Josh West

Josh West
Director of Engineering, U.S.,


Josh West is a technologist with a passion for large scale, enterprise deployments of free and open-source software. While he converted over to Linux in the 90’s, he has been a specialist and expert in cloud and virtualization systems since 2005, deploying Xen-based infrastructures supporting thousands of virtual machines. His areas of interest and focus extend beyond virtualization and reach to bridge the many components of enterprise infrastructures (networking, systems, and security) together through the use of programming and automation. You’ll find Josh asking not how to solve one problem, but how to solve it repeatedly in a sustainable, supportable, highly available, and scalable manner.


Event, Sponsored Tutorials
Location: E141
George Dunlap (Citrix Systems, UK), Steven Maresca (Zentific LLC), Josh West (, Patrick F. Wilbur (PFW Research LLC)
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Do you dream of spinning up ten, twenty, or a thousand virtual machines in an instant? Discover and repair bottlenecks without moving a finger? Dodge the loss of an entire storage array with no-one noticing? This is no sales pitch; during this tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to leverage truly FOSS tools to build a powerful, scalable cloud that easily competes with those proprietary solutions! Read more.


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