of humor. For the past 2½ years, he has been tracking and visualizing his location every 6 seconds, making him a frequent presenter at the Portland data visualization group. His fascination with location sharing and GPS began at the age of 6, when he traced the routes of family road trips on a map with a highlighter.
He combined these interests and created Geoloqi.com, a private, real-time mobile and web platform for secure location sharing with Amber Case in an effort to help people connect in... Read More.

Pat Patterson
Pat Patterson (StreamSets), @metadaddy

Pat Patterson is a principal developer evangelist for salesforce.com. Pat has been working on Internet security and identity management since 1997, joining Sun Microsystems in 2000 as an engineering manager in the Trustbase secure Web services team. After serving a four-year sentence in product management, he returned to engineering early in 2005, focusing first on federation and identity-enabled Web services, then on the OpenSSO project and its open source community. Pat moved to Huawei Technologies in 2009 to work on cloud storage infrastructure before joining the developer evangelism team at salesforce.com in late 2010. Describing himself as an ‘articulate techie’, Pat hacks all manner of code from Ruby web apps down to Linux kernel drivers, writing it all up on the Force.com blog,... Read More.

Shawn Pearce (Google)

Shawn Pearce is the second in command of the Git project. He has been actively involved in the project since early 2006, contributing more than 1300 changes in 3 years. Shawn is the author of git-gui, a Tk based graphical interface shipped with git, and git-fast-import, a stream based import system often used for converting projects to git. Besides being the primary author of both git-gui and git-fast-import, Shawn’s opinion, backed by his code, has influenced many key design decisions that form the modern git implementation.

In early 2006 Shawn also founded the JGit project, creating a 100% pure Java reimplementation of the Git version control system. The JGit library can often be found in Java based products that interact with Git, including plugins for... Read More.

Kirk Pepperdine

Kirk Pepperdine works as an independent consultant offering Java performance-related services. Prior to focusing on Java, Kirk developed and tuned systems written in C/C++, Smalltalk, and a variety of other languages. Kirk has written many articles and spoken at several conferences on the subject of performance tuning. He helped evolve http://www.javaperformancetuning.com as a resource for performance tuning tips and information.

stephen peters
stephen peters (Erlang Solutions, Inc.), @tikimojo

I was once pressed into service writing FORTRAN at Carnegie Mellon but managed to gnaw through my bindings and escape. By the heady days of 1996 I was “Webmaster” at Network Computing Devices and shortly after that Senior Technologist at CKS|Partners, but wisely snuck out to work for myself before they grew into MarchFirst. For about 12 years I ran a boutique web development shop doing work for Oregon Public Broadcasting, the Oregon State Parks, Rogue Ales, The Annenberg Foundation, and many others before selling the company and moving on.

These days I work at Hot Pepper Studios running client projects, sourcing new clients and promoting our international conference series – http://webvisionsevent.com

Once a year I host the International Mondo Croquet Championships in... Read More.

Christophe Pettus
Christophe Pettus (PostgreSQL Experts, Inc.)

Christophe Pettus has been developing using PostgreSQL since 1998. He consults on database design and application development through PostgreSQL Experts.

Brandon Philips
Brandon Philips (Rackspace, Inc), @BrandonPhilips

At Rackspace I work on a variety of tools and systems under the fun multi-purpose title of Engineer of Developer Happiness. Previously I was at SuSE where I hacked on the Linux Kernel.

I love technology and systems software gets me most excited.

I am a full time OSU Beaver, Go Beavs.

Simon Phipps
Simon Phipps (Public Software CIC), @webmink

Simon Phipps has engaged at a strategic level in the world’s leading technology companies, starting in roles such as field engineer, programmer, systems analyst and more recently taking executive leadership roles around open source. He worked with OSI standards in the 80s, on collaborative conferencing software in the 90s, helped introduce both Java and XML at IBM and was instrumental in open sourcing the whole software portfolio at Sun Microsystems. A Director of the Open Source Initiative and the UK’s Open Rights Group, he takes an active interest in Free and Open Source software, serving at OpenSolaris, OpenJDK and OpenSPARC, and is a widely read commentator at Computerworld and his own Webmink blog.

He holds a BSc in electronic engineering... Read More.

Rob Pike
Rob Pike (Google, Inc.)

Rob Pike is a Distinguished Engineer at Google, Inc. He works on distributed systems, data mining, programming languages, and software development tools. Before Google, Rob was a member of the Computing Sciences Research Center at Bell Labs, the lab that developed Unix. While there, he worked on computer graphics, user interfaces, languages, concurrent programming, and distributed systems. He was an architect of the Plan 9 and Inferno operating systems and is the co-author with Brian Kernighan of The Unix Programming Environment and The Practice of Programming. Other details of his life appear on line but vary in veracity.

Ian Plosker (Basho Technologies, Inc), @DstroyAllModels

Ian Plosker is a Developer Advocate at Basho Technologies, the makers of Riak, an open source distributed NoSQL database. Ian has years of experience designing real world applications on datastores of all shapes and sizes. He uses those experiences every day to help users of Riak successfully exploit its capabilities of fault-tolerance, availability, and low latency.

Nóirín Plunkett
Nóirín Plunkett (Eucalyptus Systems), @noirinp

Noirin Plunkett is a jack of all trades, and a master of several. A technical writer by day, her open source work epitomizes the saying “if you want something done, ask a busy person”.

Noirin got her open source start at Apache, helping out with the httpd documentation project. Within a year, she had been recruited to the conference planning team, which she now leads. She was involved in setting up the Community Development project at Apache, and acts as organization admin for Apache projects participating in Google Summer of Code. And, of course, she continues to contribute to ASF projects as diverse as Infrastructure and Incubator, and serves as Executive Vice President for the Foundation. She also sits on the board of the... Read More.

Gregg Pollack
Gregg Pollack (Open SourceCraft), @greggpollack

Gregg Pollack works at Envy Labs, where he works on Code School, produces the Ruby5 podcast, creates educational screencasts, and develops websites with Rails. He also runs the Ruby Hero Awards, organizes the Orlando Ruby Users Group, and is also sometimes known as the Ruby on Rails guy in the “Rails vs” commercials.

Jeff Potts
Jeff Potts (Alfresco Software), @jeffpotts01

Jeff Potts, Chief Community Officer, has been a recognized and award-winning leader in the Alfresco community for many years. He has over 18 years of content management and collaboration experience, most of that having come from senior leadership positions in consulting organizations.

Jeff has made many contributions to the Alfresco community since he started working with Alfresco in 2005. Examples range from code, to tutorials and informative blog posts, to code camps, meetups, and conference sessions. In 2008, Jeff wrote the Alfresco Developer Guide, the first developer-focused book on Alfresco.

In November of 2009, Jeff started working with the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard. He wrote a “Getting Started with CMIS” tutorial based on the draft specification. Then, in December, Jeff released... Read More.

