M Wiggins

M Wiggins
Software Developer, Concentric Sky

Website | @coffindragger

Wiggins has been programming his entire life after learning his alphabet on an apple][ keyboard. He has been working with Concentric Sky for just over a year. Prior to that he has spent several years as a software developer for several other companies. He led the development team for michaelmoore.com, santefe.edu, EugeneAGoGo.com, and many other Django related projects at Concentric Sky. In addition, he’s built and released several Android Apps including GeoBee for National Geographic.

Wiggins knows many different languages, and enjoys learning new ones. He has published some android software in his spare time as Hlidskialf Software.


Location: D135 Level: Novice
Mike Biglan (Twenty Ideas), M Wiggins (Concentric Sky), Josh Bothun (Concentric Sky)
Average rating: ****.
(4.20, 5 ratings)
The underlying bootstrapping (i.e. "startproject") and environmental setup process in Django has remained mostly unchanged for many years. Djenesis decouples bootstrapping from Django while allowing a user to choose their template or setup an existing project. Just as important, it also sets beginners up with a smoother learning-curve and simplifies environmental setup. Read more.


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