Bob Evans
Software Engineer, Google


Bob Evans’ goal is to build computational tools that augment human
intelligence. Primarily, he has focused on building tools for other engineers
over the last 18 years; tools for intelligently managing computer
network systems, aiding software construction, and analyzing
correctness of programs as they evolve.

His current focus is on creating tools for everyone to foster better living through
personal science and behavioral and social science research. At Google,
he has created PACO, the personal analytics companion tool, now opensource,
that enables individuals and researchers to easily and rapidly create, deploy
and iterate on mobile phone experiments without programming.


Location: E146 Level: Novice
Bob Evans (Google)
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Get started building your own Android health trackers in minutes with PACO. PACO is an opensource Android tool that lets you create all sorts of experience sampling studies to track health & wellness as well as visualize all the data together across your experiments. It started out inside Google but is now being used by Quantified Self-ers, med schools, psychology departments, & businesses. Read more.


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