Kevin Shockey

Kevin Shockey
Author, Founder, Puerto Rico Python Interest Group

Website | @shockeyk

Kevin is author, founder, speaker, and volunterr. He currently leads Mis Tribus. Previously he founded Dó, was editor in chief of TUX magazine, & speaker and blogger for O’Reilly.


Location: D135
Kevin Shockey (Puerto Rico Python Interest Group)
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With an infinite marketplace, every product must compete for resources and attention. Most projects turn into a resource management issue; how much do you have and how what do you use it on? One of the most successful ways to get the resources you need is to secure your own financing. This tutorial examines popular alternatives and gives free culture case-studies to identify best practices. Read more.
Business Leadership Day
Location: F151
Kevin Shockey (Puerto Rico Python Interest Group)
So, you want to run a business; or, maybe you want to turn your Open Source project hobby into a day job. What ever the reason you're reading the Business Leadership Day description, this one-day track has the basics to help bootstrap your business skills. Read more.


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