Jim Baker
Software Engineer, Canonical


I work for Canonical as a software engineer on Ubuntu Server, specifically the open source Juju project to better support cloud computing through a service orchestration model. Juju uses Python/Twisted, as well as some Go, and relies on ZooKeeper for its distributed coordination semantics.

In my free time, I’m a committer on the Jython project. For Jython 2.5, it seems like I worked on nearly all aspects, including the compiler, concurrency, Unicode, and other aspects of builtin types. I also co-authored the Definitive Guide to Jython. For 2.6+, I’m involved in a collaboration with a compiler research group at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where we’ve been looking at how to improve Jython’s performance and support gradual typing (especially to improve Java integration).

My wife and I live near Boulder, with two wonderful kids, a Golden Retriever puppy, and a garage filled with skis, snowboards, snowshoes, various types of bicycles, a stand-up paddleboard, wind surfing sails, and other sundry sports equipment.


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Jim Baker (Canonical)
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Jython is arguably the best Python implementation to target concurrent code. Jython has no GIL, it leverages the Java platform to provide robust support for concurrency in its runtime, and it enables access to a set of high-level abstractions from Java. This talk will walk through a series of motivating examples that emphasize Java integration. Read more.
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Jim Baker (Canonical)
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