Faan DeSwardt

Faan DeSwardt
Infrastructure Architecture Manager, Symantec


With over 20 years experience in designing, implementing and operating Fortune 100 datacenters, Faan have deep knowledge and experience with leading technologies and solutions, that are today woven into the new breed of converged datacenter, where agility, availability and security are expected, only now at a pace that is challenging the traditional datacenter teams in every way. Having recently deployed a secure enterprise cloud on the latest converged technologies, the need for a programmable network that can dynamically and frequently be reconfigured in a predictable, secure and zero downtime manner became an absolute must. This is driving his intense pursuit of SDN and research with Big Switch Networks on a solution that will revolutionize how networks are designed, built and operated.


Location: D139-140 Level: Intermediate
Mike Cohen (Big Switch Networks), Faan DeSwardt (Symantec)
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SDN is the promise of bringing comparable programmability to the network by abstracting a logical view from the underlying infrastructure for more agility, flexibility, scalability but also for more innovation, looking at networks in a new way and allowing for better synergies with applications running on it. 2012 is poised to be a pivotal year with production deployments, new players and more. Read more.


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