David Preston
David Preston (Santa Maria Joint Union High School District), @prestonlearning

David Preston holds a Ph.D. in Education Policy from the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Science. He has taught at universities and graduate institutes and consulted on matters of learning and organizational development for 20 years. For the past seven years David has also taught English for students of all ability levels in grades 9-12 at America’s fourth largest high school (in Los Angeles) and at a comprehensive high school on California’s central coast. This year his students engaged online thought leaders and used open source principles & tools to create: a microfinance operation; a hackspace; a venture incubator; an online art dealership; a P2P digital consulting practice; a game lab; an international digital research partnership; and an alumni/friends community designed to... Read More.

Jo Prichard
Jo Prichard (LexisNexis Risk Solutions)

Data Scientist at LexisNexis Risk Solutions. I have responsibilities to the HPCC Systems platform technology and spearhead large scale graph analytics projects working with big data, for various industries to help customers target fraud, collusion and other red flag indicates.

Prior to LexisNexis, Mr. Prichard worked for Topspeed Software R&D in London.

Nate Putnam
Nate Putnam (Urban Airship ), @nateputnam

Nate is a Tech Lead at Urban Airship where he helps work on distrusted systems. Previously Nate built social activity streams at Jive Software.

Gianugo Rabellino

Gianugo Rabellino is the Senior Director for Open Source Communities at Microsoft. He is also a Vice President of the Apache XML Project Management Committee and Founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Sourcesense.

Gianugo has a deep understanding of open source technologies and platforms, and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the group of passionate and committed individuals who share his same enthusiasm for interoperability and openness between Microsoft and non-Microsoft platforms.

He blogs at http://boldlyopen.com/.

Krishna Raman
Krishna Raman (Red Hat)

Krishna Raman is a cloud platform architect on Red Hat’s OpenShift team. He uses his experience from wide variety of projects ranging from distributed real-time systems to cloud and mobile application development to contribute and improve open source projects. In his spare time, he likes to climb, fly model airplanes and play with new technologies. More recently has been experimenting with the Arduino open source platform.

Paul Ramsey
Paul Ramsey (OpenGeo), @pwramsey

Paul has been working with geospatial software for over ten years, as programmer and consultant. He founded the PostGIS spatial database project in 2001, and is currently an active developer and member of the project steering committee. In 2008, Paul received the Sol Katz Award for achievement in open source geospatial software.

As a team member with OpenGeo, Paul leads consulting engagements, software and support of the PostGIS database; he works with our business development team to improve communication about our open source offerings; and, he speaks and teaches regularly at conferences around the world.

Allison Randal
Allison Randal (Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Open Source Initiative), @allisonrandal

Allison Randal is a Debian and Ubuntu developer, specializing in C and dynamic languages (Perl/Python/Ruby/etc). She is on the board of directors of the Python Software Foundation and The Perl Foundation, co-founder of the FLOSS Foundations group for open source leaders, founder and president of Onyx Neon Press, and Open Source Advisor to Canonical. Her current hobby is astrophysics.

Anna Ravenscroft

Anna Martelli Ravenscroft has a background in training and mentoring. Her focus is on practical, real-world problem solving and the benefits of diversity and accessibility. Anna graduated in 2010 from Stanford University with a degree in Cognitive Science. She is a member of the Python Software Foundation, a program committee member for several open source conferences, winner of the 2013 Frank Willison Award, and co-edited the Python Cookbook 2nd edition. She has spoken at PyCon, EuroPython, OSCON, and several regional Python conferences.

Matt Ray
Matt Ray (Opscode), @mattray

Matt Ray is a Senior Technical Evangelist for Opscode and the open source systems integration platform Chef. He is active in the OpenStack community and was previously the Community Manager for Zenoss Core. He has been active in the open source community for well over a decade and was one of the founders of the Texas LinuxFest and ChefConf. He blogs at LeastResistance.net and is @mattray on Twitter, IRC and GitHub.

Joakim Recht
Joakim Recht (Tradeshift), @joakimrecht

Joakim currently works as a senior code monkey at Tradeshift in Copenhagen churning out code and is a firm believer in agile and test-driven development. He has been a big part of building the Tradeshift platform, and has contributed to a number of open source projects and is a Certified SpringSource Trainer.

Russell P. Reeder
Russell P. Reeder (Media Temple, Inc.), @RussReeder

Russell P. Reeder is President and COO of (mt) Media Temple, Inc., a top provider of web hosting and cloud services that powers 1.5 million websites for 125,000 customers in 100 countries worldwide. He’s responsible for the (mt) brand’s overall vision and strategy, and for driving scalable growth for the recently acquired Virb.com.

A 18-year veteran of the IT field, Reeder has led numerous cutting edge companies, from entrepreneurial ventures to Fortune 500 powerhouses like Oracle and Mobil Oil. He’s steered organizations out of financial distress, led multiple turnarounds, and managed high-growth businesses that have sold for more than $1.2 billion.

His most recent success story is LibreDigital, a company whose digital publishing platform helps people find and read their favorite books, magazines, and... Read More.

kim rees
kim rees (Periscopic), @krees

Kim Rees is a founding partner of “Periscopic”: http://www.periscopic.com, an award-winning information visualization firm. Their work has been featured in the MoMA as well as several online and print publications, including CommArts’ Interactive Annual, The Information Design Sourcebook, VisWeek Discovery Exhibit, Adobe Success Stories, CommArts Insights, Infosthetics.com, FlowingData.com, and numerous websites, blogs, and regional media outlets. Periscopic’s body of work was recently nominated for the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards.

Kim is a prominent individual in the information visualization community. She has published papers in Parsons Journal of Information Mapping, was an award winner in the VAST 2010 Challenge, and is a guest blogger for Infosthetics.com. Kim has been featured on CommArts Insights and has presented at several industry events including O’Reilly Strata, Wolfram Data... Read More.

Bob Regan (Pearson Foundation), @bregan

Bob Regan is the Director of the Pearson Foundation Learning Lab. This small product innovation studio based in Mill Valley, CA develops software and learning experiences that combine the best for formal and informal learning for students, teachers and parents.

Bob began his career in the classroom as a teacher of math, French as well as a technology coordinator in Chicago and New York City schools and earned a Master’s in Elementary Education from Columbia University Teachers College. From the first days in the classroom, he expressed a deep passion for improving teaching and learning through the use of technology in schools. Bob went on to study education policy and technology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison before focusing on software development full time in 2000.

