How X.commerce is building a platform on open source

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X.commerce is a new business unit in the eBay Inc. family that is revolutionizing commerce for consumers, merchants and developers. Consumers get an exciting, seamless and personalized experience. Merchants get access to more capabilities and analytics, enabling them to expand their businesses and deliver more to their customers. Developers get an open, standards-based platform that gives them rich commerce-focused capabilities, cloud-based deployment and reach to merchants globally.

We recognized early in the conception of the technical strategy for X.commerce that achieving our vision would demand that we adopt a fresh set of principles and practices. You can see this reflected in our go-to-market strategy, our engineering processes, our architecture and our technology selections.

This presentation will discuss the specific characteristics of X.commerce that drives its open source strategy and how the core values necessary to achieve our vision align with open source values and principles. We will see how X.commerce has invested in open source products throughout its technology stack and how we leverage business partnerships to manage the system at an enterprise scale. We’ll also go over open source contributions, both to existing open source projects as well as using open source to distribute our own products. And finally, we will look at how we are leveraging open source strategies to manage the keystone of the platform, an open commerce language.

This session is sponsored by X.commerce

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Saranyan Vigraham


I am a hacker and experimenter. I currently evangelize open commerce with X.commerce. I have a PhD in computer science and find new ways to meet interesting people, visualize data and tell stories.


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