Rachael Madsen
Software Architect, Optimal Design Software LLC

Rachael has been using her mathematics degree in software development for more than 35 years. Her experience ranges from compiler design to terminal and computer emulation software, from database design and administration to medical diagnostic software, from nationwide order management and inventory control to workflow management for a web-based business. In the process, Rachael has helped many people understand the advantages of using mathematics in their software designs.


Business Leadership Day
Location: F 151 Level: Novice
Rachael Madsen (Optimal Design Software LLC), Beverly Block (Optimal Design Software LLC)
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In today’s market, even a small startup has to pay attention to licensing, intellectual property, and liability. We will share what we’ve learned in the process of building a 2-person company to develop custom software for a gaming convention. Topics covered will include legal issues and considerations in designing a small program with the potential to grow into a larger product. Read more.
Location: D135 Level: Intermediate
Rachael Madsen (Optimal Design Software LLC)
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The Traveling Salesman Problem is a classic example of an NP-Complete task that is much more difficult than it seems on the surface. There are a number of algorithms available for solving it. In this session, we will look at different options for implementing complex mathematics within Python. We will evaluate the different options in relation to the specific algorithms used. Read more.


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