Susan McCourt

Susan McCourt
UI Developer/UX, IBM

Website | @susanfmccourt

Susan McCourt is a UI developer on Orion, working in open source on Eclipse and Orion for the past decade. She has worked with Eclipse since the very beginning, writing the bulk of the original Platform Plug-in Programmer’s Guide, and continuing as an Eclipse UI and Runtime committer. She has been involved in the design and development of the Orion project since its inception, working to integrate developer workflows in the cloud. In the past, she’s built UI’s on Windows/C, Smalltalk, Java, and JavaScript, always gravitating toward reasonable API design and trying to achieve pragmatic, simplified user workflows. She lives in Hood River, Oregon on a small produce
farm, where she enjoys growing and cooking food, playing drums in bands, and enjoying the Oregon outdoors.


Tools and Techniques
Location: D136 Level: Novice
Wayne Beaton (The Eclipse Foundation), Susan McCourt (IBM)
Average rating: ****.
(4.00, 2 ratings)
Orion is a browser-based open tool integration platform: tools are written in JavaScript and run in the browser. Unlike other attempts at creating browser-based development tools, this is not an IDE running in a single tab. Links work and can be shared. You can open a file in a new tab. Great care has been taken to provide a web experience for development. Read more.


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