John Jawed

John Jawed
Engineer, X.Commerce


John Jawed is an open source contributor for PostgreSQL, PHP, and Gentoo Linux. John maintains the standard OAuth library for PHP, llds (Low Level Data Structure for Linux), libxrds, and magento’s Social Commerce extension.

John was involved in the rollout out of OpenID/OAuth at Yahoo!, and is the author behind the standard OAuth implementation for PHP. Currently John focuses on Linux Kernel research, authz/authn, product catalogs, and Social Commerce at X.Commerce.


Location: D137 Level: Intermediate
John Jawed (X.Commerce)
A stellar user experience and social indicators can be the difference between the checkout and back buttons. Learn how to work with and integrate facebook's new Open Graph APIs within magento. The session will provide a walkthrough of the facebook and magento setup, along with examples of customized user experiences which make the most of Open Graph and magento. Read more.


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