Dave Freeman

Dave Freeman
Developer Relations Engineer, Hewlett Packard


Dave Freeman is in the running for elder statesman of Developer Relations. Few on the team can match his length of time alive, let alone claim to have seen, nay, heard of, the ancient computer systems he has been exposed to in his career. Dave has been “in computers” and networking since 1982 when he first hooked up his VIC-20 to Compuserve at the blistering pace of 300bps. An expert troubleshooter, he has a broad knowledge pool from which to draw. Prior to becoming a Developer Relations SWAT Engineer, he worked for IBM as a technical enablement specialist, Tivoli as a level 2 technical support specialist, Dell as an Optiplex system test engineer, and various IT consulting gigs sprinkled between them. An epiphany in 2009 (webOS) led Dave to the fast-paced world of mobile application development. He currently specializes in Enyo, an object-oriented cross-platform JavaScript application development framework.


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Location: E141
Dave Freeman (Hewlett Packard)
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In this session, we will explore the ideas behind the Enyo framework, a new JavaScript framework that takes the ideas of encapsulation and reusable code objects into the web application and mobile worlds. We will also explore the ecosystem of new libraries build on the Enyo core, especially the Onyx user-interface system which was designed to be beautiful and usable across multiple platforms. Read more.


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