... Read More.
Rob Reilly
Rob Reilly (Rob "drtorq" Reilly), @robreilly

Rob Reilly is a consultant and writer specializing in Linux/Open Source Software, technology media, and the mobile professional. He’s been hired for a variety of engineering, business analysis, and Web-based projects with AT&T, Intermedia Communications, Lockheed-Martin, and Pachube. As a 10-year veteran of the tech media, Rob has posted hundreds of feature-length technology articles for LinuxPlanet.com, Linux.com, Linux Journal magazine, PC Update magazine, and Nuts & Volts. He is a co-author of “Point & Click OpenOffice.org” and worked as a contributing editor for LinuxToday.com. He’s also chaired speaking committees for the old LinuxWorld – Boston and San Francisco shows. Rob has a BS in Mechanical Technology from Purdue University and his first interactive computing session was with the Unix command line in 1981.

Abdelmonaim Remani
Abdelmonaim Remani (The NorCal Java User Group)

A software developer and technology enthusiast at heart and by profession. Particularly interested in technology evangelism and enterprise software development and architecture. Experienced in Java Enterprise Applications and RIA technologies. President and Founder of a number of organizations namely The Silicon Valley Spring User Group, and The NorCal Java User Group. Abdel is a frequent speaker at a numner of developer conferences including JavaOne and many user groups and community events.

Dave Revell
Dave Revell (Urban Airship), @dave_revell

Dave is an engineer at Urban Airship, where he helps design and build the large scale analytics backend. He works frequently with Java, HBase, Kafka, and Linux and is interested in large fast databases.

Jacinta Richardson
Jacinta Richardson (Perl Training Australia)

Jacinta Richardson runs Perl Training Australia, a micro-business offering courses throughout Australia. Both as part of her job and a massive free-time sink, she is involved in running conferences (linux.conf.au 2007, Open Source Developers’ Conference (Australia) 2004-2011, Australian System Administrators Conference (SAGE-AU) 2008-2009), attending conferences, writing perl-tips, speaking at Perl Monger meetings whenever she’s in the right town, participating in on-line Perl forums and promoting women in IT. For her work in the Perl community, Jacinta was awarded the White Camel Award in 2008. When away from the computer, Jacinta enjoys scuba diving,
cycling and baking.

Derek Ritz
Derek Ritz (ecGroup Inc.)

Derek Ritz is the principal consultant at ecGroup Inc., based in Ancaster, Canada. He is an advisor to public and private sector clients in Canada and internationally regarding m/eHealth strategy, architecture, implementation and adoption.

Derek is a delegate of Canada to ISO/TC-215 (Health Informatics) and was the inaugural vice-Chair of Canada Health Infoway’s Infostructure & Architecture Standards Collaborative Working Group. In 2007, he helped fund and launch Canada’s national EHR architectural Reference Implementation at the Mohawk Applied Research Centre in Health Informatics (MARC-HI). Since 2010, Derek has been involved in numerous global m/eHealth projects, including leading an IDRC-funded project to establish the Health Enterprise Architecture Lab (HEAL) at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in Durban, South Africa.

Lynn Root
Lynn Root (PyLadies SF), @roguelynn

A self-proclaimed programming n00b, I graduated business school in 2008 with a bachelors in finance and economics, and, as one can safely assume with that concentration mixture, went straight into the antiquated field of banking. Only in the fall of 2011 did I dive into learning how to program after being heavily surrounded by it with close relationships.

I am currently hosting a Python study group for the ~600 members of Women Who Code meetup group in San Francisco. I am also the co-organizer of a large, multi-city hackathon event geared towards journalism, news, and media.

Irene Ros
Irene Ros (Bocoup), @ireneros

Irene Ros is the director of data visualization at Bocoup and the program chair of OpenVis Conf, a two-day conference on data visualization on the open web. Irene is an information visualization researcher and developer, making engaging, informative, and interactive data-driven stories, experiences, and exploratory interfaces on the web. Previously, she was a research developer at IBM Research’s Visual Communication Lab. Irene holds a BS in computer science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Craig Russell
Craig Russell (Apache)

Craig Russell is a senior staff engineer at Sun Microsystems. He is specification lead for Java Data Objects (JSR 12 and 243) and leads the implementation team for its API and Technology Compatibility Kit. He was the architect of the Container Managed Persistence component of the J2EE Reference Implementation and Sun Java System Application Server. He is currently architect and implementation lead for MySQL Cluster Java / API and MySQL Cluster Java / JPA.

Craig is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, the chair of the Apache OpenJPA Project Management Committee, and a member of the Apache Incubator project responsible for bringing projects into Apache.

Karen Rustad (OpenHatch), @mllerustad

Karen is a master’s student at UC Berkeley’s School of Information, with interests in Python-based web development, user experience design, free software communities, and technology law and policy. She has been involved with OpenHatch since near the beginng in 2009, contributing to the project’s design, codebase, and mission. She served previously on the board of Students for Free Culture from 2005 to 2008.

Tim Sammut
Tim Sammut (Cisco Security Research and Operations)

Tim Sammut is an engineer in the Security Research and Operations organization at Cisco where he leads company-wide initiatives around the product security impact of bundled third-party software. This area of work extends beyond Cisco where he chairs the Third-Party Software Security working group within ICASI—the Industry Consortium for Advancement of Security on the Internet—and volunteers on the Gentoo Linux Security Team.

Not always focused, Tim generally enjoys marrying creativity and technology to tackle difficult problems. He is a published author with more than 15 years of experience in some of the largest and most complex internetworks.

Tim lives in northern California with his wife, daughters, dog and fish.

Krishna Sankar
Krishna Sankar (U.S.Bank), @ksankar

Krishna Sankar is a Distinguished Engineer − Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning at U.S. Bank focusing on augmented intelligence, digital human as well as areas like AI explainability. Earlier stints include Senior Data Scientist with Volvo Cars, Chief Data Scientist at blackarrow.tv, Data Scientist/Tata America Intl, Director of Data Science/Bioinformatics startup & as a Distinguished Engineer/Cisco. He has been speaking at various conferences incl ML tutorials at Strata SJC & LONDON 2016, Spark Summit [goo.gl/ab30lD], Strata-Sparkcamp, OSCON, Pycon & Pydata, writes about Nash Equilibrium, Isaac Asimov and Robots Rules[goo.gl/5yyRv6 as well as has been guest lecturing at the Naval Postgraduate School. His occasional blogs can be found at https://medium.com/@ksankar
They include NeurIPS2018 — Conference Summary [https://goo.gl/VgeyDT], Deep Thinking by Garry Kasparov: The... Read More.

John Sarik (Columbia University), @johnsarik

John Sarik is working on a PhD in Electrical Engineering at Columbia University. He currently works in the Columbia Laboratory for Unconventional Electronics and has previously worked at IBM Research Tokyo and Microsoft Research Cambridge. His research interests include open hardware in education, energy harvesting wireless sensor networks, and printable electronics. His personal interests include nixie tubes and anagrams.

