Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith
Programmer, Guild AI


Garrett Smith is a senior architect at CloudBees, a leading Java platform as a service provider. Garrett specializes in distributed systems and reliable software. His weapon of choice is Erlang, a high productivity functional language specializing in concurrency and reliability. Garrett is an Erlang instructor with ErlangCamp and the author of the e2 library extension, which was built from his experience teaching the language. Garrett is also known for his gritty tech satirical videos including “MongoDb is Web Scale” and “All the Cool Kids Use Ruby”.


Location: Portland 256 Level: Intermediate
Garrett Smith (Guild AI)
Average rating: ****.
(4.00, 25 ratings)
In the Matrix, the hero Neo learns Kung Fu in 30 seconds. But in the real world, it takes a three hour OSCON tutorial to master such a skill! In this tutorial, you'll learn what makes Erlang so powerful and how to use it to build your own scalable, fault tolerant distributed systems. At the end, you you'll wake up, turn to your friends and say, "I know Erlang". Read more.


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