Mini Maker Faire Participating Makers

Visit these Makers and their cool DIY projects in the Maker Shed booth #224 during Expo Hall hours.

Print Cycle
Maker: Ali Potvin

Print cycle is a cargo bicycle outfitted with printing equipment which travels to public places and community events. It features silkscreen, block printing, stenciling, and stamping, and, in future, will highlight open source projects like 3D printing and DIWire. Bringing these exciting open-source technologies to the street by putting them on wheels engages a broader audience in exploring OS.

Fractal Furniture made with copper pipes
Maker: Simran Gleason

Math + Fire = Art! Copper pipe makes interesting and beautiful furniture, especially if you throw in some math! These tables are made with fractal space-filling mathematical curves such as Hilbert curves and Sierpinski curves.

Arduino and mbed on a board
Maker: Takashi Kojo

An Arduino compatible board at physically, c/c++ language and class layer empowered by high performance micro-processor now allows applications to run with both Arduino and mbed features. This project, among the efforts to provide the open source based platform and applications on the board, is enabling mbed like coding on the Arduino compatible board to mush up the two worlds on a single board.

Let go small!! Building DIY circuit boards with surface-mount components
Maker: Peter Gould

Many people who work with open-source hardware think that building with surface-mount components is beyond their reach. We now have the software tools, suppliers, and techniques to build professional-quality boards that can include many of the most exciting surface-mount chips. We will show the process used to build the LeOlympia board, an Arduino Leonardo compatible board.

Home Manufacturing of Specialty Plastic Toys
Maker: Paul Wasson

This project will demonstrate the use of laser cut acrylic, cut vinyl and a heating strip to make 1:9 scale plastic toy furniture and superhero action word standees. The designs were created using the open source software Inkscape. These toys are designed for a small but enthusiastic group of adult collectors of 1970s Mego action figures.

Arduino Coffeebots
Maker: Michael Shiloh

Very simple robots allow quick way to learn about robotics and arduino. Visitors can learn about and program arduino coffeebots on the spot.

Crochet Flowers
Maker: Jennifer Wyld

Learn a simple design for crochet in the round with a simple but sweet flower that you can learn to make in less than 15 minutes. Yarn, crochet hooks and directions will be supplied for learning at the booth, or bring your own supplies to keep crafting all week!

Segway S2 (SuperSegway)
Maker: Craig Vinton

A super-sized Segway on 26" all-terrain tires that goes 20mph.

Maker: Evil Mad Science

Evil Mad Science LLC is a small family-owned business based in Sunnyvale, California. We launched in November 2007 to produce DIY and open-source hardware designs that originated with our project blog, Evil Mad Science Laboratories. Today we produce and distribute a curated selection of components and original kits, such as the EggBot, which we’ll be showing off at OSCON, in support of art, education, and accessibility.

PDX Young Makers
Maker: various

Truly Ambitious Projects – that was Tony DeRose’s aspiration for young makers when he started the Young Maker’s Organization in the Bay Area in 2010. The organization connects young makers with mentors and shops that allow them to create awesome Do It Yourself projects to show and share at Maker Faire. The Portland chapter, PDX Young Makers was started the fall of 2011 with a group of young makers (primarily ages 8-12) to focus on e-textiles and wearable electronics.


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