Nathaniel Schutta

Nathaniel T. Schutta is a senior software engineer focussed on making usable applications. A proponent of polyglot programming, Nate has written two books on Ajax and speaks regularly at various worldwide conferences, No Fluff Just Stuff symposia, universities, and Java user groups. In addition to his day job, Nate is an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota where he teaches students to embrace dynamic languages.

Randal Schwartz
Randal Schwartz (FLOSS Weekly podcast), @merlyn

Randal L. Schwartz is a renowned expert on the Perl and Smalltalk programming
languages, having contributed to a dozen top-selling books on the subject, and
over 250 magazine articles. Schwartz runs a Perl and Smalltalk training and
consulting company (Stonehenge Consulting Services, Inc of Portland, Oregon),
and is a highly sought-after speaker for his masterful stage combination of
technical skill, comedic timing, and crowd rapport. And he’s a pretty good Karaoke
singer, winning contests regularly.

Books authored/coauthored:

  • Programming Perl (multiple editions)
  • Learning Perl (multiple editions)
  • Learning Perl on Win32 Systems
  • Learning Perl Objects References and Modules (multiple editions)
  • Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs with Perl
  • Object Oriented Perl
  • Randal Schwartz’s Perls of Wisdom

Magazine articles... Read More.

Michael Schwern
Michael Schwern (eval Empire), @schwern

Schwern has a copy of Perl 6, he lets Larry Wall borrow it and take notes.

Schwern once sneezed into a microphone and the text-to-speech conversion was a regex that turns crap into gold.

Damian Conway and Schwern once had an arm wrestling contest. The superposition still hasn’t collapsed.

Schwern was the keynote speaker at the first YAPC::Mars.

When Schwern runs a smoke test, the fire department is notified.

Dan Brown analyzed a JAPH Schwern wrote and discovered it contained the Bible.

Schwern writes Perl code that writes Makefiles that write shell scripts on VMS.

Schwern does not push to master, master pushes to Schwern.

SETI broadcast some of Schwern’s Perl code into space. 8 years later they got a reply... Read More.

JOHN SCOTT (RadiantBlue Technologies, Inc. ), @johnmscott

JJohn Scott is the leader in the Defense industry around the comingled issues of technology development and deployment, software, intellectual property and acquisitions. John drafted the U.S. Department of Defense policy for the use of open source software and is often called as an expert in this area. He founded (now co-chairman) Open Source for America, an advocacy group for use of open source software in government and the Military Open Source Software Working Group (http://mil-oss.org/).
He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University and an MS in Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech and writes about defense software and acquisitions related issues, recently at Defense News entitled “Pentagon Is Losing the Softwar(e).”

... Read More.
Paul Scott
Paul Scott (DSTV Online), @paulscott56

Paul Scott is currently employed by DSTV Online as a senior developer and Free Software evangelist. Paul is also chief software architect for the AVOIR network.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Botany, from the University of Port Elizabeth. He has many interests including Geographical Information Systems, Botany, Computer Science and Free Software.

He has created and contributed to many Free Software projects and at any one time, is working on around 10 different FOSS projects collaboratively with a global community.

He has a strong interest in e-learning and teaching, using Free Software, and has contributed greatly to the AVOIR network and projects. He has a passion for coding and a passion for capacity buiding and skills transfer.

... Read More.
Peter Scott
Peter Scott (Pacific Systems Design Technologies), @peterjscott

Author of “Perl Medic” (2004), “Perl Debugged” (2001), “Perl Fundamentals” (DVD, 2007), and O’Reilly School of Technology’s on-line Perl courses. Perl trainer and consultant. Speaker at OSCON, YAPC, and the Perl Whirl cruise. Now launching an additional career as a business coach for technology professionals.

Dykki Settle
Dykki Settle (IntraHealth International), @dykki

Dykki Settle leads IntraHealth and CapacityPlus endeavors in health worker informatics, bringing a health worker-centered approach to the availability and use of high quality information for better health. Settle leads the global development and implementation community for the open source iHRIS suite human resources for health information solutions.  Other areas of leadership include helping countries build absorptive capacity for new health technologies and supporting regional and country health organizations to realize the power of open source for global health. Settle began his career as the first webmaster for the SunSITE project—now www.ibiblio.org, one of the earliest, largest and longest-running online libraries of open resources.

Shahid Shah
Shahid Shah (Netspective), @ShahidNShah

Shahid N. Shah is an internationally recognized and influential government technology and healthcare IT thought leader and writer who is known as “The Healthcare IT Guy” across the Internet. He is a strategist for various federal agenices on IT matters and winner of Federal Computer Week’s coveted “Fed 100” award given to IT experts that have made a big impact in the government. Shahid has architected and built multiple clinical solutions over his almost 20 year career. He helped design and deploy the American Red Cross’s electronic health record solution across thousands of sites; he’s built two web-based EMRs now in use by hundreds of physicians; he’s designed large groupware and collaboration sites in use by thousands; and, as an ex-CTO for a billion... Read More.

Oleg Shaldybin
Oleg Shaldybin (VMware)

Oleg is a Software Engineer at VMware, working on Cloud Foundry project since 2010. He is one of the authors of Cloud Foundry BOSH — an open source tool chain for release engineering, deployment and lifecycle management of large scale distributed services.

Alolita Sharma
Alolita Sharma (Wikimedia Foundation), @alolita

Alolita Sharma is Director of Engineering at Wikipedia. She is driving the initiative for Wikipedia to extend open source tools and technologies such as WebFonts to support hundreds of languages and Wikipedia content to be available to billions of users across the web. Alolita Sharma is a computer scientist and software engineer who has been working with open source software and has promoted open source adoption for more than a decade. She is on the board of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and a passionate advocate of open source and the open Web. She holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science and speaks internationally on open source trends, technologies and building successful developer communities.

Darren Shepherd
Darren Shepherd (GoDaddy.com)

Darren is the architect and technical lead of Go Daddy’s IaaS platform. He has a background in large scale distributed systems. Prior to Go Daddy, Darren was an architect working for Citigroup on their Self Service Delivery Platform. In his free time he enjoys leveraging his obsession with Linux and Xen to develop interesting solutions for problems that don’t exist.

Kevin Shockey
Kevin Shockey (Puerto Rico Python Interest Group), @shockeyk

Kevin is a full time father and homemaker. He is the founder of the Puerto Rico Python Interest Group, which is an affiliate member of the Open Source Initiative. Previously he was a soldier, a management consultant, a software developer, an IT Director, a founder, an author, a speaker, an entrepreneur, and a community builder. He now wants to be an artist, you know, when he grows up.

Mark Shuttleworth
Mark Shuttleworth (Ubuntu & Canonical)

Mark Shuttleworth is the founder of both Ubuntu and Canonical. Mark leads product strategy and design at Canonical, defining the operations and user experience of Ubuntu for desktop, cloud, and IoT deployments at scale.

