Michael Ernst

Michael Ernst
Professor, University of Washington


Michael D. Ernst is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science and
Engineering department at the University of Washington. He has been honored
as a ``Java Rock Star’’ for a crowd-pleasing JavaOne presentation.
He is the
specification lead for the Type Annotations language extension (``JSR
308’’) that will be part of Java 8 - the first non-Sun-employee to
be the specification lead for a Java language change. This JSR was awarded
``most innovative JSR’’ by Sun. Ernst’s
research aims to make software more reliable, more secure, and easier
(and more fun!) to produce. His primary technical interests are in
software engineering and related areas, including programming
languages, type theory, security, program analysis, bug prediction,
testing, and verification. Ernst’s research combines strong
theoretical foundations with realistic experimentation, with an eye to
changing the way that software developers work. Dr. Ernst was
previously a tenured professor at MIT, and before that a researcher at
Microsoft Research. More information is available at his homepage.


Java & JVM
Location: D139-140 Level: Intermediate
Michael Ernst (University of Washington), Werner Dietl (University of Waterloo)
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(3.69, 13 ratings)
Are you tired of null pointer exceptions, SQL injections, concurrency errors, mistaken equality tests, and other run-time errors? A compile-time tool named the Checker Framework has found hundreds of such errors in Java code. Come learn how you can use the tool to improve your own code. For those who don't use Java, we will explain the concept of pluggable type-checking that underlies the tool. Read more.


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