Chris Granger

Chris Granger
Co-founder, Kodowa

Website | @ibdknox

I grew up as part of the nintendo generation, having learned the parts of a computer at the age of two and later learning numbers and colors from a Sesame Street game on the NES. I started programming at the age of ten and took my first paid development gig at 17. Since then I’ve built dozens of websites, written libraries used by thousands, taught developers around the world, and helped envision the future of development at Microsoft. These days, I’m reshaping the way we code at Kodowa.


Location: Portland 256 Level: Novice
Chris Granger (Kodowa)
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At Microsoft I had the unique opportunity to sit behind a one way mirror and watch people try to solve problems. Behind that mirror I learned we've done so very little to enable us to realize our creations and that our tools often cause us to stumble instead of propel us forward. In my talk we'll deconstruct what I learned to see how Light Table might be the future of tools. Read more.
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Location: Expo Hall (Table A)
Chris Granger (Kodowa)
Chris Granger, Co-founder, Kodowa. Read more.


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