Ricardo Signes
Ricardo Signes (Pobox.com), @rjbs

Ricardo Signes was thrust into the job market with only a rudimentary humanities education, and was forced to learn to fend for himself. He is now a full-time Perl programmer, frequent contributor to the CPAN, and pumpking for the Perl programming language.

Nicholas Silva

Nick is a software engineer at Box developing distributed systems in Ruby, Erlang, PHP, and ActionScript. He has spent most of his life
developing web applications, and could type LOAD “*”,8,1 before he could read. He has presented at RubyConf, BarCamp, and numerous user groups in Boston
and California. He enjoys fine cheeses.

Andy Smith
Andy Smith (Rackspace)

Probably better known as “termie,” Andy Smith is an open source, uppity, Python programmer from way back who has tried to dabble in everything else along the way. Lately his work focuses on building the infrastructure for quote, the cloud, unquote, with OpenStack but prior to that he built the platform layer at Google App Engine, and before that the application layer at Jaiku and before that the client side at Flock. Notable side projects include OAuth and BarCamp. Before that he worked on MUDs and he wants to do that again. Buying him beer is a good way to find out what he really thinks.

Carol Smith

Google Open Source Programs Office program manager

Garrett Smith
Garrett Smith (Guild AI), @gar1t

Garrett Smith is a senior architect at CloudBees, a leading Java platform as a service provider. Garrett specializes in distributed systems and reliable software. His weapon of choice is Erlang, a high productivity functional language specializing in concurrency and reliability. Garrett is an Erlang instructor with ErlangCamp and the author of the e2 library extension, which was built from his experience teaching the language. Garrett is also known for his gritty tech satirical videos including “MongoDb is Web Scale” and “All the Cool Kids Use Ruby”.

Herman Smith

My primary passion is getting things to work, ranging from alarm clock
radios to convoluted source-code. What I do not grasp from initial uptake
is made my own through persistence that can be likened to a form of OCD.

Currently I am employed by MIH-SWAT where I am a member of the mobile
team. From a young age I have been a self taught software developer and
hold the formal qualification of BTech IT as earned at Wits Technichon
(now University of Johannesburg).

From my optimistic point of view I desire to change the world through the
innovative and appropriate use of technology. My passions also include
outdoor sports and travel which I try to... Read More.

Jared Smith
Jared Smith (Bluehost), @jsmith

Jared Smith is the Director of Open Source Outreach at Bluehost. Jared has a long history of involvement with open source communities, most recently as the Fedora Project Leader, and before that as the community releations manager for the Asterisk project. His technical background includes programming, large-scale systems administration, telecommunications, and technical training. He holds a Batchelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Utah State University, and currently resides in Virginia with his wife and two children.

Ed Snajder
Ed Snajder (Jive Software), @edinor

Currently the database administrator at Jive Software, I have been having fun with DB Engines, SQL, ETL and BI for a little over ten years. Today I find myself amongst PostgreSQL and MySQL databases predominantly, though I am certified in SQL 2005, and do a fair amount of Oracle support. Some day I hope to understand and dislike all database engines equally.

Luis Soares
Luis Soares (Oracle)

Luís Soares is a Senior Software Engineer and the MySQL
Replication Team lead at Oracle. He has been into replication technologies since 2002. Before joining the MySQL team, back in 2008, he was both a post-graduate student and a researcher at the University of Minho, Portugal, where he designed and implemented group-based replication protocols. Before that, he worked for a
Portuguese multi-national company as a system analyst.

Matthew Soldo
Matthew Soldo (Heroku, Inc), @mattsoldo

Matt Soldo is the Product Manager for Heroku Postgres – Heroku’s SQL database-as-a-service. Matt has been a product manager at Heroku for almost two years.

Prior to Heroku, Matt was at Box.net, Amazon.com, PayPal, and the Team Dennis Conner America’s Cup sailing team.

Matt enjoys cycling, sailboat racing, and good food.

Carlos Souza
Carlos Souza (Code School), @caike

Caike Souza is a software craftsman and metal guitarist

Vadim Spivak
Vadim Spivak (VMWare, Cloud Foundry)

Tech Lead Engineer at VMware and founding member of Cloud Foundry. Helped design and implement many of the components in the software stack and primarily focusing on BOSH over the past two years. Former engineer at Google, working on the developer platform, Gmail and contacts.

Dane Springmeyer
Dane Springmeyer (MapBox / Development Seed), @springmeyer

Dane is a geographer and programmer at [Development Seed](http://developmentseed.org/team/dane-springmeyer/), advancing open source technologies to solve problems in web cartography and data visualization. He is a lead developer of [Mapnik](http://mapnik.org), an architect [TileMill](http://tilemill.com), and a founding member of the [Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team](http://hot.openstreetmap.org).

Samantha Starmer
Samantha Starmer (REI, Recreational Equipment, Inc.), @samanthastarmer

Over the last 12 years, Samantha Starmer has worked on a wide variety of experience and information architecture projects and strategy. She started her career in the early days of Amazon.com, enjoying a year long stint in Slough to launch Amazon.co.uk, and later developed experiences for Amazon’s checkout functionality and the third party selling platform. She also honed her start-up skills at SchemaLogic, and her business strategy skills while at Microsoft.

Samantha is currently a senior manager at REI, creating and leading teams for experience, interaction design, information architecture, and customer experience research and analytics. Her most recent focus has been evangelizing and creating holistic customer experiences across channels, time, and devices.

Samantha regularly teaches at the University of Washington’s Information School, where she... Read More.

Leon Stein
Leon Stein (Decide)

Leon Stein is currently Chief Architect at Decide, where he is helping build world’s smartest online shopping site. Prior to Decide, he helped architect and build Farecast — online travel startup which was acquired by Microsoft in 2008 and now is a part of Bing search. Prior to that Leon worked at other leading technology companies like Amazon and AT&T Wireless, and was doing software consulting.

Leon has extensive experience in building large scale distributed web systems, working with big data and cloud platforms. He holds Masters degree in Theoretical Nuclear Physics from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Russia (currently National Research Nuclear University) and MBA from University of Indianapolis.

Brian Stevens
Brian Stevens (Red Hat), @addvin

Brian Stevens joined Red Hat’s senior management team in 2001 and has been critical to the company’s enterprise operating system, storage, and virtualization strategies. As CTO and vice president, Worldwide Engineering, Stevens has responsibility for Red Hat® engineering globally, encompassing Linux®, virtualization, middleware, and cloud computing.

Stevens began his career at Digital Equipment Corporation where he was a developer on the first commercial release of the X Window System. During his 14 years at Digital, he became a senior member of technical staff and was responsible for the architecture and development of the UNIX and clustering product lines.

Stevens earned a master’s degree in computer systems from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of New Hampshire.

