Chris Strom

Chris Strom
Software Engineer, EEE Computes

Website | @eee_c

Author of the self-published Dart for Hipsters and The SPDY Book. Co-author of Recipes with Backbone. Reformed Perl hacker. Willing Rubyist. Organizer for B’more on Rails. Big into chains.


Javascript & HTML5
Location: Portland 251 Level: Intermediate
Chris Strom (EEE Computes)
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You package your assets. You use CSS sprites. You serve up everything with gzip compression. You obsess over Yslow recommendations. But you are still not SPDY. Fundamental limitations in HTTP and TCP/IP still add up to 60% overhead to your site. Find out how to reclaim that lost bandwidth and increase the robustness of your sites at the same time. Read more.


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