Jason Kridner

Jason Kridner
Software architecture manager for Applications Processors, Texas Instruments

Website | @jadon

Jason Kridner is the chief software architect for the Sitara ARM microprocessor business at Texas Instruments (TI) and the director of community development. Jason is the former chief technologist for TI’s portable audio and video business and began in DSP applications as a hardware developer, working on board, FPGA, and ASIC designs. Using his software experience prior to TI, Jason transitioned to lead software development of low-power media software, audio processing, file systems, USB drivers, digital rights management, and video codecs. As one of the founders of the BeagleBoard.org project, Jason is seeking to make web appliances something that electronics hobbyists can put together on their own and customize however they desire. Jason has presented at CES, ELC, multiple ARM developer conferences, numerous ESC events, MontaVista Vision, LugRadio Live, and in on-line and community developer events.


Open Hardware
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Jason Kridner (Texas Instruments)
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Event-based I/O with JavaScript on embedded Linux provides single-language development of web-based visual monitors and controls with a broad range of sensors and actuators. Simple open hardware and software examples enable rich, affordable collaboration upon Linux. Connecting various sensor types, building Processing.JS-based visualizations and sharing your creation are also covered. Read more.


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