... Read More.
Cooper Stevenson
Cooper Stevenson (LINBIT)

Cooper is a leading expert in Information Technology systems for critical business systems. His award winning designs focus on expanding business intelligence and automation for medium and large industry. As an advocate for Open Source Software he moved Legislation through the Oregon Legislature and has written over ten publications for online resources. He is also featured in CNET News, Linux Today, and Linux.com. Recently, Cooper developed the first automated artificial neural network system for predicting financial securities price fluctuations and published articles outlining advanced High Availability techniques.

Chris Strom
Chris Strom (EEE Computes), @eee_c

Author of the self-published Dart for Hipsters and The SPDY Book. Co-author of Recipes with Backbone. Reformed Perl hacker. Willing Rubyist. Organizer for B’more on Rails. Big into chains.

Ben Strong
Ben Strong (vline), @bscode

Ben is hacker whose idea of a good time is building apps on top of stacks that aren’t fully baked yet. He built a mobile web browser in 2000, a real-time sync service in 2005 and some of the core technology in the ill-fated WebOS.

His newfound love is WebRTC, an emerging web standard that will bring HD video conferencing capabilities to Chrome, Firefox, and Opera later this year.

Calvin Sun
Calvin Sun (Twitter)

Calvin Sun is the senior manager of InnoDB team at Oracle. He joined the InnoDB team in early 2008. Prior to that, Calvin was a development manager at MySQL, managing MySQL storage engines and 3rd party storage engine vendors relationships. He has over ten years of database development experience, mostly on various storage engines. Calvin currently lives in Austin, Texas.

Christopher Swenson

Christopher is a Simple software engineer. He has previously worked in the Open Source Project Office at Google, and for the US Government. He holds a Ph.D in computer science from The University of Tulsa.

Paul Tashima (Nebula Inc.)

Currently the Lead Designer at Nebula Inc, Paul’s background includes designing mobile, desktop, and entertainment system experiences at frog design for clients like Nokia, Microsoft, and Samsung.

Monty Taylor

Monty Taylor runs developer automation for the OpenStack project, including the developer tooling, continuous integration and automation systems. Monty is also a core developer on the Drizzle project and was a Senior Consultant for MySQL, Inc. before they got gobbled up. He’s an expert in distributed systems and will bend your ear with stories of Burning Man if you let him.

Kaitlin Thaney
Kaitlin Thaney (Digital Science), @kaythaney

Kaitlin comes from Digital Science, a new technology company started out of Macmillan Publishers, providing tools for researchers. She’s a technologist, open science advocate, and data nerd who works in her day job to make scientific research more efficient through better use of technology. Prior to moving to the UK to work for Digital Science, she managed the science division of Creative Commons where she worked to enable better knowledge sharing and research. For more about Digital Science, visit http://digital-science.com. You can follow her at @kaythaney

Michael Thompson

Michael C Thompson is a software engineer at IBM in Austin, TX. Having previously worked on the Linux kernel, other open source projects, and various security spaces including in IBM’s Linux Technology Center, he now works in the IBM WebSphere Application Server system management group. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Clarkson University.

Laura Thomson
Laura Thomson (Mozilla Corporation)

Laura Thomson is an Engineering Manager at Mozilla, after spending much of the previous decade as a consultant and trainer on various Open Source technologies.

Laura is the co-author of “PHP and MySQL Web Development” and “MySQL Tutorial”. She is a veteran speaker at Open Source conferences world wide.

Jacob Thornton
Jacob Thornton (Twitter), @fat
I work at twitter on the platform team and I’m the co-author of some pretty nifty open source, Ender, Bootstrap, and Hogan.js with my good friends @ded, @mdo, and @sayrer (respectively).

I’m not a computer scientist. Also, I’m not obese. But I will respond to fat. I am hungover. And I’m probably eating pizza.

Diego Torres Milano has been involved with Android testing since the inception of the platform in late 2007.

He is the author of Android Application Testing Guide (ISBN 13: 978-1-84951-350-0).

He has been also providing consultancy, training and development in different areas of the Android platform.
Previously, he has founded and developed the successful PXES Universal Linux Thin Client project, which was then acquired and transferred to another company and was also the base for other thin client projects as well.

He has also helped many important global organizations to find the most suitable Free/Libre Open Source Software alternatives, and has dedicated the last 15 years to Unix and Linux consulting, training and software development.

He also has been given presentations and... Read More.

Fred Trotter
Fred Trotter (FredTrotter.com), @fredtrotter

Fred Trotter is the leading consultant and advocate for Free/Libre and Open Source (FOSS) Health Software. In recognition of his role within the Open Source Health Informatics community, Trotter was the only Open Source representative invited by the NCVHS to testify on the definition of ‘meaningful use’.

Trotter has contributed code to FreeMed, OpenEMR is the current project manager of MirrorMed and the original author of FreeB, the worlds first GPL medical billing engine. In 2004 Fred Trotter received the LinuxMedNews achievement award for work on FreeB. Fred Trotter manages the Open Source EHR review project with the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), Open Source Working Group (oswg). Fred is also a member of WorldVistA.

Fred Trotter is a recognized... Read More.

Lew  Tucker
Lew Tucker (Cisco)

Lew Tucker is Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Cloud Computing at Cisco, where he is responsible for shaping the future cloud strategy and products.

Tucker has more than 20 years of experience in the high-tech industry, ranging from distributed systems and artificial intelligence to software development and systems architecture. Prior to Cisco, he was VP and CTO for Cloud Computing at Sun Microsystems and led the development of the Sun Cloud. Other achievements in his career include Salesforce.com’s AppExchange, the java.com developer community, and the massively parallel Connection Machine. He’s currently leading a team working on the Quantum networking service in the OpenStack community.

Tucker holds a B.A. from Cornell University, and a Ph.D. in computer science from the Polytechnic Institute of... Read More.

Ross Turk
Ross Turk (Inktank)

Ross Turk is responsible for building a strategic relationship with users, contributors, and the open source community. Ross brings more than 15 years of experience creating software, managing complex IT systems, and helping companies understand and serve developers. Before joining Inktank, Ross managed developer communities for Talend, Alcatel-Lucent and SourceForge.net, the world’s largest open source community. In the more distant past, Ross ran the engineering team for SourceForge and provided architectural leadership.

James Turnbull

James Turnbull is VPE at Glitch. A longtime member of the open source community, James is the author of a number of books about open source software. Previously, he was a CTO in residence at Microsoft, founder and chief technology officer at Empatico and Kickstarter, VPE of Venmo, and an adviser at Docker. James likes food, wine, books, photography, and cats. He is not overly keen on long walks on the beach or holding hands.

