David Eaves

David Eaves
Open Innovation and Collaboration Expert, Eaves Consulting

Website | @daeaves

An expert in negotiation, open source and public policy, David advises the mayor of Vancouver on open government and open data. He wrote a chapter in the O’Reilly book Open Government entitled After the Collapse: The Future of Open Government and the Civil Service.

He publishes and is asked to speak on open government, policy development, technology and open source frequently. In addition to this work David advises several open source communities including Mozilla and serves as a negotiation adviser to several executives.


Location: Portland Ballroom
David Eaves (Eaves Consulting)
Average rating: ****.
(4.23, 43 ratings)
An open source community depends on its capacity to attract people and the efficiency with which it can harness their energy to create great software. While a compelling mission or killer product can be helpful, effective communities must be responsive and efficient in managing the diverse needs and demands of its members. Read more.
Location: D138 Level: Intermediate
David Eaves (Eaves Consulting)
Average rating: ****.
(4.60, 10 ratings)
What do data analytics and negotiation theory have in common? In this talk, community management adviser David Eaves will outline how these two disciplines form the core of a new Science of Community Management: an approach to measure and manage contributors to make participation less frustration and more productive. Read more.
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Location: Expo Hall (Table A)
David Eaves (Eaves Consulting)
David Eaves, Open Innovation and Collaboration Expert, Eaves Consulting. Read more.


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