Gerardo Capiel

Gerardo Capiel
CTO/VP Product for Hire, TBD

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Benetech is a nonprofit 501c(3) software company addressing large scale and global needs in literacy, human rights and the environment. Our Literacy Program enables over 190K people with print disabilities (e.g. blindness, dyslexia) have access to books and textbooks via Bookshare – the largest library of accessible e-books with over 140K titles. In our Human Rights Program, we have developed Martus, which protects over 200K witness testimonies and other evidence of human rights abuses. Our statisticians have analyzed these documents and provided expert opinions at International Criminal Tribunals and Truth Commisions in Burma, Kosovo, Colombia, Congo, Liberia, India and Sierra Leone. And in our Environment Program, over 5,000 environmentalists use our open source Miradi software to manage and measure their conservation projects in over 100 countries .

Benetech’s newest project is SocialCoding4Good . The project aims to build upon the “hacking for good/change” trend by creating web tools to better connect software development professionals interested in volunteering their skills with nonprofits that are creating humanitarian free and open source software (HFOSS). This opportunity was identified through Benetech’s challenges with building volunteer developer communities around its open source software projects in literacy, human rights and environmental conservation management and measurement.

By using the SocialCoding4Good website software industry professionals will be able to search for HFOSS projects that are a match with their passions, skills, project needs and availability. On the other side, nonprofits, social enterprises and governmental agencies will be able to list their HFOSS projects, specify their timing and skill requirements and evaluate volunteers based on feedback/badges from other nonprofit or open source communities. We are currently in an initial phase of market research and pilot testing, which is being funded by The Knight Foundation.


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Benetech's Literacy program is revolutionizing access to educational materials for print disabled students (e.g. blind, dyslexic, quadraplegic). It is accomplishing this goal by leveraging and contributing to an end-to-end ecosystem of FLOSS technologies to make sure that as the educational content landscape rapidly evolves print-disabled students are as “plugged-in” as their peers. Read more.


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