Sam Adams

Sam Adams
Mayor, City of Portland, Oregon

Website | @MayorSamAdams

Mayor Sam Adams of Portland, Oregon was elected Mayor of Portland in May 2008. Prior to being elected Mayor, Adams served as a Commissioner on the City Council for four years earning a reputation as an advocate for sustainability, public transit, transportation planning, the arts, and gay rights.

As a City Commissioner, Adams was Commissioner in Charge of Portland’s Office of Transportation and the Bureau of Environmental Services, and council liaison to, among others, the Regional Arts & Culture Council, the Association of Portland Neighborhood Business Districts, and Worksystems, Incorporated. In his role as Mayor, Adams is the lead Council member on Economic Development, Planning and Sustainability, Education, Arts and Culture, and Transportation.

During his tenure as Mayor, Adams has launched a number of initiatives designed to showcase and provide support to Portland’s open source software community. Notably, Mayor Adams and City Council approved the nation’s first open source and open data resolution, which places open source software on equal footing with commercial software for purposes of City contracts. Portland also launched Civic Apps for Greater Portland, the nation’s first regional open data and open source app contest, and is currently working on the launch of PDX CitySync, a web-based platform that aims to build on the momentum from Civic Apps and create a new way for residents and businesses to engage with the City as well as their community.

Mayor Adams brings renewed focus to developing and implementing plans that will not only keep Portland livable, vibrant, and economically healthy, but will also increase Portland’s status as a national leader. He is proud of Portland’s open source software community, and he wants to do his part to ensure Portland maintains its reputation as an international hub for open source innovation.


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Opening remarks by Portland Mayor Sam Adams, as well as OSCON program chairs, Sarah Novotny and Edd Dumbill. Read more.


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