Burke Mamlin

Burke Mamlin
Co-Founder & Chief Software Architect, OpenMRS


Dr. Burke Mamlin is an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Informatics at the Indiana University School of Medicine and Investigator at Regenstrief Institute. His primary career focus is in the development of electronic medical record (EMR) systems, especially clinical provider order entry (CPOE) systems, with a focus on resource poor settings and making those around him successful. Dr. Mamlin is Co-Founder and Chief Software architect for OpenMRS, which collaboratively develops a freely available, medical record system platform presently utilized in over forty countries throughout the world. He helped develop one of the nation’s first CPOE systems and is a technical lead for a new CPOE system being used by Wishard Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. Dr. Mamlin has been designing and programming computer systems in healthcare since the early 1980s and continues to practice medicine and teach medical residents at Indiana University in a community clinic serving underprivileged patients. Some of his idiosyncrasies include naming the weekday given a date, reciting Horton Hears a Who from memory, putting ketchup on his ketchup, and an unwillingness to take life too seriously.


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Paul Biondich (OpenMRS), Burke Mamlin (OpenMRS), Hamish Fraser (Partners In Health)
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of building Health IT platforms instead of out-of-the box systems? How can people building these systems share tools and resources with others in different countries who may do very different work? This panel of participants in the OpenMRS community will share their real-world experiences from multiple continents on a variety of scales. Read more.


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