Karen Rustad
Director and lead designer, OpenHatch

Website | @mllerustad

Karen is a master’s student at UC Berkeley’s School of Information, with interests in Python-based web development, user experience design, free software communities, and technology law and policy. She has been involved with OpenHatch since near the beginng in 2009, contributing to the project’s design, codebase, and mission. She served previously on the board of Students for Free Culture from 2005 to 2008.


Location: D138 Level: Intermediate
Asheesh Laroia (Sandstorm Development Group), Karen Rustad (OpenHatch)
Average rating: ****.
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In your open source project's community, some people contribute. Most people don't. By analyzing the typical open source project's on-ramp for new contributors through the lens of user experience design, we provide practical tips to make any project more approachable and that diversify the community. Read more.


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