Steven Maresca

Steven Maresca
Founder, Zentific LLC


Steve Maresca is a passionate technologist, specializing in virtualization and information security. Founder of Zentific LLC, he works to enhance virtualization technology and foster its successful use in businesses everywhere. Zentific builds flexible tools to manage virtual machines and reduce complexity in systems security. Steve possesses deep knowledge of hypervisor internals, deployment methodologies, and the software APIs related to their use. In addition, he works to enhance virtual machine introspection on the libVMI project and is active in the security research community. Eager to share this information, he speaks often to those also interested in the field, and he volunteers much of his time in Freenode’s ##xen IRC channel, working closely with the Xen user base. In his other pursuits, he has worked as a security analyst, developer, and wearer-of-many-hats for the Information Security Office at the University of Connecticut. There, his focus has included large-scale event correlation, packet analysis at 10gbE, wireless network security, and data analytics to help protect tens of thousands of devices.


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George Dunlap (Citrix Systems, UK), Steven Maresca (Zentific LLC), Josh West (, Patrick F. Wilbur (PFW Research LLC)
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Do you dream of spinning up ten, twenty, or a thousand virtual machines in an instant? Discover and repair bottlenecks without moving a finger? Dodge the loss of an entire storage array with no-one noticing? This is no sales pitch; during this tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to leverage truly FOSS tools to build a powerful, scalable cloud that easily competes with those proprietary solutions! Read more.


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