Sr. Systems Eng / Open Tech Lead, RadiantBlue Technologies, Inc.

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JJohn Scott is the leader in the Defense industry around the comingled issues of technology development and deployment, software, intellectual property and acquisitions. John drafted the U.S. Department of Defense policy for the use of open source software and is often called as an expert in this area. He founded (now co-chairman) Open Source for America, an advocacy group for use of open source software in government and the Military Open Source Software Working Group (
He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University and an MS in Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech and writes about defense software and acquisitions related issues, recently at Defense News entitled “Pentagon Is Losing the Softwar(e).”


Location: E146 Level: Novice
Deborah Bryant (Red Hat), JOHN SCOTT (RadiantBlue Technologies, Inc. )
Long-time open source advocate in government Deb Bryant takes off the gloves and talks about legislators and lobbyists, policy wonks and pundits, bureaucrats and and advocates. It's just the fodder you’ll need to get behind a new national technology imperative; recycle US Federal investments in software into the innovation economy while taking control of their own software destiny. Read more.


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