Monty Taylor

Monty Taylor
Manager, Automation and Deployment, HP


Monty Taylor runs developer automation for the OpenStack project, including the developer tooling, continuous integration and automation systems. Monty is also a core developer on the Drizzle project and was a Senior Consultant for MySQL, Inc. before they got gobbled up. He’s an expert in distributed systems and will bend your ear with stories of Burning Man if you let him.


Cloud, Data
Location: F150 Level: Intermediate
Tags: openstack
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Monty Taylor, manager of Automation and Deployment at HP, will be our guest speaker and will be running a lab session. This will be an in-depth, hands-on session on how to set-up OpenStack. We'll walk through setting up devstack, with the end result of creating a working OpenStack development environment by the end of the night. Read more.


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