Miguel Valdés-Faura

Miguel Valdés-Faura, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. Miguel leads the charge in BonitaSoft’s mission: to democratize Business Process Management (BPM), bringing powerful and affordable BPM to organizations and projects of all sizes. Miguel founded the Bonita project in 2001, with the vision that BPM would become mainstream in every company’s IT portfolio. Prior to BonitaSoft, Miguel led R&D, pre-sales and support for the BPM division of Bull Information Systems, a major European systems provider. Miguel is a recognized thought-leader in business process management and passionate about open source community building. Miguel holds a degree in Computer Science from the URV and a Master’s degree from Nancy and Metz Universities.

Alex Vandiver (Best Practical Solutions)

Alex Vandiver is an architect and developer at Best Practical Solutions, LLC, producer of open source tools including RT: Request Tracker.

Martijn Verburg
Martijn Verburg (jClarity)

Martijn Verburg is a Java/JEE and open source consultant who is passionate about software craftsmanship and the creative power of technical communities. He currently is the co-leader for the London JUG, runs two open source projects (PCGen and Ikasan EIP) and is a bartender at the Javaranch.

Most recently he’s been speaking at conferences (FOSDEM, DevNexus, TSSJS) and co-writing (With Ben Evans) “The Well-Grounded Java Developer” by Manning publications, which covers Java 7 and polyglot programming on the JVM.

Saranyan Vigraham
Saranyan Vigraham (x.commerce)

I am a hacker and experimenter. I currently evangelize open commerce with X.commerce. I have a PhD in computer science and find new ways to meet interesting people, visualize data and tell stories.

Chiradeep Vittal
Chiradeep Vittal (Citrix Systems), @chiradeep

Chiradeep is a Distinguished Engineer at Citrix Systems where he leads various initiatives around networking and Cloud Native applications.

John Mark Walker

John Mark Walker has been a Free Software advocate and contributor for over a decade. His stints at VA Linux Systems, LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, Gluster, Red Hat and now EdX.org helped propel open source into mainstream acceptance.

John Mark has spoken at numerous technology conferences around the world. You can find his musings on Open Standards, Open Clouds and Open Technology at http://blog.johnmark.org/ as well as on twitter (@johnmark). He’s written such articles as “”http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/onlamp/2006/01/12/no_oss_community.html">There is no Open Source Community", “”http://www.johnmark.org/blog/2013/11/it-was-never-about-innovation/“>It Was Never About Innovation”, “”https://opensource.com/business/14/10/open-source-process">Open Source is More About Process than Licensing" and “”https://www.linux.com/news/software/applications/831018-how-to-make-money-from-open-source-platforms">How to Make Money from Open Source Platforms"

He recently founded the Open Source Entrepreneur Network.

Larry Wall
Larry Wall (The Wall Nuthouse)

Larry Wall is the proud father of Perl.

Stephen Walli

Stephen is currently the technical director of the Outercurve Foundation. Prior to that he consulted on software business development and open source strategy. His customers include Microsoft, the Eclipse Foundation, the Linux Foundation. He’s an adviser to Ohloh, Bitrock, Continuent, and eBox.

Stephen was VP Open Source Development Strategy at Optaros, a business manager at Microsoft on open source, and VP R+D and founder at Softway Systems, a venture-backed company that developed a UNIX portability environment for NT before being acquired by Microsoft. He was a long time participant and officer at the IEEE and ISO POSIX standards groups, representing both USENIX and EurOpen (E.U.U.G.) and a regular speaker and writer on open systems standards since 1991.

Stephen has an... Read More.

James Ward
James Ward (Salesforce.com), @_JamesWard

James Ward is a Principal Developer Evangelist at Heroku. Today he focuses on teaching developers how to deploy Java, Play! and Scala apps to the cloud. James frequently presents at conferences around the world such as JavaOne, Devoxx, and many other Java get-togethers. Along with Bruce Eckel, James co-authored First Steps in Flex. He has also published numerous screencasts, blogs, and technical articles. Starting with Pascal and Assembly in the 80′s, James found his passion for writing code. Beginning in the 90′s he began doing web development with HTML, Perl/CGI, then Java. After building a Flex and Java based customer service portal in 2004 for Pillar Data Systems he became a Technical Evangelist for Flex at Adobe. You can find him tweeting... Read More.

Simon Wardley
Simon Wardley (Leading Edge Forum), @swardley

Simon Wardley is a researcher for the Leading Edge Forum focused on the intersection of IT strategy and new technologies. Simon is a seasoned executive who has spent the last 15 years defining future IT strategies for companies in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), retail, and IT industries—from Canon’s early leadership in the cloud computing space to Ubuntu’s recent dominance as the top cloud operating system. As a geneticist with a love of mathematics and a fascination for economics, Simon has always found himself dealing with complex systems, whether in behavioral patterns, the environmental risks of chemical pollution, developing novel computer systems, or managing companies. He’s a passionate advocate and researcher in the fields of open source, commoditization, innovation, organizational structure, and cybernetics. Simon’s... Read More.

Tony Wasserman
Tony Wasserman (Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley), @twasserman

Tony Wasserman is Professor of Software Management Practice and Executive Director of the Center for Open Source Investigation at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley. He is best known as the Founder and CEO of Interactive Development Environments (IDE), developer of the innovative Software through Pictures multiuser modeling environment. IDE was among the first 100 dot-coms. Tony is currently a Board Member of the Open Source Initiative and serves on the Advisory Bosrd of Open Source for America.

Eric Wastl
Eric Wastl (Synacor), @topaz2078

Eric is giving away a $1000 Apple Gift Card in the Synacor OSCON 2012 Challenge. He is a Software Architect at Synacor, makers of large-scale, high-volume web applications. (They’re hiring!) In his free time, he works on language design, software architecture, security, Perl, programmer education, and phpsadness.com.

Steve Watt
Steve Watt (Hewlett-Packard), @wattsteve

Steve Watt is the Chief Technologist for Hadoop at Hewlett-Packard. Prior to that he spent 10 years working as a Researcher and Software Architect of Emerging Technologies within IBM Software Strategy and IBM Global Services. Steve is an Apache contributor, active in Open Source and chairs the Hadoop & Big Data User Group in Austin, Texas. Prior to working for HP and IBM, Steve spent several years consulting in the Middle East and working for startups in the United States and his native South Africa. Steve holds 15 US Patents (with 15 Patents Pending) and has published a number of technical books and articles.

Christopher Webber
Christopher Webber (MediaGoblin), @dustyweb

Christopher Allan Webber is senior software engineer at Creative Commons, a free software activist, and a software hacker. He leads development on GNU MediaGoblin, and in his spare time he likes to work on digital artwork with free software tools like Blender, the GIMP, and MyPaint.

Luke Welling
Luke Welling (Tidal Labs), @lukewelling

Luke Welling is from Melbourne, Australia, but lives in rural Maryland and works remotely for Silicon Valley startup, PandaWhale.

He’s seen lots of good code and bad code, and tries to write more good than bad. Over the last decade, he has applied PHP in many places where it was intended, and in many places where it was never meant to go.

