Craig Kerstiens

Craig Kerstiens
Product Manager, Heroku

I’m an engineer and product guy at Heroku. I’m part engineer, working on business tools and analytics in my daytime hours and building web apps in my night time hours. I’m part product guy, helping steer product teams at Heroku and making sure our engineers are enabled to be productive and users receiving value. I love efficiency, efficient engineering, efficient processes, and efficient collaboration.


Location: D135 Level: Intermediate
Craig Kerstiens (Heroku)
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Django's unique app structure enables developers to break their application into functional units from the start of a project. The next step is to move from many Django apps in a single project to many services that talk across defined contracts and API's. We'll walk through practices for doing this and how Django enables it easily, but also the places it introduces complexities. Read more.


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