Beverly Block
Senior Software Engineer, Optimal Design Software LLC

Beverly has a degree in Applied Mathematics with option in Software Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University, which didn’t offer an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at the time. She has 15 years of programming experience, including application development in Macro on RSX-11, which was more fun than anything she’s done since. Given the shortage of opportunities to work in Macro-11, she’s happy to have Python as an alternative.


Business Leadership Day
Location: F 151 Level: Novice
Rachael Madsen (Optimal Design Software LLC), Beverly Block (Optimal Design Software LLC)
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In today’s market, even a small startup has to pay attention to licensing, intellectual property, and liability. We will share what we’ve learned in the process of building a 2-person company to develop custom software for a gaming convention. Topics covered will include legal issues and considerations in designing a small program with the potential to grow into a larger product. Read more.


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