With his wife Laura, he wrote the bestselling book PHP and MySQL Web Development and often speaks about PHP at conferences and user groups.

His hobbies include riding his horses and sticking Splayds in toasters, although he has not yet attempted to do both at once.

Josh West
Josh West (One.com)

Josh West is a technologist with a passion for large scale, enterprise deployments of free and open-source software. While he converted over to Linux in the 90’s, he has been a specialist and expert in cloud and virtualization systems since 2005, deploying Xen-based infrastructures supporting thousands of virtual machines. His areas of interest and focus extend beyond virtualization and reach to bridge the many components of enterprise infrastructures (networking, systems, and security) together through the use of programming and automation. You’ll find Josh asking not how to solve one problem, but how to solve it repeatedly in a sustainable, supportable, highly available, and scalable manner.

Estelle Weyl
Estelle Weyl (Instart Logic), @estellevw

Estelle Weyl started her professional life in architecture, then managed teen health programs. In 2000, she took the natural step of becoming a web standardista. She has consulted for Kodakgallery, Yahoo! and Apple, among others. Estelle shares esoteric tidbits learned while programming CSS, JavaScript and XHTML in her blog at http://evotech.net/blog and provides tutorials and detailed grids of CSS3 and HTML5 browser support in her blog at http://www.standardista.com. She is the author of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for Mobile and HTML5 and CSS3 for the Real World. While not coding, she works in construction, de-hippifying her 1960’s throwback abode.

Langdon White
Langdon White (Red Hat), @1angdon

Evangelist for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform and it’s associated Developer Program. Has spent 15 years architecting and implementing high-impact software systems for companies ranging from startups to large companies.

Hadley Wickham
Hadley Wickham (Rice University / RStudio), @hadleywickham

Hadley Wickham is an Assistant Professor and the Dobelman Family Junior Chair in Statistics at Rice University. He is an active member of the R community, has written and contributed to over 30 R packages, and won the John Chambers Award for Statistical Computing for his work developing tools for data reshaping and visualisation. His research focusses on how to make data analysis better, faster and easier, with a particular emphasis on the use of visualisation to better understand data and models.

M Wiggins
M Wiggins (Concentric Sky), @coffindragger

Wiggins has been programming his entire life after learning his alphabet on an apple][ keyboard. He has been working with Concentric Sky for just over a year. Prior to that he has spent several years as a software developer for several other companies. He led the development team for michaelmoore.com, santefe.edu, EugeneAGoGo.com, and many other Django related projects at Concentric Sky. In addition, he’s built and released several Android Apps including GeoBee for National Geographic.

Wiggins knows many different languages, and enjoys learning new ones. He has published some android software in his spare time as Hlidskialf Software.

Patrick F. Wilbur
Patrick F. Wilbur (PFW Research LLC)

Patrick F. Wilbur is a computer science Ph.D. student at Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY, USA, where he is a member of the Applied C.S. Labs. His research and teaching interests include usable security, identification, virtualization, operating systems, file systems, artificial intelligence, game theory, ubiquitous computing, systems biology, and human-computer interaction. He is a co-author of Running Xen: A Hands-on Guide to the Art of Virtualization (Prentice Hall, 2008). In his spare time, he enjoys being involved with his local church, hiking, cooking, and writing essays, poetry, and music.

Edd Wilder-James

Edd Wilder-James is a strategist at Google, where he is helping build a strong and vital open source community around TensorFlow. A technology analyst, writer, and entrepreneur based in California, Edd previously helped transform businesses with data as vice president of strategy for Silicon Valley Data Science. Formerly Edd Dumbill, Edd was the founding program chair for the O’Reilly Strata Data Conference and chaired the Open Source Software Conference for six years. He was also the founding editor of the peer-reviewed journal Big Data. A startup veteran, Edd was the founder and creator of the Expectnation conference management system and a cofounder of the Pharmalicensing online intellectual property exchange. An advocate and contributor to open source software, Edd... Read More.

Eric Wilhelm
Eric Wilhelm (Cisco, Inc.)

Eric Wilhelm is a software and systems consultant, leader of the Portland Perl Mongers, and author of many CPAN modules. Eric is a contributor to several open source projects and founder of a few others.

Robbie Williamson

Robbie Williamson is Director of Engineering for Ubuntu Server at Canonical, leading multiple teams focused on making Ubuntu Server the best OS for cloud computing. Prior to Canonical, Robbie held several positions across engineering, project management, and management within IBM’s Linux Technology Center, leading efforts that included the Linux Test Project and Linux distro validation across IBM hardware brands.

Eric Wills
Eric Wills (University of Oregon/Vizme)

Eric D. Wills is an Instructor in the department of Computer and Information Science (CIS) at the University of Oregon and Director of R%D at Vizme. He received his Ph.D. in CIS from the University of Oregon in 2008. His teaching and research interests include 3D graphics and animation, computer architecture, and distributed server-side computing.

David Winterbottom

I’m David Winterbottom, a programming addict living in London.
I work at Tangent Labs, writing e-commerce applications in python and Django.

I run commandlinefu.com and am the author of the e-commerce framework django-oscar amongst other things.

I enjoy reading obituaries in The Economist, but find apples depressing.

Anne Wright

Anne Wright is Co-principal Investigator and Director of Operations for the BodyTrack project in the CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. She received B.S. and M.Eng. degrees in computer science and electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1996. After leaving MIT, she co-founded Newton Research Labs, a successful robotics and computer vision company, then joined the Intelligent Robotics Group at NASA Ames Research Center where she served as Lead Systems Engineer for Prototype Mars Rovers. While at Ames, Anne became interested in how to harness sensing and data visualization technologies and techniques originally developed for the rovers to help people “debug” diffuse environmentally related conditions such as allergies, food sensitivities, asthma and migraine triggers, etc. She... Read More.

Blake Yeager
Blake Yeager (Hewlett Packard), @Blake_Yeager

Blake is a Product Manager in HP’s emerging Cloud Services focusing on cloud products and technologies. Prior to joining HP, Blake served as the Product Line Leader for Cloud Compute at San Antonio based Rackspace Hosting, a provider of hosted IT services and Cloud Computing. During his tenure there, Blake’s team focused on driving the development and growth of the Cloud Servers product line and launching the Managed Cloud Service Level. Previously, Blake was VP of Research and Development for Gandinnovations, a grand-format digital inkjet printer manufacturer based in Toronto. Blake lives in San Antonio, Texas where he and his wife enjoy spending time outdoors running, bicycling, fishing and hunting. They are also avid travelers who enjoy seeing new places and sampling the local fare.... Read More.

Peter Zaitsev
Peter Zaitsev (Percona LLC)

Peter managed the High Performance Group within MySQL until 2006, when he founded Percona. Peter has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and is an expert in database kernels, computer hardware, and application scaling.


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